Tuesday, January 28, 2014

He's NOT The Scrappy?

Take THAT, world famous Scrappy!

We all have those characters whom we hate, dislike, can't stand, find it hard to tolerate, or just plain do not care about whatsoever, even though we're asked to. This character is called The Scrappy. It's a subjective trope on the TV Tropes wiki because it's meant to name characters who are reviled by the majority of the works' fanbase, but not universally. Not every single person can hate a certain Scrappy, nor do they have to. One person's Scrappy can be another's Ensemble Darkhorse, Woobie, or even favorite character. It's a phenomena that makes the realm of fiction that much better when it comes to having opinions. My opinion? First I've got to post the definition as defined by TV Tropes:

Popular characters have fandoms. But sometimes, there is a character who has a hatedom. We'll
call this guy The Scrappy, or more formally the Fan Unfavorite. While much usually depends on the execution, certain kinds of characters have a much higher probability of being hated. In addition,
if the writers begin relying too heavily on an already-present character with some potentially annoying quirks (like The Unintelligible or the Non-Human Sidekick), the viewers may begin to find him/her very annoying indeed. Sometimes even a very popular character is at risk of becoming a Scrappy when he or she wears out his or her welcome by being overexposed.

Occasionally, a character intended as a Butt Monkey will backfire and become a Scrappy, too.
This usually happens when a writer attempts to make his mishaps even funnier by making him an unlikeable person to whom it's very satisfying to see horrible things befall. A great idea, but sometimes it backfires when the Butt Monkey becomes so annoying that whatever happens to him in the story, audiences are haunted by the feeling that it will never be enough. An especial risk when the Butt Monkey gags are prolonged, after which even a character who's not inherently unlikeable can stop being funny and become a Damsel Scrappy. It also comes full-circle in a way; note also that many Scrappies can easily become Butt Monkeys when touched upon in fan discussions and literary parodies. In any given Hate Fic, and even in the occasional straight-upFanfic, the author may very likely go a step further than making The Scrappy into the Butt Monkey, killing him or her off (often brutally), or giving a "hero" Scrappy a Face Heel Turn so he becomes the villain; after which he again will likely be killed off. Strangely, at the other end of the spectrum lies another common scrappy, the Author Avatar. Unlike a Butt Monkey, they lack any sort of shame on principle; instead serving as the voice of reason, or whatever contrived argument the writer thinks is reason. If bad things happen to this character, it will be to prove that everyone else is allegedly stupider. Not all Scrappies are doomed to their status. If the writers notice what's happening, they may change the character in order to make sure they are no longer hated, give them a tragic death scene, simply send them away, or at the very least show that the other characters are as annoyed by them as the fans are. If the character is a Jerkass Straight Man, Butt Monkey, or Chew Toy, though, don't expect anything to change; these characters are meant to be dislikable on purpose, as it's part of the charm.

On the other hand, if the writers take a shine to The Scrappy and add some elements of Mary Sue,     or otherwise put more focus on them over more popular/liked characters, this will add gasoline to the flames - they've just turned The Scrappy into the dreaded Creator's Pet. Expect anti-websites (and, more recently, dozens of Orkut communities); message threads that degenerate into flamefests; and a hard fast descent into loonydom. Of course, writers may also make a Scrappy intentionally in order to spoof the concept. A Temporary Scrappy exists to get on the viewers' nerves and then get thrown out at the end of the episode. Whenever fanfiction (especially Shipping) is involved, The Scrappy will very likely die for the writer's chosen pairing. Even if they aren't technically involved in the Ship. They'll also become the frequent subject of Ron the Death Eater treatment. In rare instances where the Scrappy has a unexpected Dying Moment of Awesome, it's Alas, Poor Scrappy (very subjective).

This trope is named after Scrappy-Doo from the Scooby Doo cartoon. The hatred of Scrappy was so prevalent that the 2002 Scooby Doo movie (which is not considered Canon with respect to any other Scooby Doo series) had Scrappy unceremoniously thrown out of the Mystery Inc. van. Interestingly, as noted below, Scrappy-Doo was actually quite popular at the time of his introduction with his intended Target Audience, and the hatred towards him is a more recent phenomenon.

