Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Top Thirty Anime Villans

Last year I made a list of my Top Thirty Video Game Villains. I have now decided to do a list of my Top Thirty Anime Villains: the villains from Japanese animation whom I consider the best of the best. Before it starts, I'll mention the villains who were in the running but couldn't make it on, and why. 

The Contenders: Prince Sincline from "Go-Lion", who, unlike his US counterpart Prince Lotor the royal dolt, was one of the earliest examples of a compelling villain in anime. He didn't make it on because he was ultimately overshadowed by all the competition in my favor. Naraku and Sesshomaru from "InuYasha": they were both excellent villains at first but then Naraku refused to die and just kept getting less and less impressive, while Sesshomaru became a bland anti-hero. Obviously, neither of them could make the cut. Orochimaru from "Naruto": what's funny is that he's actually a fairly average villain rather than a great one. Gaara was a better villain than he was! He really comes off as nothing more than Ninja Voldemort. He was only in the running because damn if he doesn't somehow have one of the coolest theme musics ever given to an anime villain. It's far more epic than he deserved! Sosuke Aizen from "Bleach": I'm sure you all know why he didn't make the list. When he first outed himself as the villain, he was hailed as one of the best manga/anime villains in years for it. But that praise was too soon, for he devolved into a bland, nonsensically written Villain Sue afterwards, and is now seen as one of the worst villains out there. Shameful of you, Tite Kubo. Shameful. Then there's Ladd Russo from "Baccanno!" While I really enjoy the character and he's one of the best things about that series, he just comes off as a dumb thug and supporting bad guy rather than a major villain. This list is for big villains only. And as for the rest, mentioned in the comments section below,  they all just fell a little bit short of the mark. Sorry. Now without further delay, here we go through the list! 

30: Gankutsuou (Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo) - This evil alien parasite is the living embodiment of hatred, spite, and the desire for vengeance. It's name translates to "master of the cave", signifying where Edmund Dantes discovered it, and it's been consuming his life and his being ever since. As the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmund does everything in the name of taking revenge on those who wronged him, and Gankutsuou feeds off those vengeful feelings, in turn driving the Count to more insane and villainous behavior. It's a relationship where the evil entity thrives while the host suffers. Yet it's hard to shake off, because the wants of the host are too strong, and the alien is what fulfills them. It, combined with it's vampiric host, was a great villain. 

29: Dilandau (Vision Of Escaflowne) - In a show with antagonists who do things under some sort of cause, this crazy kid stands out as the one who just wants to set fire to the world and watch it burn. Dilandau is a high ranking member of evil Emperor Dornkirk's army and is rather protective of his lovely face, but still not above going out to take care of his problems by himself. Not even close. In fact, he treats his soldiers worse than dirt and seems to prefer doing things on his own, in his way. He's a gleeful, grinning, cackling, stark raving madman who kills, tortures, and destroys for sport. And yet he's not as pure evil as he appears: he has a vulnerability and humanity to him that makes him pitiful and even a tad relateable in some respects. What really puts him on the list is the twist of his true self: who could have ever seen that coming?

28: Kagato (Tenchi Muyo!) - This was a decent, enjoyable harem anime OVA...and then he comes along. Shit gets real. Kagato is the greatest space pirate in the galaxy. He is at once calculating, charismatic, cultured, ruthless, greedy, and bloodthirsty. This man is responsible for most of what occurs in the story, is at the heart of Ryoko, Ayeka, Wasshu, and Tenchi's biggest problems, and outclasses just about every character when he hits the scene. The OVA continues into a second part after he's gone, but you might as well stop watching there. 

27: Izaya Orihara (Durarara!) - A mediocre light novel and anime series gave us an excellent villain in Izaya, the ultimate troll. This dude is in the business of messing the lives and minds of other human beings, raising Hell and turning society in his home city upside down simply for the fun of it. Due to a seriously messed up psychology, Izaya delights in tormenting others and seeing everything crumble apart around him. And he doesn't even do this out of genuine malice: he "loves humans", and this is his way of showing it. He exploits human nature to it's fullest and lives his life at the expense of everyone else in it. His personality is smooth, devious, wickedly playful, and even likable. A perfect dub performance by Johnny Yong Bosch helps to sell this character. While he can't place higher because his greatest plans ultimately went absolutely nowhere, Izaya should still be recognized as one of the most unique villains to come from Japan. 

