Monday, October 28, 2013

The Best Of The Worst

Since I've covered villains whom I consider to be the worst in their franchises/stories, I felt I had to follow it up with the ones I consider to be the best. This isn't necessarily the same as my favorite villains (that might come later), it's the villains I feel were the absolute pinnacle of villainy in their work. I call it the "villain's villain syndrome", where a villain in question is so epic that it feels the story or series has peaked because of it. There are such villains in many works, all who I will cover. 

 These Four Disney Villains: As opposite of those lame four Disney Villains as you can get. The Evil Queen from "Snow White", Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty", Jafar from "Aladdin", and Judge Frollo from "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" are all contenders for the mantle of quintessential Disney villain. (Scar from "The Lion King" was a close runner-up, and Chernabog from "Fantasia" does not count by virtue of being the Devil.)  The Queen was the first villain in a Disney feature film, and one of the most vile, frightening, and menacing villains that Walt ever made. She was only equaled by Maleficent, who is pretty much the complete package of villainy in every possible way. The wicked Jafar strikes the perfect balance of being cool and sinister, but also comedic and caricatured as well, making hims incredibly fun. And Frollo is hands down the scariest Disney villain due to both the sheer evil he displays and the fact that it's a painfully complex, human, real level of evil. Such depraved hypocrites do exist. The voices, designs, and presences these villains possess are just perfect, and they all leave a lasting impression. 

 Lotso Huggin' Bear: Not just the ultimate "Toy Story" evil, but possibly the ultimate Pixar evil as well. Who would have thought that a cute, strawberry scented pink plush bear could hide such a devious, tyrannical, sadistic, detestable, yet fascinating villain? Lotso is pure evil and he takes joy in being so, doing everything in his best interests and imposing his will on others. And yet there are tragic, compelling reasons for him being so, and they only serve to show just how far gone this toy is. A nihilist who believes love is a sham and that all toys are destined to wind up as throwaway junk, Lotso was irredeemable. No clearer is this shown when he leaves Woody and pals to die in the incinerator, even after they'd saved his life. "Where's your kid now, sheriff?" 

 Maleficent: One of the best Disney villains is also the best "Kingdom Hearts" villain. While Xehanort's Heartless might have masterminded the evil plan from the original game, he was an off-screen presence for most of it. Maleficent was the main antagonist in charge of her group of Disney Villains. She had all evil committed by the villains and the Heartless carried out and commanded the screen whenever she showed up. It was she who controlled the Heartless to destroy many worlds and spread darkness all over the galaxy. It was she who preyed off of Riku's feelings of resentment and envy of his best friend Sora, and his desire to save his other best friend Kairi, in order to turn him over to the dark side. And like Ansem, she desired ultimate darkness, which she'd use to rule all worlds. She also had significant roles in the sequel KHII, and the prequel "Birth By Sleep". Xehanort may be the Big Bad, but Maleficent is still the best Bad. 
 Of course if I had to mention Xehanort and when he made the series peak in epicness, than Xemnas would be the incarnation worth mentioning. The chillingly emotionless, insidious, power hungry leader of Organization XIII, the Superior of the In-Between desired only to create his own world order where through the power of all hearts in Kingdom Hearts, he would rule over as a god. And he pulled out all the stops in almost making this a reality. What makes Terra's empty shell the most sinister of the Xehanort's incarnations is that he doesn't give up when his claim on Kingdom Hearts fails - he comes back attempting to throw the entire worlds into nothingness so that he could yet reign supreme! This evil mofo was just asking to get brought down!

 Umbridge and Voldemort: They tie for greatest villain in the "Harry Potter" series. While Voldemort is the Big Bad, it took four books for him to be revived into the world of the living, and then he was immediately outdone as a villain by Dolores Umbridge, the Ministry of Magic's most revolting and evil member. Umbridge had no connection to the Dark Lord, and she proved that one doesn't need it in order to be a completely evil villain. Over the course of the story, she kept topping herself in heinousness. From ordering a Dementor attack at Privet Drive to becoming that year's Defense Against Dark Arts teacher to making herself High Inquisitor to eventually taking over Hogwarts as it's corrupt Headmistress. This was a villain you loved to hate. By the series finale, though, Voldemort stepped up to show what he was truly made of. We already knew he lived up to his reputation, but now he proved to be as scary, hateful, and evil as Umbridge as he went all out in terrorizing the Wizard world in order to kill Harry and claim the ultimate power over all humanity that he craved. When he's torn apart in the end, it's a well deserved demise.