This is a very Subjective Tropes, more based on the fandom than the character itself. The visceral response to The Scrappy can baffle other fans who don't take the character as seriously, or even sympathize with him or her. Often it's subjected to Double Standards particularly against female characters, somehow negative traits are often seen as less forgivable in a female character than
a male character. Please only post examples of the fandom hating a character; posting Personal Scrappies could get messy, especially if the Scrappy is in at the center of a Fandom Rivalry.

With that said, I'll now go through familiar fiction and name my personal Scrappies among the casts.
*- indicates Scrappies to whom I have leniency on. Italicized names indicate the extreme Scrappies I loathe with every fiber of my being.

Disney Animated: Snow White, the Coachman, Prince Charming, Michael Darling, Aunt Sarah,      the 3 Fairies*, Aurora & Phillip*, Wart, Edgar, the Aristocats, Penny, Madame Medusa & Snoops, the Swamp Folk, Taran, Gurgi, Prince Achmed, Pocahontas, John Smith*, Meeko, the Gargoyles*, Chi Fu*, Aladar, Neera, Zini, Rourke, B.E.N, Koda*, Almeda Slim, Bud Cluck, Runt, Louis, and Gene

Disney Live: Cutler Beckett, Blackbeard, Philip Swift, Trout Walker, Will Stormhold, Depp Tonto, etc.

Pixar: Princess Atta, Molt, Mike Wezowski*, Chick Hicks, the Fat Humans, Mater*, and the Triplets

Winnie The Pooh: Kanga, Lumpy, and Darby*

Lord Of The Rings: Denethor, Film Faramir*, Elrond*, Azog, and Tauriel*

Star Wars: Jar Jar Binks, Nute Gunroy, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker*, Wookies*, and the Ewoks

Kingdom Hearts: Roxas, Riku*, Peter Pan, Hercules, Setzer, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, Xion*, Lea, Xigbar*, Lexaeus*, Zexion*, Neku, Shiki, Beat, Rhyme, JoshuaYoung Xehanort, and Post-KH2 Sora

Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, Percy Weasley, Cornelius Fudge, Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Grayback, Pansy Parkinson, Rita Skeeter, Sirius Black*, and the Dursleys

Chronicles Of Narnia: The Callermenes, Polly, and Shift the ape

Pokemon: Lyra*, Emerald, Solidad, Paul, Cameron, Ash*, Ash's Pikachu*, Dawn*, Kenny, Tobias, AG/DP Brock, AG/DP TR, Butch & Cassidy*, Clair*, Tata and Liza, Roark, Marlon*, Michael, Jovi, Koya*, Misty's Togepi, May's Squirtle, Dawn's Piplup*, Iris' Axew*, Lucario* and ugly Pokemon
New Pokemon: AshSerena, Clemont*, Bonnie*, XY TR, DA! Alexa*, Diantha, and Team Flare*

Avatar: Ganjin/Zhang, Jet, Toph's parents, Mako, Bolin, Tahno, Pema, Yakone, Gommu, and Unalaq

Batman: Jason Todd, Black Mask, Roland Daggett, Chief Rojas, Killer Croc, and Jerkass Batman

Dragon Ball: Chiaotzu, Yajirobe*, Baba, Master Shen, Chi-Chi (Z), Nappa, Android 19, Spopovitch, Babidi*, Super Buu, Kibito, Goten*, Kid Trunks*, Garlic Jr*, Broly*, Pan*, Giru, Super 17, MajUub

The Legend Of Zelda: Navi*, Tatl, Tingle, Ralph*, and Demise

Super Mario: Yoshi*, Waluigi*, Princess Peach*, Bowser Jr*., and Baby Mario Characters

Spider-Man: Anna Watson, Aunt May*Betty Brant*, Kraven the Hunter, the Lizard, Morbius, Smythe, Landon, Silvermane, Hydro Man, the Jackal, Judas Traveler, Jason Macendale, Venom*, Carnage, Harry Osborn*, Norman Osborn*, Young Vulture, Ezekiel, Morlun, and Carly Cooper

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Gozaburo Kaiba, Seto Kaiba*, Mokuba Kaiba*, Noah Kaiba, Weevil Underwood*,
Rex Raptor*, Duke Devlin*, Arkana, Dartz*, Vivian Wong*, the Von Schroeder Bros.*,

Yu-Gi-Oh! Spinoffs: Jaden Yuki, Zane Truesdale, Chumley Huffington, Yubel, Tyranno Hasselberry, Jesse Anderson, Darkness Shroud, Yusei, Crow, Akiza*Sayer, and the entire Zexal cast sans Vector