26: Lord Ilpalazzo (Excel Saga) - The purple haired bishonen chief of the secret idealogical organization, ACROSS. His name means "the palace" in Italian, and he dresses in the most absurd way in an over-the-top attempt to look imposing. He also wears glasses much like those of Kagato's. This guy is a firm believer in how "this corrupt!" and that villainous means are necessary for returning global society to a state of rightness and peace. If you wonder why Ilpalazzo does not place any higher, it's because he's a parody of evil overlords in anime. He plays it straight at first, but then you realize that his group is understaffed, his target is merely one city in one country, his voice and dialogue are ridiculous, and has these odd quirks and hobbies in his off time like reading trashy magazines, learning to play guitar, or playing dating sim video games. His psyche is delved into near the end and he becomes a true villain, but he's just plain fun either way. 

25: Lucy (Elfen Lied) - A psychologically damaged protagonist who invokes both horror and sorrow, both fear and sympathy. As the "Queen Diclonius" of the secret Diclonius Project, she was deposited at an old orphanage to be raised in, but this only led to her first exposure to hatred, prejudice, and the worst of humanity. This left Lucy with no idea how to deal with others, others whom she often killed and took the homes of. When one human boy introduced her to the better parts of life only to unintentionally betray her, Lucy snapped. The sum of all her traumas combined with her monstrous DNA created a pure evil persona inside of her, one that compels her to kill all lower lifeforms in order to make a better life for herself. But try as she might, things only get worse and worse for the poor girl. In trying to take her beloved Kouta all for herself, she crossed a line that puts her beyond forgiveness or redemption. Or does it? The story plays with the nature of this character, creating a truly tragic monster. Lucy cannot place higher because the narrative of the anime seemed to like playing her as a "good guy", which she is NOT. Still, she's one scary BAMF.

24: Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass) - The Byronic Hero 
of "Code Geass", Lelouch can best be described as a mashup of Light Yagami, V from "V For Vendetta", and Hamlet. A Britannian prince banished to Area 11 for not getting with his father's program, he starts out with the self-interested intentions of taking revenge on the empire that has wronged him and his family, and with the pure intentions of making the world a better, more peaceful place for his beloved sister Nunnally. But his only means of doing this start with accepting the dark contract of an evil eye that becomes a corrupting influence for his actions and behavior with every time he uses it to violate and control the wills of others. He is also massively arrogant, self-centered, self-serving, vengeful, manipulative, diabolical and eventually psychotic. With him we see the tragic self destruction of a person in the name of his goals and ideals, or what he thinks are his goals and ideals. But Lelouch is thus the only person who can bring about an age of peace, because he's given himself that purpose. It's all a matter of finding the right way. This is a complex, richly developed character with several moments of evil awesomeness. He's also got a flare for hammy theatrics, and is a fabulous Magnificent Bastard if there ever was one. This is another great villain performance by Johnny Yong Bosch in the US. He doesn't place higher because, like Lucy, the anime's narrative, mainly in R2, plays him as a designated "good guy" far too often. But he's cool enough to make it. 

23: Ryoko Asakura (Haruhi Suzumiya) - If you're looking for a great psychotic killer, this is one of the most original you'll ever find anywhere. Asakura first appears to be a kind, cheerful, well mannered, warm-hearted and lovely schoolgirl: the best in her class. But then we learn, out of freaking nowhere, that she's not what she appeared to be. She is actually an alien interface sent to shadow the Yuki Nagato unit on Earth and carry out the function that the data integrated thought entity deems her suitable for. She's cold, unemphatic, single-minded, ruthless, and crazed. And yet she's still not an evil person! She's genuinely pleasant and upbeat about the whole attempted murder thing, incapable of feeling any real human emotions outside of her programming and incapable of understanding real human emotions that her victims display in the moments of her attack. Her weapon of choice is a knife, which is appropriate in so many ways. Asakura is a girl who can knife you in the back and twist it. She can appear to be a sweet, thoughtful friend, and then turn into a cruel, calculating enemy when you least expect it. And since she is the shadow of Yuki, she will always be around so long as Yuki is alive. And the series is a much more interesting one for it. 