 Jadis the White Witch: The villain of two Narnia stories, one who plays the role of Satan to Aslan's Jesus Christ. Quite honestly, none of the other villains in the series can compare to her, though the film versions of the Telemarines became a close second. There's a reason the films are always bring back Tilda Swinton in this role. An evil witch who takes over the realm, casts it into an eternal winter with no Christmas, and wages war against Aslan himself just can't be topped. This cold hearted monster is a clear case of playing your best card first.

 These Pokemon Villains: While Giovanni of Team Rocket is to always remain the best villain in the franchise for a number of reasons, he nearly got matched twice. Cyrus of Team Galactic is a fantastic antagonist, managing to be creepy, menacing, insane, and sinister, yet also very compelling and complex. A horrific and tragic figure whom you have to feel both contempt and pity for. His goal of becoming a god and plans to wipe out the universe in order to re-create it in his nightmarish vision was unexpected dark and twisted for the series, and the stakes have never been higher. Then Team Plasma came along. And if there's any Pokemon villain I could call "epic", it would be N, king of Team Plasma. His goal struck at the very core of Pokemon itself, since he wanted to abolish Pokemon training and segregate humans and Pokemon into separate worlds of their own. His plot spread across the game so that it eventually overtook your League quest as the main plot, and it ended up getting it's resolution at the League itself when his castle rose from the ground and assaulted it. And he's not only a tragic, even likable and sympathetic character, but he's a traditional Pokemon hero in his own right, being much more connected to Pokemon than anyone's ever been before: he just happens to be on the bad side! And it's all thanks to the self-serving scheming of his father Ghetsis, who is of course, the most abhorrent, horrific, devilishly evil villain in the series! Which makes him an epic villain too, and one who would have been a worthy final villain for the franchise itself. Too bad it's continued into Gen VI.

 Azula and Amon: You couldn't get more deliciously evil than Princess Azula of the Fire Nation in "Avatar: The Last Airbender." She was like 
a Maleficent-Darth Vader hybrid in the body of a lovely 15 year old girl, and much more the series' primary villain than her father, since she carried out more on-screen evil. A true Magnificent Bitch, she was scary, calculating, threatening, and just so good at being bad that it was commendable. Yet she also had a complex psyche, having built herself on an ideology that says love and trust is for fools: fear and manipulation are the only reliable ways in life. The moment that gets put into question, her life unravels until she has nothing but emptiness. You love to hate her, yet feel for her too. She was matched in awesome villainy only by Amon, the main villain of the spin-off series' initial story arc. A disillusioned, self-loathing bloodbender who wanted to rid the world of suffering, Amon made himself into the anti-Avatar, using his bloodbending to lock away the bending abilities of others. A wanted criminal mastermind, a revolutionist, a terrorist leader, and ultimately a hypocrite: Amon was all of these things, and he was formidable, badass, and downright terrifying the whole way. This masked menace is another good example of a series probably playing it's best card first.

 The Joker: Let's face it, Joker is always Batman's greatest villain. He's the arch enemy for a reason, after all. Nowhere is this clearer than in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. The second installment of it, "The Dark Knight", is easily the best if not solely because of the presence of it's villain, the Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger. This incarnation of Joker is the character stripped of all his zany, flamboyant theatricality and reduced to what he has always been at his core since he debuted: an evil, psychopathic, anarchist terrorist with a clown face. Ledger's phenomenal performance sold it, making him as insane and frightening as he needed to be, yet also having a sardonic, humorous charm. In the film, Joker really raised the stakes and threw all of Gotham City into a state of widespread fear and chaos. His ultimate goal was basically to fuck the world in the ass, let it know that it's been so, and make humanity embrace the madness and evil that he believes we all have. He has no deeper agenda, no goals, no origin, no true identity, and really no reason for even existing. He And that makes him just about the scariest villain. 