Digimon: 01 Kari*, Machinedramon*, 02 TK*, BlackWarGreymon*, Azulongmon, MaloMyotismon, Ryo, Suzi, Zhuqiaomon, Takuya, Koji, Tommy*, Zoe*, Bokomon and Neemon*, the Royal Knights, Kurata*, Yggdrasil, Marcus Damon*, Keenan Crier*, ChuChumon, Betsumon, and (ESPECIALLYTagiru

Gargoyles: The Magus*, Margot Yale, Jackal and Hyena, John Castaway and the Quarrymen (TGC)

Superman: Superman (sometimes), Supergirl (sometimes), Lois Lane (Silver age), Perry White,and Doomsday
Smallville: Clark Kent, Lana Lang*, Jason Teague, Cat Grant, Oliver Queen, and Doomsady again

Final Fantasy: Firion*, Umaro, Cait Sith*, Heidegger and Scarlett, Genesis*, Angeal, Dr. Hollander, Shelke and the Svetts, Seifer*, Amarant, Freya*, Sir Fratley, Biran and Yenke, Maester Mica, Vaan*, Princess Ashe*, Fran*, the Viera, Larza, Lightning*Snow, Hope, Vanille/Fang*, Serrah, and Shinryu

Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow the Hedgehog*, Big the Cat, Princess Sally Acorn*, King Max Acorn*, Antoine D'colete*, Dulcy the Dragon*, Mammoth Mogul*, Monkey Khan, Geoffrey St. John, Locke the Echidna, Fiona Fox*, Scourge the Hedgehog, Tommy Turtle, the Iron Dominion, Silver the Hedgehog*, Eggman Nega, Black Doom, Mephiles, Lyric, Sonia and Manic, Chris Thorndyke, and many more.

Where Is Carmen Sandiego?: Lee Jordan

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gendo Ikari, Naoko Akagi, and Keel Lorenz

Darkwing Duck: Launchpad McQuack, Amonia Pine, the Muddlefoots, Steggmut, and Quackworks

Duck Tales: Webby, Gyro Gearloose, Bubba, Fenton Crackshell, and Djon the Thief

Gummi Bears: Cubby Gummi and Sunny Gummi

Tale Spin: Wild Cat, the Thembrians, and Dan Dawson

Yu Yu Hakusho: Mr. Akashi and Mr. Iwamoto, Gonzou Tarukane, Elder Toguro, and Itsuki

Teen Titans: Beast Boy*, Soto, Johnny Rancid, Val Yor, Mother May-Eye, Mento, and Gizmo*

Death Note: Demegawa, Raye Pembar*, Matsuda*, Mello*, Near*, Matt, and Kiyomi Takada*

The Powerpuff Girls: The Mayor (late seasons)

The Slayers: The 'TRY' villains and Pakota

Jim Henson: Elmo, Zoe, and the Gorgs*

El Hazard: Princess Fatora (Spin-offs)

South Park: Randy Marsh*, Butters' Parents, Kyle's Parents, Jimmy*, Mrs. Garrison, and the Mayor

One Piece: Don Krieg, Nico Robin, Franky, Admiral Akainu, and the World Government

Sailor Moon: Chibi Usa*, Haruka*, Michiru*, Witches 5*, Seiya and the Sailor Starlights

Bleach: Ichigo, Orihime*, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Mayuri*, Nnoitra, Szayel, Yammy, Sosuke Aizen*, etc.

Naruto: Naruto*, Sakura*, Sasuke, Shikamaru*, Hinata*, Neji, Karin*, Pain, Tobi*, Itachi*, and Madara

Code Geass: Ohgi, Viletta, Nina, Anya*, Rolo, Xing, Gino, Luciano, V.V., R2 Suzaku*, and Charles

Black Lagoon: Chaka of Washihime

Frutis Basket: Hiro Sohma and Ren Sohma

Full Metal Alchemist: Shou Tucker, Dante, and Eckhart

Future Diary: Yukiteru Amano, Takao Hiyama, and Dues

Fushigi Yuugi: Miaka*, Tamahome*, Miboshi, Nakago, and Mayo

Higurashi: Nomura, Teppei Houjo, Onibaba, and Orphanage Leader

Rurouni Kenshin: Kaoru (anime), Aoshi*, Raijuta, Yahiko*, and Yutaro*

Rave Master: Griff, Ruby*, Ogre, Hardner, and the Big Butt Bandits

Shinzo: The Kittens, Hakuba, Binka*, and the Cadreans

Tenchi Muyo: Tenchi Masaki*, Sasami, and Mihihoshi

Beyblade: Tyson, Kai, Kenny, Boris, Voltiare, and Daichi*

DNAngel: Daisuke Niwa, Dark Mousey*, and Mr. Hiwatari

Eureka 7: Renton, Eureka*, Holland*, the Kids, the Ageha Squad*, Gekkosate, and Truth