22: Giovanni (Pokemon) - The big boss of the Team Rocket gang, Giovanni is kind of the evil criminal mastermind that the likes of Dr. Claw should have been. First seen sitting in the shadows, stroking his Persian like a James Bond villain, and giving his henchmen orders in a booming, deeply altered voice, he immediately came off as a menacing villain to be reckoned with. And by the time he at last stepped out of the shadows, he did not disappoint. Giovanni's a ruthless but suave man of great wealth, status, power, and intelligence, and yet he's always wanting more. He wants nothing more than to create an army of the strongest and most valuable Pokemon in order to take over the world. Through world domination, he can control almost everything. He has a sadistic streak and fancies himself as a great ruler due to him always wanting to prove himself to his mother in childhood (it's all there in a Japanese radio drama, folks). What really separates him from some other villains like him is that he doesn't give a shit about what his minions do and how they deal with the good guys. He's always focused on his own plans, which is his number one priority. His Rocket underlings are only means to his ends. Because he prefers to keep focus on fulfilling his needs, he's rarely seen in the show but it was always great whenever he did show up, particularly in the Mewtwo story arc that concluded in the TV special where he showed just what a badass bad guy he truly is. He was brought back into main villain role for the "Best Wishes" series and was as fiendish there as ever, even facing Ash one-on-one and coming dangerously close to claiming Unova. But the impact he had on the original series is what I like to remember most of him.

21: Legato Bluesummers (Trigun) - The ultimate antithesis 
to Vash the Stampedes' ideals of honor, love, and justice. Legato is a stone cold killer who, once he dedicates himself to an agenda, will follow through with it no matter what the cost. And his agenda just happens to be making Vash's life Hell. This villain is a strange paradox in that he is self-serving, yet at the same time completely disinterested in humanity, himself included. He is both a sadist and a nihilist who resorts to the cruelest means possible to toy with other people's lives, and eventually rubbing them out completely. It reaches the point where he is literally willing to die at his enemy's hand just to scar said enemy for life. And he succeeds at it! With his sleek design, dark presence, ominous voice, and psychopathic nature, Legato's a villain whose depravity haunts you long after. 

20: Rezo The Red Priest (The Slayers) - The clanging sound of his staff and his spooky theme music signals the coming of this nefarious villain. Rezo first appears to be an ally of good, but his ulterior motives reveal him to be the exact opposite. He is in truth an ambitious, selfish, scheming, power-mad priest who has been delving into the dark arts of the evil Mazoku world and will go to any lengths necessary in order to find a cure for the blindness that has ailed him for so long. Rezo is a key pawn for the Dark Lord Shabranigdo, but he remains unaware of this until it's too late. His vile actions and thoughtless attitude make Rezo the definitive bad guy of the Slayers series. His design is superb, his role in the story well executed and thought out, and he leaves a lasting impact on the remainder of the narrative even after he's passed away.

19: Lord Darcia (Wolf's Rain) - A handsome, long haired Noble with the eye of a wolf. This guy is a great example of a tragic villain: you feel for him at first but then his humanity starts to deteriorate more and more until you're left with nothing but fear, disgust, and contempt for him and his actions. And yet you can still understand where his madness came from, and then you feel for him all over again. Darcia is just a beautifully designed character in all respects. He's got a magnificent voice in the original anime, and the dub replicates it perfectly with the casting of Steve Blum in the role. You feel a passion for what he does in his first appearances in the series, and this is contrasted with the emptiness you feel from him as he's killing everyone off at the end of the series. When he lost his beloved Harmona, he lost his mind and soul. He's the embodiment of what is wrong and evil in the world, as shown by how his corrupting presence lingers even after he's been destroyed. Darcia truly shows that everyone seeks Paradise to find peace, even the bad guys.