 Hugo Strange: In the animated series "The Batman", the Joker was actually NOT Batman's greatest enemy. That title belonged to Professor Hugo Strange, 
a character who debuted as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, then turned into a dangerous criminal mastermind due to his obsessions with both understanding the criminal psychosis and finding out the truth about the Batman, and ended the show as a true mad scientist who was willing to sell out the entire planet Earth in order to gain infinite knowledge of everything. Any time he and Batman went up against each other, their conflict was personal. Strange embodied corruption and Batman's greatest challenges. Voice work by the late Frank Gorshin and his imitator Richard Green really gave him presence and life. Ambitious, sly, and compelling, he was the series' best, most interesting villain. 

 Cell: I've mentioned his greatness before. His design, his voice, his theme music, his personality, his role, and his overall presence just blows every other "Dragon Ball" villain out of the water. There are also certain aspects of him that are special and make him...perfect. Compared to the previous bad guys, he has little to do with the Dragon Balls. Instead, he's an evil super-being made of the cells of the most powerful warriors in the series, which is a story's Final Boss just waiting to happen. (Majin Buu can suck it!)  He's also the only main villain in the series to be featured in a saga where it's not immediately clear who the Big Bad is going to be, making his appearance and subsequent role a total surprise. Like Freeza, he manages to be an interesting character without having a single true redeeming quality. UNlike Freeza, he never gets easily outclassed and stays that way: any time it seems he's beaten, he rebounds, and it's just magnificent! And he's the only villain other than King Piccolo to pose a widespread terror to the Earth, only with him it's even worse since he intends to ultimately blow up the planet and kill everyone rather than rule it and enslave everyone. (Sure Babidi and Buu do this sort of thing too, but the people of Earth get their memories of it wiped.) With all this, it's clear Cell was evil perfection.

 Count Bleck: No other villain in a "Mario" game wanted to wipe out the entire multiverse, leaving behind emptiness and dooming everyone and everything to oblivion. That he is also a sympathetic, tragic antagonist only adds to his greatness. After ol' Blumiere and his minions raised the evil bar, I'd be content with fighting Bowser and no one else in all future games.

 Yuga: For years, Ganon has always reigned supreme over all the other villains in the franchise, often hijacking their plots in order to face Link once again. Then his effeminate, narcissistic, art-obsessed counterpart from Lorule came along and did the impossible - he actually hijacked Ganon for his plot! When you do that, you know you're ultimate evil potential.

 Green Goblin and Hobgoblin: Yes, both goblins are the best when it comes to Spidey villains. Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin is Spidey's greatest enemy without a doubt, but I think Roderick Kingsley/the Hobgoblin is in many ways cooler and more dangerous. Aside from the better supervillain name and costume, Hobgoblin is stronger, has a deadlier arsenal, and above all, is sane. With Green Goblin, you're dealing with a brilliant psychopath. With Hobgoblin, you're dealing with a brilliant man who just happens to be totally amoral. Both are very different but ultimately equal and very enjoyable goblin-themed adversaries for Spider-Man. 

 Yami Marik: The culmination of all the pain and agony that Marik Ishtar felt as a child, given life by the shadows so that he is now his own being, a being of pure evil and malice who craves nothing but destruction. His goal is not only to kill the nameless pharaoh, but to slaughter every living thing on Earth. With his wild hair, hideously contorted face, psychopathic mannerisms, and deep, deranged voice, Marik is a first class nutjob whose evil knows no bounds. He took over the position of Big Bad from the regular Marik for the second half of the Battle City saga, and he filled the role even better. He raised the stakes higher than they'd been before, and was so wonderfully scary and detestable as a villain that it offset the Arc Fatigue significantly All of his vile actions brought the most peril, putting Yugi and his friends in positions where it honestly seemed like there was no way out. He even made Yami Bakura look like the lesser evil - that's quite a feat! 

 Myotismon: I've mentioned him too. His greatness as a villain is pretty obvious. No other villain in "Digimon Adventure" was as evil, as diabolical, as menacing, and as personal as this bastard was. He's the only one who wanted to stray from the Dark Master's agenda of conquering the Digital World and instead wanted to take over the human world first! That way he could have power over both worlds, which he thirsted for and believed himself destined to have. Not only did he and his soldiers invade Odaibah, but the story made the most of this by having him endanger the kids' families. Kids and parents got brought together, the Digimon's covers had to get blown, and the existence of the Digital World got revealed to humanity, all because of what Myotismon did. This was such a great villain that his legacy lived on even after he perished and was at the heart of the sequel series' plot. His status as the greatest Digimon villain is unmistakable. 