Gurren Lagann: Rossieu, the Four Beast Generals, The Anti Spiral*, and the minor cast

Gundam: Argo*, Heero Yuy, Chang Wufei, Kira, Shinn Asuka, Gilbert Durandal, Lunamaria, Meyrin, Lord Djibril, Setsuna, Princess Marina, Ribbons Almark, Andrei, Uso, Shakti, and Decil Galette

Inu-Yasha: Naraku*, Shippo*, Koga, Kikyo*, Kohaku, Jakotsu, and Myoga

Elfen Lied: Yuka, Mayu's parents, Tomoo, Nousou, and the Unknown Man

Hellsing: Enrico Maxwell, Zorin Blitz, Herr Doktor, Young Walter, and Incognito

Ranman 1/2: Ranma, Genma, Kasumi, Kodachi, Happosai, and Pantyhose Taro

Scry-Ed: Kazuma, Ryouho, Mimori, Kigetsuki, and Kyoji Mujo

Tokyo Mew Mew:  Berry motherf**king Sue from "A la Mode"

Zatch Bell: Pappulio, Kolulu, Hulk!Grisor, Bari, and Naomi

Toradora: Taiga (Mid-Season 1), Ryuji (Season 2), Minori (Season 2), Sumire, and Taiga's Dad

Vision of Escaflowne: Merle*, Movie!Hitomi, Movie!Dilandau, Movie!Folken, and Manga!Hitomi

Hannibal Series: Freddy Lounds, Dr. Chilton, Buffalo Bill, Mason Verger, and Young Hannibal

The Hunger Games: Gale, Primrose*, the Career Tributes, the Capitol, and District 13

Game of Thrones: Joffrey Baratheon, Sir Gregor Clegane, Ramsay Snow, Hodor, Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark, Rickon Stark, Talisa Maegyr, Daario, Dark Star, Lyanna Mormont, and TV!Sand Snakes

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Joyce, Kendra, Xander (Season 4+), Willow (Season 4+), Principal Snyder, Riley, Adam, Dawn, Tara*Warren, Andrew, Kennedy, Robin Wood, Spike (Season 6+), and the First

Once Upon A Time: Henry*, David Nolan, Snow/Mary Margaret*, Neal*, Hansel, Sidney Glass*, Bossy, the Blue Fairy*, Anita, Baron Frankenstein, Queen Eva, Johanna, Robin Hood*, Prince Eric, Greg and Tamara, Zelena*, Walsh, Belle*, Will Scarlet, and Regina Mills* (Season 4 and onwards)

Star Trek: Wesley Crusher and Dr. Polawski

Twilight: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Renesmee, etc.

Metroid: Adam and "Other M" Samus

Banjo Kazooie: Mr. Vile and Canary Mary

Dark Chronicle: Pau, Elena, and Dark Element

Dragon Quest VIII: Rhapthorne, Marcello, and Prince Charmles

Metal Gear: Raiden*, Solidus Snake, the Patriots, and Col. Volgin*

Star Fox: Slippy Toad*, Krystal (pre-Star Wolf), and Pigma Dengar

Tales Of Legendia: Senel*, the Terrors, Gadoria Knight, Stella, Zamaran, Thyra, Solon, and Shwartz

Tales Of The Abyss:  Grand Maestro Mohs, Luke*, Guy*, Anise*, Ion, and Gelda

The World Ends With You: Neku

X-Men: Waaaaaaaaay too many! 

Care Bears: Babies Hugs and Tugs

Code Lyoko: Ulrich Stern, Hiroshi, and Laura Gauthier

Adventure Time: The Fanfic Cast, LSP*, Magic Man*Fat Lemongrab, Lemonhope, and Braco.