18: Rosemary Applefield (Tomorrow's Nadja) - There is 
no greater menace than a broken, envious, amoral 13 year old orphan girl in a space and series that allows her to be such. This is such a series and Rosemary is such a girl. She's so idealistic, sweet, and innocent when we first see her and it's only after watching closely that we begin to suspect she's masking pain and insecurity. Her greatest dream was to become a princess: she'd often roleplay this with her friend Nadja, who'd pretend to be her knight. So when Nadja turned out to be nobility, thus more of a princess than Rosemary, something inside Rosemary just snapped. We then see what this girl is capable of and has the potential to do as she transforms from this cute, innocent child into this absolute evil genius. Spiteful, underhanded, manipulative, cunning, devious and cruel, she will stop at nothing to claim the crown she thinks should be hers, and ruin Nadja's entire life and future in the process! And yet she keeps a certain elegance, class, and charm about her at all times and is so good at what she does, I enjoy and admire her more than I hate her. This is a very creepy character. She's the second best example next to Princess Azula you'll find of a young girl who is a dangerous and formidable magnificent bitch. Rosie's a truly awesome villainess: one of the best ever conceived

17: Zofis and Koko (Zatch Bell) - Take DBZ's Freeza, de-age him into a preteen, put him into a position where he'd have to claw his way to absolute power rather than already having it, and you get Zofis, the first and best major villain of Zatch Bell. He's a nasty little shit who seeks a relatively quick and easy way to eliminate all his competition and become the Mamodo King. To do this, he uses his special ability to control, manipulate, and break the minds and hearts of others, something he takes sadistic joy in doing. His master plan was to raise an army of 1000-year old demons whom he released from their fossilization, and to control them through the power of the Moon Stone, and through fear of being sent back to their cold, lonely prison. Zofis is very much a king wannabe, setting base at a castle built above ruins in South America, living like a king, styling himself like royalty, and speaking in a faux-regal tone. But deep down he's both a heartless monster and a slimy, dirty coward who fears those who have more strength than he does, particularly Brago. His human partner Koko deserved mention here too. Zofis controls her through a personality he created for her from the darkness in her heart. In this persona, Koko is as vile, cold-hearted and sadistic as Zofis, saying and doing horrible things and yet still maintaining a cute, affable, pleasant demeanor. Easily the coolest and creepiest evil human/mamodo team in the series

16: Katsuhiko Jinnai (El Hazard) - This guy would have to 
be the funniest villain on the list. There are many other comedic anime bad guys, but Jinnai just has 
a special something that all the rest lack. Despite being a high school student, Jinnai is a brilliant tactician and a business genius. Too bad he used those skills to run a corrupt administration as class president. While he seems like a jerk and a bully, scratch the surface and you find out he's also a HUGE egomaniac, a jealous grudge bearer, a power-hungry megalomaniac, and a delusional madman in general. In his own mind he's a legend, but with one great rival: Makoto Mizuhara, who's always bested him at everything without even trying. This enrages Jinnai to no end, so he does whatever he can to finally beat Makoto and prove the superiority he believes he has. His hatred for Makoto is so strong that it carries over when Jinnai is made general of the Bugrom race in the world of El Hazard. In this position, he leads the Bugrom forces in trying to take the capitol kingdom of Roshtaria and take over this entire world. While Jinnai could have easily been a bumbling villain who has little success in this role (and is often portrayed as such in spin-offs), in the original OVA he's actually a very competent menace who is both diabolical and surprisingly threatening. His trademark is of course his high-pitched maniacal laughter, which he does alot of. I'll just leave it at this now.