 The D-Reaper: The most evil, personal, and downight nightmarish villain in "Digimon Tamers", also the series' ultimate and final Big Bad. As the main enemy of the final arc, it was the cause of what was the darkest, most gripping, and most thrilling part of the series. In fact, this thing was most likely the scariest and most powerful villain in the whole franchise to date! Digimon as a whole was at it's pinnacle when the D-Reaper was the villain. 

 Akihiro Kurata: The Big Bad of "Digimon Data Squad". The series didn't conclude with his arc, but it very clearly peaked with it. Since the franchise was in need of a notable mad scientist villain, Kurata more than delivered on that. This a man who hates Digimon so much that he invented a way to permanently kill them off, erasing their data so that they cannot be reborn! And while his character could've been thought out better than it was, his role as a villain was great, comparable to Myotismon and D-Reaper. He ultimately does everything out of hatred, fear, and an inferiority complex. He attempts to take over the entire world by using the Digital World as his ace, and when he fails, tries to blow it all up only for it to backfire. Kurata is no doubt the most evil, repugnant, and detestable Digimon villain .In this Mon franchise, he's the greatest monster.

 The Bagra Bros.: Both the evil Lord Bagramon and his even more evil brother, DarkKnightmon. The former being one of the franchises' greatest Big Bads, and the latter being the best villain in the "Fusion" series, one of the coolest evil Digimon since Myotismon. Ultimately, the two merge to become one Final Boss: DarknessBagramon, who has Bagramon's consciousness infused with DarkKnightmon's malevolence and deravity. A literal monster who tries to end the multiverse, he is brought down in what is the pinnacle of the franchise. 

 Conduit: Sure, Doomsday might have caused the death of Superman, but only Conduit could cause the death of Clark Kent. The Superman comics took a slow, steady decline in quality after this guy had been the villain, and no other villain was as personal. 

 Brainthor: The final villain of JLU's Cadmus saga, a fusion of Superman's two greatest enemies, Lex Luthor and Brainiac. Maybe he's not as worthy a final villain as Darkseid, but his story was a better finale than the one in Season 3, and this would have been 
a far better place to end Lex Luthor rather than having him regress into "Super Friends" villainy. 

 The Anti-Monitor: The first "ultimate enemy" of the DC Universe in it's first Crisis Crossover. And in my mind, there will never be another like him.

 Thailog: The evil son of Goliath, Xanatos, and Dr. Sevarius, 
with all of their personality traits in one devilish package. While Xanatos and Demona are the clan's primary enemies, this guy seemed destined to be their greatest. He's purely amoral, greedy, self serving, and evil, with no tragic backstory or redeeming qualities to speak of. It seemed he was on the road to ultimate villainy with his dealings with the Illuminati in the Season 3 comics, but they got cut short. It sucks, since I've no doubt that he'd've ended up the final villain of the series proper. 

 Kefka, Hojo, and Sephiroth: Kefka is the most evil and the most successful of all villains in the "Final Fantasy" franchise. Hojo is the man responsible for pretty much the whole main plot of "Final Fantasy VII", and his son Sephiroth was the Big Bad, and the most chilling, menacing, stylish, and awesome villain the series has ever had. All three of these villains are different, but equal in being the most horrific and vile of all the FF villains.

 Shinobu Sensui: "The pleasure is mine." This dude was the ultimate enemy for Yusuke Urameshi: the Moriarty to his Holmes. Having been the Spirit Detective of Earth before Yusuke, he seemed like the best possible final villain for the series, and his saga was the equivalent to the Cell Saga of DBZ. Ignore what happened after his arc: he was the series' peak.

 Trigon and The Brain: While we all know that Slade is really the greatest villain in "Teen Titans", he didn't cause the series to peak the way these two did. On on hand there's Trigon, who is the most powerful and evil villain the Titans ever faced, and whose story had the highest stakes possible: what can measure up to the apocalypse? On the other hand there's the Brain, who when you get past being a brain in a jar, had an arc that was much more personal and more fit for being the final one than Trigon, since he and his cohorts in the Brotherhood of Evil were trying to destroy an entire generation of young superheroes. In a show about young superheroes, crises don't get any more final than that! So they're both the Biggest Bads.