American Dragon: Jake Long*, Fu Dog, Spud, Trixie, Haley, Jake's Dad, Sun Park, and Brad Mort

Danny Phantom: Danny*, Sam, Tucker, Danielle, Jack*, Maddie, Dash, Freak Show*, and the GIW

Ben 10: Cooper, UAF Ben/Gwen/Kevin, Verdonna, Ultimate Aggregor, Argit, Rook, and various idiots

Ed, Edd, and Eddy: Eddy*, Sarah, Jimmy, Kevin*, the Kanker Sisters*, and Eddy's Brother

Codename Kids Next Door: Lizzy Divine, Tommy Gilligan*, and Numbuh 363

Jackie Chan Adventures: Jade*, Uncle*, Drago and his rapping henchmen

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: Jimmy Neutron*, Cindy Vortex*, Ms. Fowl, and Hugh Neutron

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: Torque, XL, King Nova, Ozma Furbanna, and Plasma Boy

Kim Possible: Kim*, Ron*, Rufus*, Dr. Possible, the Tweebs, Josh Mankey, and Bonnie Rockweiler

Phineas And Ferb: Laura Flynn-Fletcher, Grampa Flynn, and Irving

Courage The Cowardly Dog: Eustace

Grim Adventures of:: Billy and Mandy*

Thundercats: Lion-O, Tygra, and Grune

Rugrats: Susie Carmichael, Baby Dil, and Baby Kimi

Sym-Biotic Titan: Lance, Barron, and General Modula

Scooby Doo: Scrappy Doo (duh!), Flim Flam, and Dr. Phibes

Spongebob Squarepants: The entire cast from Season 5-onwards!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Burne, Vernon, Carter, Venus De Milo, Cody Jones, '12 Donatello, '12 Michelangelo, the Krang, Dr. Chapman, Mozar and the Triceretons, Tengu Shredder, and Timothy

Total Drama: Chris, Owen, Duncan, Katie and Sadie, LeShawna, Sierra, Cody, Blainely, and Ezekiel

Transformers: Optimus Prime (sometimes), Sam Witwicky and his parents, Leo, Agent Simmons*, Skids and Mudflap, Carly Spencer, the Fallen, Dylan Gould, and many others

The Winx Club: Bloom, Sky, Lord Darkar, the Wizards of the Black Circle, etc.

W.I.T.C.H: Taranee, Comics!Irma, TV!Cornelia, TV!Elyon, and Blunk

Xiaolin Showdown: Dojo, Hannibal Roy Bean, and Monkey Jack

Family Guy: The entire cast from Season 4/5-onwards! (Except for Mayor West)

Web Original: Donnie Dupree, Rachael & Malcolm, 90's Kid, Spoony, Lindsay Ellis*, Doug Walker*, Linkara*, Phoelus*, E-Rod*, the Rowdy Reviewer*, Yahtzee, the Irate Gamer, and Amazing Atheist

Various Others: ???


  1. Eh, I've noticed some of the characters, particualy the villainous ones are Complete Monster or Smug Snake characters that are arguably supposed to be hated. Unless they fail as a villain(ie: Lord Djibril for me, your view on Unalaq) in your eyes I don't see the reason to list characters like Kurata or Joffrey or Umbridge in there because you at least admire how they're written so they are still good characters from that point of view, uless you yourself don't like how they are presented.

    I'll admit to somewhat defending Nina here from Code Geass, possibily because while she is a racist psyco, the entire society she was brought up in was borderline reactionary(no US revolution, no French revolution, no progressives, no Civil Rights movement, a lot of things we take for granted in our world dosen't exist in hers). I don't like her, but i am not admenant hater when values dissonance is taken into account.

    Also nice seeing Draco Malfoy on here because I HATE DILP! Also nice seeing Hodor here too--why was he so popular again?

    For LOTR I actualyl felt bad for book!Denethor, and didn't like the movie versions. Also while I agree with you on Anakin from the prequels, if you take into the account of the EU and the TCW he actually becomes more likable.

    1. On a side note, I don't consider characters like Kikiyo and Gale scrappies at all since they are intresting characters and a LARGE chunk of their hate comes from DFOS, and shipping is so retarded sometimes. The person that made the "defend hated characters" blog on tumblr stated that Kikiyo was her inspiration for making such a blog. Also why do you not hate Viserys Targaryen?

