Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Best Modern Cartoons

[Entry Still In Progress - Full Descriptions Coming Soon.]

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Wolverine And The X-Men

Phineas & Ferb

Total Drama Island

Ben 10 (Original)

Generator Rex

Young Justice

Adventure Time

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Batman: The Brave And The Bold

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Legend Of Korra

Gravity Falls

Sofia The First

Steven Universe

Star Wars Rebels

Rick And Morty

Bojack Horseman

Over The Garden Wall

Wander Over Yonder

Star VS The Forces Of Evil

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Milo Murphy's Law


The Lion Guard

The Loud House

Ben 10 (Reboot)

Elena Of Avalor

Tangled: The Series

Big Hero 6: The Series

Samurai Jack Season 5

Disney's Duck Tales

The Dragon Prince

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

Carmen Sandiego


Honorable Mentions: Symbiotic Titan, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Beware The Batman, Total Drama World Tour, We Bare Bears, Dan Vs., Kaijudo, Dragons Of Berk, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomness, Trollhunters, Welcome To The Wayne, Jake and the Neverland Pirates,
The 7D, The Owl House, Goldie and Bear, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, and LEGO shows

Anime Mentions: Puella Magi, Star Driver, Pokemon: Best Wishes, Digimon Fusion, Dangan Ronpa Kill La Kill, Sailor Moon Crystal, Attack On Titan, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball Super, Love Live, Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V, Pokemon: Sun And Moon, Appmon, My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia

Saturday, May 19, 2018

All Time Favorite Characters

[Entry Still In Progress - Full Descriptions Coming Soon.]

Mickey Mouse (Disney)

Donald Duck and Goofy (Disney)

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit (Disney)

Maleficent (Disney)

Jafar (Disney)

Winnie The Pooh (Disney)

Tigger (Winnie The Pooh)

Rabbit (Winnie The Pooh)

Bilbo Baggins (Middle Earth)

Samwise Gamgee (Middle Earth)

Gollum (Middle Earth)

Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts)

Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter)

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

Team Rocket (Pokemon)

Professor Oak (Pokemon)

N Harmonia Gropius (Pokemon)

Lillie (New Pokemon)

Green (Pokemon Adventures)

Prince Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Tenzin (The Legend Of Korra)

Varrick (The Legend Of Korra)

Bruce Wayne (Batman)

The Joker (Batman)

Piccolo (Dragon Ball)

Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

The Mario Bros. (Super Mario)

J. Jonah Jameson (Spider-Man)

Mary Jane Watson (Spider-Man)

Yugi Moto & Yami Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Ken Ichijouji (Digimon Adventure 02)

Rika Nonaka (Digimon Tamers)

David Xanatos (Gargoyles)

Carmen Sandiego (Learning Company)

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Yuffie Kisaragi (Final Fantasy VII)

Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

Tidus & Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Kermit The Frog (Jim Henson Muppets)

Drake Mallard (Darkwing Duck)

Scrooge McDuck (Duck Tales)

Chip And Dale (Rescue Rangers)

Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Terra Markov (Teen Titans)

L Lawliet (Death Note)

Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)

The Slayers (The Slayers)

Xellos Metallium (The Slayers)

Katsuhiko Jinnai (El Hazard)

Eric Cartman (South Park)

Haruhi Suzumiya and Kyon (Haruhi Suzumiya)

Cedric The Sorceror (Disney's Sofia The First)

Tyrion Lannister (A Song Of Ice And Fire)

Danaerys Targaryen (A Song Of Ice And Fire)

Arya and Sansa Stark (A Song Of Ice And Fire)

Petyr Baelsih (A Song Of Ice And Fire)

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold (Once Upon A Time)

Killian Jones/Captain Hook (Once Upon A Time)

Anastasia and Will Scarlet (Once Upon A Time)

Buffy Summers and Angel (Buffyverse)

Minako Aino (Sailor Moon)

Slade Wilson (DC)

Tony Stark (Marvel)

Steve Rogers (Marvel)

Victor Von Doom (Marvel)

Loki (Marvel)

Magneto (X-Men)

Charles Xavier (X-Men)

Shion Hibiki (Zatch Bell)

Sherry Belmont (Zatch Bell)

Dr. Riddles (Zatch Bell)

Heinz Doofenshmirtz (Phineas & Ferb)

Stanley Pines (Gravity Falls)

Solid Snake (Metal Gear)

Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi)

Kanako Watanabe (Star Driver)

Mizuno and Marino You (Star Driver)

Reiji Miyabi/Tokio Tsunashi (Star Driver)

Takuto Tsunashi, Wako Agemaki, and Sugata Shindo (Star Driver)

Monika (Doki Doki Literature Club)

Sissi Delmas (Code Lyoko)

Aelita Stone (Code Lyoko)

Cornelius Fillmore (Fillmore!)

Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)

Steven and Greg Universe (Steven Universe)

Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

Peridot (Steven Universe)

Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

Sheriff Woody (Toy Story)

Carl Fredrickson (Up)

Riley Anderson (Inside Out)

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)

Professor Pericles (Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.)

Fred Jones (Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.)

Nigel Uno (Codename: Kids Next Door)

Pinky & The Brain (Animaniacs Canon)

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Eleven (Stranger Things)

Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Saul Goodman (Breaking Bad)

Pidge and Hunk (Voltron: Legendary Defender)

Prince Lotor (Voltron: Legendary Defender)