 Mojo Jojo: There is no greater evil than Mojo in this series, even with a rogues' gallery that includes the Devil himself! The movie was indisputable proof of this, ironically being the pinnacle of the series despite taking place first chronologically! Mojo peaked early! But despite this, he is still a great, enjoyable villain, and one not to be underestimated.

 Hellmaster Phibrizzo: Okay, you can call the Dark Lord Shabranigdo the ultimate evil all you like, but he cannot surpass this little bastard. This devil of a boy was the most malicious and powerful enemy in "The Slayers", in all formats of the series! He killed off Lina's friends one by one to force her to use the Giga Slave that would grant him ultimate power. He desired ultimate destruction, but only got his own destruction from the Lord of Nightmares.

 Lord Galus: The leader of the Shadow Tribe from the original OAV, who wanted to plunge the realm into eternal darkness so that he and his people could thrive. This is the bad guy who should have been in "The Wanderers" but wasn't. He's got a great design, 
a sinister voice, played a great role in the story, and is creepy as all Hell. His presence is missed.

 Sir Crocodile: Covered him already too. He's a powerful sea warlord, a government official, a public hero, and a diabolical criminal mastermind who engineered an entire nation's civil war just so he could claim ultimate power. And he kicked Luffy's ass not once, but twice! With their third fight being a VERY close call, too! There's no doubt that his arc is where the series peaked for me, and he stands above the rest in terms of character, charisma, and evil.

 Fujiwara: While I think Ryoko Asakura is the series' best villain and it peaked in the "Disappearance" story, this bastard was the cause of the story that screams "series climax!" When you have a villain who wants to kill the titular reality warper for his selfish agenda, you know you can only go down to go afterwards. Must be why the series stopped.

 Wiseman/Death Phantom: There was never before or again 
a villain in "Sailor Moon" as competent, as evil, as menacing and terrifying as the Death Phantom. Wiseman just had this spooky, unnerving presence and committed all the most vile atrocities, and Death Phantom was Chaos' most malevolent spawn. Even in the final arc, Galaxia was shown to have been turned to Chaos' side by Wiseman/Death Phantom, so he had a hand in the series' end!

 Vicious: Kind of a no-brainer seeing as he's the only recurring villain on the show. I considered Vincent since his story was sort of the climax of the series before all the falling action and ending, but the finale showed that Vicious just cannot be matched in evil.

 Zofis: The personal foe of Sherry and Brago, and also the first time a villain posed a true danger not just to his own kind, but to the human world as well! Zofis was such a despicable, sadistic, cowardly, thoroughly nasty mind rapist that you got invested in seeing how he'd be brought down, and his arc gave me a sense of an epic adventure that the arcs after it failed to replicate. That he was built up so early in the anime also helped his greatest villain status.

 Makoto Shishio: Just about everyone who's seen this anime knows that the Kyoto Arc is where it peaked, and that Shishio was the most dangerous, interesting, and memorable villain. He had a great design, a fascinating character, and Steve Blum's epic voice! 

 Sesshomaru: Naraku could have all the powers and heinous crimes in the world, but I still think when Sesshomaru was a pure bad guy, he was the series' best.

 Lord Darcia: Again, not much competition here. Lady Jagura was the main antagonist for most of the series, but Darcia's actions in the finale episodes blew her's out of the water. The fact that he also has Steve Blum's epic voice helps to make him compelling.

 Pumpkin Dohryu: A creepy, stylish vampiric villain who ran a gang that rivaled the Demon Card and was attempting to basically kill everything alive. It didn't get much cooler or more terrifying than this guy. Such a shame the anime never got around to him. 

 Shion Sonozaki: Of all the psycho murderers of Hinamizawa, Shion was the most memorable by far. For all her antics in the Eye Opening chapter, she was notably more sadistic and cunning than the other characters, delighting in torturing her victims before killing them, and reveling in the ways she could make them suffer. And even more alarming, she actually ends up taking over Oyashiro's Curse right from under Takano! Yet we keep our sympathies for her since we'd seen her start from such a pure, well meaning place, making her descent into darkness that much more horrifying. Plus, who could ever forget that bone-chilling psychotic laugh?