    2. I do love to hate Kurata, Joffrey, Umbridge, etc. They're enjoyable characters for hating and I'm glad to have them there. Doesn't change the fact that I wish death upon them while they're doing evil stuff, which is what ultimately propels them to Scrappy status. If a Smug Snake or Complete Monster has a VERY interesting character on top of being hateable (like Disney's Frollo), I give them a pass.The ones like I mentioned I enjoy hating as characters and people, but I can't be very interested in them because I don't see much in them worth exploring and analyzing. (I think Djibril was a fail villain too, unlike Azrael, and I dislike Unalaq less for what's there and more for what he could have been - they really dropped the ball on his character, IMHO.)

      I understand that about Nina. Doesn't change my loathing for her and how her role and characterization ultimately turned out, though.

      Draco's another one I enjoy hating, but can't particularly like. And Hodor I don't even *dislike*, I just don't give any shits about him. Take away the fact that all he can say is his own name, like Timmy from "South Park" or some Pokemon, and what notable features does he have?

      Denethor pissed me off in both versions, but the movie version just removed any redeeming qualities. And for Anakin, that would be because Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen are not portraying him there! XD

      I DID like Kikyo, until they refused to let her go down for good. And Gale - which Gale are we talking about? If we were talking about book Viserys, then I'd hate him. But TV Viserys kind of changed my view of the character. He was a jerk and an idiot, but a pretty interesting and pitiful one.

  2. Winnie The Pooh: I like everyone.

    Kingdom Hearts: Agreed. But I don't hate post-KH2 Sora, only what's being done to him as a plot device.

    Harry Potter: I like Sirius Black.

    Pokemon: Why is Tobias not italicized? What was wrong with Butch and Cassidy altogether (only in AG/DP did I think they sucked)? Do you mean anime Clair or game Clair? I don't care much for Jovi, she has no real personality other than seeing Shadow Pokemon. Rui, I miss you! Are you referring to Cameron's Lucario? Bonnie and Clemont are good to me.

    Zelda: Where's Fi? Or TP Ganondorf/Zelda? Or Ilia?

    Mario Bros: Baby Mario Bros. depends on the game. Baby Peach/Daisy/the rest is overkill.

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Seto I get, but why the other two Kaibas?

    Sonic: Shadow wasn't that bad early on, I thought.

    TT/PPG: What's wrong with Mother Mae-Eye or The Mayor (late seasons)?

    South Park: Randy in the later seasons does suck. Jimmy's okay but he's limited in humor. Butters' Parents suck, but the punishment gag depends on how it's done. Mrs. Garrison was the worst!

    Naruto: I like old Naruto. Who do you think is worse Sasuke or Itachi? For Sakura, I dislike only flanderized, filler Sakura.

    InuYasha: Naraku was once great before he became a plot device...DIE ALREADY!!!

    Twilight/Metroid: AGREED. Other M sucks.

    Dark Cloud: Who were your scrappies for the original game, if you played it?

    TWEWY: In the KH section, you listed all of the main characters, but in this one, only Neku was listed. What's up with that?

    Code Lyoko: Ulrich is an idiot...

    American Dragon/Danny Phantom: I never really watched AD, and as for DP, only one character I remember wasn't defined by one gag or trait, and actually felt human (Butch Hartman SUCKS).

    The Hunger Games: Agreed.

    Winx: Why Bloom?

    Spongebob, Rugrats, Family Guy, Ben10: AGREED SO MUCH.

    EEnE: I was neutral with Kevin until the middle name episode, then I started hating him...

    1. Kingdom Hearts: Me too. Same goes with Master Xehanort.

      Harry Potter: I liked him fine in books 3 and 4, but he sort of rubbed me the wrong way in his final book. Gary Oldman's portrayal just made it worse: I feel he was miscast.

      Pokemon: Oops, forgot to do that. Butch and Cassidy's later sucking is why they're on here, I liked them before that. I mean Clair in general. Rui was way cooler. Lucario as a species: I don't hate it but it's overrated. And Bonnie and Clemont are the epitome of hit-or-miss characters.

      Zelda: I can't like or hate Fi: she's just meh. TP Zelda and Ganon played their roles as well as they could. And I LIKE Ilia. See the other list.

      Mario Bros: Exactly. The whole idea cannot carry that much.

      Yu-Gi-Oh: Gozaburo's an abusive monster, Mokuba's annoying and a frequent damsel in distress, and Noah..need I even go there?

      Sonic: Shadow was actually pretty GREAT early on. The problem is they refused to let him die, and he became this gun-toting anti-hero instead of Sonic's Evil Twin.

      TT/PPG: Mae-Eye bored me, and the Mayor's Flanderization was annoying.

      South Park: Jimmy and Timmy both, really. Jimmy's just more annoying to me because he can talk more. And yeah, for some reason the gender change made Garrison so much more of a jerk than he was before. I don't know what that was all about!

      Naruto: I like old Naruto too, I think they're both equally awful, and I disliked filler Sakura and Shippuden Sakura past the initial arc.

      InuYasha: THIS.

      Twilight/Other M: THIS too,

      Dark Cloud: Never really played it. XD

      TWEWY: Neku's the only one who bothered me in the actual game. In KH, the entire party bothered me because they had NO BUSINESS BEING THERE.

      Code Lyoko: He got better by the final season, but MAN, such a dunce...

      Danny Phantom: Which character was that? I think Vlad, Valerie, and Jazz were the only truly fleshed out characters.

      Winx: She's a Canon Sue.

      EEnE: That was bar none his worst episode, but in other episodes, particularly later ones, he's not so bad. (I also hated Eddy at the end of that episode for what he did to Edd: major hypocrisy!)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Actually, even in the manga and original Japanese version, Chi Chi was needlessly bitchy. The moment where she wrongly accused Goku of being responsible for Gohan's injuries after the fight with Vegeta was taken from the manga. And I think Rini got obnoxious by Super S even in the original. Goten and Trunks annoy me due to their overexposure in the anime, movies, specials, etc.

      I love Jessie when she's not a flanderized bitch, Max is okay, early Gary was at least kind of amusing, and Meowth? Meowth's probably my favorite character!

      I used to love Sakura in Part 1 and the start of Part 2. Then Sasuke came back into the picture and she began rapidly losing her strength and her brain cells. Sasuke I just plain can't stand.

      I liked Shadow in his original appearance, and that was it.

      Princess is meant to be an obnoxious brat, though. The Mayor was a primary comedic character at first until they decided to make him an obnoxious man-child in the later seasons.

      I don't HATE or even dislike Kim and Ron - I just got bored and annoyed by them in the later seasons. Kim's "do anything" shtick started to wear thin and Ron got more stupid and irritating - his voice even started to reflect that! I overall like the characters, just not what was done with them.

      Stewie WAS one of the better characters, but he's become beyond obnoxious as well due to how much his gay nature has been played up. His voice is downright harmful for me to listen to now. What happened to the faux-British accent?

      Nina brought it on herself.

      Agreed completely. Jimmy's annoying, but not truly malicious. And Eddy's excuse for his behavior kind of redeemed him at the last moment. The Kankers come off as obnoxious at times, but I can't help but feel pity for them since they've got such a lousy trailer trash life that leaves them desperate for just about any sort of human contact.

      I found Trixie and Spud to be the frequent offenders on that show. So stupid and annoying!

      Numbuh 86 was awful at first, but many of her other appearances showed her better side, so I ultimately can't dislike her. Also, her dad's a villain and she even helped show his better side.

      Angelica was, again, meant to be an unlikable little shit. Oddly enough, she became much more likable in "All Grown Up", just like Dil and Kimi.

      You're referring to the movie, right? That was kind of OOC for Scooby, but I guess they needed Scrappy to go bad somehow...

      Leshawna becoming a jerk is why I don't like her. She was okay before.

      And Dracula! As well as everyone else in Team Underfist.

      Squidward and Sandy aren't always offenders, and Karen's amusing. But Plankton...ugh, I have gotten so sick of him. Appearances by him and his feud with Krabs used to be a once in a while thing, yet now they've dominated the show. Also, I liked his voice back when it was deeper.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I liked Chi-Chi in pre-Z Dragonball, but I just couldn't stand what her character became afterwards. I don't get annoyed with other characters in that way, except maybe Yajirobe, though even he got points when he asked "Goku, can I hit her?" XD

      Michiru is my least favorite, not Rini.

      He had other moments that were funny due to have over-the-top he was. Like in the Diglett episode where he randomly started making baseball analogies, or uncovering fossilized manure in the canyon episode, or being dumb enough to invite Jigglypuff to his little Cinnabar Island party. xD

      Sakura deserves to beat down Naruto or Sasuke.

      Yeah, Princess' father seems awful. Princess is actually a more likable and sympathetic character in the "Powerpuff Girls Z" anime.