 Kagato: Another no-brainer. I mean, who else would it be? 

 Mao: The most formidable enemy Lelouch had gone up against at that point, and a far more interesting and enjoyable villain than the Britannians. This whackjob messed with Lelouch's life thrice, each time endangering a girl he loved. (Shirley, C.C, Nunnally.) He also outed Suzaku as a guilt-plagued father killer. And his story was so damn tragic and fascinating. It made me feel for such a repulsive guy. Code Geass could've used more like him.

 Gaara: The perfect evil counterpart to Naruto in every way, 
a batshit crazy psychopath hiding beneath a somber, expressionless mask, and a better villain than Orochimaru was in that same arc! He had a fantastic backstory and invoked disgust, fear, and pity in me. The big fight between him and Naruto was just epic. There was no way Gaara could be matched.

 Sosuke Aizen: The Aizen we saw in the Soul Society Saga, not the boring invincible Villain Sue he became afterwards. While Byakuya was the prime antagonist of the saga, Gin's secret evil agenda was always more interesting. And then when Aizen was revealed as the mastermind whom Gin was working for, it blew everyone's minds. I don't think there should be any doubt that Aizen's reveal and the events that followed were the series' peak.

 Tywin, Joffrey, and Littlefinger: Lord Tywin Lannister and his grandson King Joffrey were the main villains of the first three books of the series (which were the best), and at least four seasons of the show. Tywin is just a marvelous figure of intimidation, hatred, and even grudging respect at times, while Joff is the little shit we all love to hate. However, the true master villain of the piece is Petyr Baelish, AKA Littlefinger. A Magnificent Bastard chess master of epic proportions, he has done so much to move the plot forward and has been so stylish in doing so, that it's a crime he's been all but dropped to the sidelines in the books.

 Angelus and The Mayor: Yes, they tie. Angelus was the most evil and personal enemy of Buffy, while Mayor Wilkins was the best Big Bad of the best season. Both are different but equal in raising the bar for villainy and conflict on the show.

 Peter Pan: He only recently debuted on "Once Upon A Time", but five episodes in and already he's shown to be the ultimate in creepy, malicious, despicable evil. He was a lord of darkness before Rumpel even became the Dark One, and Robbie Kay performs this part with such epic wickedness. Truly a brilliant villain in a brilliant arc that will be majorly hard to top.

 Khan Noonen Singh: Another one that's almost too obvious. "The Wrath Of Khan" is the best Star Trek movie in the franchise, and Ricardo Montalban as Khan was the most legendary villain. You can have your John Harrison, but he ain't Khan. THIS was Khan!

 Thanos: Ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies were all building to when the Avengers and all their allies would come into direct conflict with the Mad Titan, so when it was finally time for this to happen, Thanos himself would have to deliver the goods. And boy did he ever. Him wiping half of life out of existence with a finger snap, which included some of the heroes audiences had come to love, right before our eyes, is not going to leave anyone's minds.

 Dr. Doom: The ultimate supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe. Whenever Doom is featured in a story, you know shit will go down and he will be glorious!

 Magneto: The best X-Men villain. He's their arch foe for a reason. He's compelling, driven, and seriously threatening as an antagonist. He is master of magnet!

 Ch'rell the Utrom Shredder: Not just the series' greatest villain, but also the ultimate villain of the franchise. He combines both Oroku Saki and the Utroms into one menacing villain, and was the villain of the "Turtles Forever" special in which he threatened the entire franchise's multiverse. Shredders don't get scarier and more malignant than this slug. 

 William Dunbar: XANA is the Big Bad of the series, and he kept getting better and better as the series progressed. In the final season, William became his avatar, and he really gained an edge. Dark, intimidating, abhorrent and all around kick-ass, he was just a terrific villain for the heroes to go up against. XANA could not have picked a better guy.

 Kevin 11 and Driscoll: As Ben's evil counterpart, Kevin 11 was the best Big Bad of the series. But Driscoll the Forever King gets points too for leading the evil version of the Plumbers, being featured at the series' climax, and gathering 9 other enemies together to try to eliminate their opposition. I feel both of them were better than Vilgax!