      Same here. ^^

      I just miss the old, villainous Stewie. And yes, the whole family is awful.

      Other characters besides Nina had their prejudices, but they all seemed to have better reasons and/or overcome them. Nina was just racist AND terribly written, and unappealing too.

      Yes, that's all true.

      The sexism actually got toned down after her debut appearance, though it came up again in the fifth C.A.K.E.D episode where she had to deal with being on the receiving end of sexism from a boy.

      Yes, same here!

      I think Scrappy as the villain could have worked, but the execution of why he'd turn to evil was just lazy and OOC for everyone involved, even Scrappy himself!

      I think her beating up on Heather when she was trying to warn her about Alejandro and then still not regretting it in World Tour was even worse. I know she and Heather didn't get along, but that was a major loss of respect points from me.

      While rarely competent, Plankton was at least smart in the older episodes. They've made him such a bonehead in the newer ones just so he can come out looking more like a pitiful loser than he already was.

  4. So what do you not like about TK? He's a great character.

    1. I don't even really dislike him, but he annoyed me in 02 at several points.

    2. What does he do that annoyed you exactly?

    3. How he was always being put on a pedestal over others like Davis, and that godawful "TK hates the powers of darkness because of Patamon's death" thing that went absolutely nowhere and did not fit with what we'd been shown in the first series.

    4. Another character I'm wondering about is Cornelia from Witch, what do you dislike about her?

    5. I like her in the comics, REALLY dislike her in the show.

  5. The problem with Superman and Optimus Prime is that they are meant to be purely good characters and that is extremely hard to write which is why it's refreshing when works like All-Star Superman and Transformers Animated come along. But it turns out the worse case scenario isn't that they become boringly good, it's when Michael Bay and Zack Snyder try to make them all badass and cool and make them look like self-righteous hypocrites.

    1. you can have superman be good and be compelling. In Superman animated he's a nice guy but he has problems (he tends to loose control when friends and loved ones are in danger, when someone REALLY earns his hatred like Lex or Darkseid his emotions cloud his judgement and he's even cocky on occasion.)

  6. For me, the problem with Webby, and this is coming from someone who doesn't hate or dislike her, is that she's rarely if ever allowed to have a personality beyond being cute. What made the Nephews, Kit and Gosalyn compelling, relatable and likeable is that they were allowed to have an initiative that was empowering for kids, I know I looked up to them for that reason, while still being allowed to mess up and learn from it. As far as I can remember, Webby only had one episode to show any initiative, her first episode, and when she's allowed to mess up, it never feels like she's learned from it, best exemplified in the Movie, when she wishes for a baby elephant and despite being told why big wishes are a bad idea, wishes for all her toys to come to life. If she'd been consistently allowed to show the kind of initiative that the Nephews did, at the very least, it'd show why they let her hang around.

  7. Bloom from Winx is a weird case. In the FIRST and FOURTH season she worked fine; she's new to a world she doesn't know about; she stumbles she makes mistakes and ultimately learns from them. In season 4 since Roxy is basically her in the first season it works; Bloom's character development is shown.

    Honestly Season 6 missed a great opportunity; the villain Selina is revealed to be Bloom's former friend; one reviewer mentioned that a great way to make Selina work is to have Bloom be unintentionally responsible for Selina's fall (i.e. Selina tried to reconnect with Bloom but Bloom thoughtlessly blew her off; combined with seeing how much stronger Bloom became made her jealous and thus vulnerable to being tempted). It would have deconstructed the "bloom at the center of everything" since her thoughtless attitude would have indirectly led to Selina's start of darkness.

    Shadow actually became a lot more tolerable after the Shadow game. They had the sense to tie his story up and end his amnesia and past arc. It was admittedly risky to make a game that dark and the black arms did tie up why they fuck Gerald built the Eclipse cannon in the first place (if he built it after he went insane how in the fuck could he do it while he was in jail, and if it wasn't while in jail why would a "good scientist" build a death cannon?)

    Total Drama just fell apart. The issue was they didn't know what to do with characters. Gwen's arc ended in season 1; whether she won or lost she grew and found happiness. If she had won and thang on off to college with Trent then she could have left and characters with no development could have gotten more. Instead they repeated the same arc. Heather could have become nicer over the series to the point that she's the atoner and dealing with alejandro is her facing the person she once was.