 Dr. Philliam Benedict: He was an old friend of Principal Prickley, a Bond villain mad scientist who ran a terrorist operation from inside a school, he wanted to end summer vacation and abolish recess to prove his way of educating kids correct to the district, and he had the voice of James Woods! For this series, there could be no greater evil or stakes!

 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz: I just cannot accept any other big villain after this one, since he was just too perfect. Phineas and Ferb meeting Doof was a long time coming, but by the time it happened, Doof could barely be seen as even a nuisance villain. So what do they do? Bring in a truly evil Doof from an alternate reality who has turned his Danville into a summer-less dystopia and tries to do the same to the 1st reality! THAT's ultimate evil! 

 Dark Danny Phantom: C'mon, it was called "The Ultimate Enemy" for a reason. Dan might not be the most sensible when it comes to characterization, but 
his design, voice, actions, and general concept were superb. I mean, he's an evil, grown-up alternate future version of our hero stripped of humanity and fused with the ghost form of the arch villain! 

 GrandFather: Since Father had undergone massive Villain Decay and the Delightful Children were becoming wild cards, we needed a great evil like this old dude. He's Father taken up to eleven, the Father of his age when his son, Numbuh Zero, went up against him. He has the same symbiotic dark cloak and fiery powers as Father, but had a wider-scale, more depraved and evil plan of turning the entire world's population into "senior citi-zombies!" And this special ended up being the series' climax, so it's natural that nothing could top him in evil. 

 Megabyte: He was the main villain from day one, but he really showed what he was capable of in the third season, where he ended up taking over Mainframe and damn near succeeding at his goals. And even after that, he comes back to life and he wins! 

 Narissa: The second Big Bad the guardians faced was the last great villain on the show and might as well have been so in the comics too. Her arc was decent for shoujo fare, but she herself was a really great villain. A former guardian of the Vale gone rogue was 
a perfect adversary. Greg Weisman characterized her even better on the show! What's not to love? 

 Nudar: It seems strange that a nude alien scam artist should be considered the ultimate bad guy in "Futurama", but I didn't get the sense of a climactic, galaxy-spanning crisis from any of the villains that came after him, not even the Dark One! And an alternate future version of Fry actually died stopping this guy too! Had the series ended after this, it'd fit.

 Alejandro Buermeto: While the "World Tour" season ended up a disappointment, it featured the best villain in all of Total Drama in Alejandro. This is the guy Justin was supposed to be in "Action", who plays the game just as well as Heather and has more charisma than Scott the dick. In the new "Heroes VS Villains" season, I'm pulling for him to get far.

 The Nibiru Entity: Hands down the scariest, darkest, most evil thing to come from the Scooby Doo franchise ever, and not only was he responsible for all the evil and conflict of the "Mystery Incorporated" series' storyline, but it's even suggested that his lingering darkness is responsible for all the bad that goes on in the franchise! You know you're bad if you do that! Plus, this thing gave us Professor Pericles, the best villain in all of Scooby Doo. I'd say more about how he brought about a literal damn apocalypse, but that would be spoiling the finale!

 Chase Young: This boy is pretty much stated in-universe to be the master of evil. While they later try to suggest that Hannibal Roy Bean could be a greater threat, I seriously never bought it. Chase was just way too good at villainy, and his arc finale was the peak.

 Lord Shen: Not many would think that a peacock could make a terrifying and formidable villain, but Shen proved to be by far the most depraved, lethal, and personal adversary that Po the Dragon Warrior ever faced. Not only is he responsible for wiping out most of the Panda clan, killing Po's mother and causing Po to get adopted, but with his resources he posed a threat to all kung fu masters. His epic visuals and Gary Oldman's voice are cherry on top!

 Lord Tirek: This devilish centaur was the first villain to grace the "My Little Pony" franchise way back in the 80's, and recently he got a second incarnation for it's ever popular fourth generation. In his appearances the guy went around sucking the magic out of all Equestrian ponies' very beings all to power himself, deceived the "reformed" Discord into helping him carry out his plans, blew up Twilight Sparkle's library home and could have trashed all of Ponyville, and risked a magical drought just so he could make himself supreme ruler of Equestria and watch the ponies suffer as their world died around them. Easily the series' most evil villain to date. When the show has him and Twilight engaging in an epic DBZ-style power slugfest, you know it's peaked.

 Toffee Of Septarsis: The first true Big Bad of "Star VS The Forces Of Evil" was pretty much destined to go down as it's best and most fondly remembered. Before his arrival on the scene, the show had no real sense of a continuous conflict or story arc, but Toffee, with no warning, changed that with his suave, cold and meticulous demeanor, his evil efficiency expertise, and hidden agenda that he sneakily worked towards all the way to the first season's finale, where it turned out he was only setting up an even bigger story arc for the second season plus one two hour TV movie, in which he played the part of a distant evil mastermind who sought to regain his former strength and take ultimate revenge on both Mewni and the Butterfly family by taking everything away from them, including all of their magic, a plan he very nearly succeeded at!

 Bill Cipher: No puppet strings can hold me down, so patiently I watch this town. Abnormal will soon be the norm: enjoy the calm before the storm. AHAHAHAHA!


  1. "Dr. Philliam Benedict: He was an old friend of Principal Prickley, a Bond villain mad scientist who ran a terrorist operation from inside a school, he wanted to destroy summer vacation and abolish recess to prove his way of educating kids correct to the district, and he had the voice of James Woods! For this series, there could be no greater evil or higher stakes!"

    I especially like how he mocked the cliche of a hero expecting the villain to stop what they were planning, simply by asking them to stop.

    1. XD Oh yeah, I almost forgot that! More heroes should be made to hear it!

  2. I think Judge Frollo may be the Ur-Example of how to write a Complete Monster.

    1. He is portrayed extremely seriously, even for a Disney film.

    2. He is portrayed realistically. It's scary how well Disney of all things portrays religious hypocrisy, emotional abuse, genocide and of course slut-shaming, you only have to look at Elliot Rodger and ReturnOfKings to know that people like that exist.

    3. He doesn't see himself as the bad guy. He's self-righteous in his belief that the gypsies are evil and that Esmeralda is a seductive witch, but ends up doing more evil things than they could ever accomplish.

    4. He is never undermined by the family-friendliness of the work. Even if you don't get the sexual undertones of his obsession with Esmeralda, you still get the idea that he believes her to be a witch. He's more than likely killed people when he burned Paris, but the only hint we get is the sound of people screaming when Frollo considers Esmeralda's escape and you really need to listen to find them.

    Did you know there's a children's book of the film where he catches Quasimodo mourning Esmeralda and offers to pray with him, before trying to murder him. How frightening would it have been if he quoted Psalm 23 or something similar whilst preparing to kill him... just... damn.

    1. You also have to note that, in his realistic portrayal, he gets portrayed with humanizing features and shows that it's absolutely not the same thing as having REDEEMING features, because the aspects of his psyche and character that make him complex don't even theoretically lead him to any steps towards repentance or redemption, they make him EVEN WORSE. A villain doesn't have to be thoroughly inhuman or a one-dimensional cartoon baddie to be a Monster and it shows with this character. In fact some of the worst Monsters are complex human beings with the capacity and ability to choose better yet who always take the worst possible paths morality-wise.

      And oh yeah, we have a villain in a Disney family friendly animated film who's guilty of minority persecution, murder, attempted infanticide, emotional abuse (starting from when his victim was a child and well into adulthood), torture (his previous captain is getting some horrible torture off-screen), animal abuse (killing a bunch of ants), parental negligence (letting Quasimodo get tortured and humiliated), lust over a younger woman, religious hypocrisy, slut-shaming, victim blaming, mass imprisoning, mass arson, physical abuse, attempted genocide, attempted RAPE ("choose me and you will be saved" cannot be interpreted any other way BUT rape), and many more attempts at murder even towards his own adopted kid. That Disney got away with featuring such a villain in their animated canon shall forever be astounding but awesome.

      Good lord, that book made that moment worse. It's like a trusted pastor and father figure seemingly giving you comfort while preparing to literally stab you in the back. *shudders*

  3. I personally consider Syndrome to be the ultimate Pixar evil, but Lotso's still an excellent villain.

    1. Syndrome's close, but I feel Lotso's deeds shown to us onscreen run the gauntlet of despicable heinousness even more than Syndrome's, who just has torture, attempted murders, and attempted kidnapping shown onscreen.