15: The Major (Hellsing) - The zombie-cyborg Neo Nazi leader from this gothic horror anime/manga series who leads the Millennium organization. He's a perfect combination of the Red Skull and Heath Ledger's Joker: a Nazi who does not have much attachment to Nazi ideals, instead just living for the chaos, carnage, destruction, and death that war brings. His only motivation for doing anything is to wage a grand war that will leave the entire world in a state of ruin. Or as he puts it "Our purpose is the total absence of purpose!" So going into this plot, this guy has pretty much already won. He has absolutely nothing to lose here, but everything to gain the longer the war goes on and people suffer. The Major is a seriously depraved, heartless, monstrous enemy who does nothing to conceal how despicable he is and yet still comes off as a charming and sophisticated man with a wicked sense of humor. He's always smiling, always enjoying every second of his life. You love to hate him, but enjoy his presence as well. I could say more, but honestly his famous "I love war" speech pretty much sums up his entire character: My friends, it has often been said that I like war. Friends, I like war. No, friends, I love war! I love holocausts. I love blitzkriegs. I love defensive lines. I love sieges, charges, I love mop-up operations, and retreats.Wars across prairies, in streets, in trenches, in grasslands, in frozen tundras, through deserts, on the sea, in the air, I love every act of war that can occur upon this earth. I love blasting the enemy to smithereens with artillery salvos that thunder across the lines of battle. My heart leaps with joy whenever a soldier is tossed into the air and cut to pieces by well placed sniper rounds. And there is nothing like a tank operator using a Tiger 88 to destroy enemy tanks. And the feeling that comes when a soldier runs screaming from his blazing tank only to be mowed down by heavy machine gun fire, is such an exquisite feeling. Like when ranks of infantry brandish their bayonets rushing into the enemy line. It moves me deep within my heart to watch a fresh recruit stabbing over and over into the bloated chest of a long-dead enemy. The sight of deserters being strung up from a street lamp is an irresistible pleasure. And there is nothing more arousing, than the sounds made by prisoners of war dropping like flies, screaming in agony as they're mowed down by ear piercing schmeissers! When a band of pitiful resistance fighters makes their final stand with nothing but small arms, only to have their city smashed to atoms block by block by 4.8 ton bombshells, I'm in ecstasy.I love it when my forces are ravaged by a Russian armored division. It's so sad to see towns and villages that were supposed to be defended at all costs being laid to waste, their women and children being raped and killed. I love to be squashed under the heel of the British and American war machines. The humiliation, as my men crawl around like vermin, ducking the yark bombers flying overhead. Gentlemen... All I ask for is war, a war so grand as to make Hell itself tremble. Gentlemen, I ask you as fellow brothers in arms, what is it you really want? Do you wish for further war as I do? Do you wish for a merciless, bloody war? A war whose fury is built with iron, and lightning, and fire? Do you ask for war to sweep in like a tempest, leaving not even ravens to scavenge, from this Earth!? Very well. Then war is what you shall have. We are a clenched fist, ready to strike down all who oppose us, with our might. But... After enduring over half a century wallowing in the darkness, for us, a simple "ordinary" war will no longer be sufficient. We need a MASSIVE war! A war beyond any other that man's history has ever known! We are but a single battalion... The remnants of a defeated army numbering less than a thousand strong. However, I believe that each of you old warriors is worth a thousand of their sickly soft children! We represent a force that could easily defeat an army of a million and one men! It is time for us to awake the ones who sent us screaming into oblivion, and who now lie sleeping. Let's drag them out of bed by the hair, and remind them of what we are! We will remind them of what it feels like to live in fear. We will remind them of the sound our jackboots make against their throats. We will remind them, that there are more things between Heaven and Hell than are dreamt of in their philosophy. Our Kampfgruppe of one thousand battle-hardened warriors will burn this world down to ash. Yes, my friends! Soon, Europe's charred remains will illuminate the night sky! I have brought you all back just as I promised I would. Back to our favorite battlefield. Back to our beloved war! At last, the sea lion has crossed the ocean and is heading up the hill! Attention soldiers of the Millennium battalion, this is a message from your commander: Friends, let's bring them Hell!

14: Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) - Fitting for a villain in a series that is a deconstruction of the "magical girl" shoujo genre, Kyubey is a subversion of the typical cute pet mentor/team mascot character found in such series and is also a deconstruction of magical girl villains. Kyubey at first appears as a kind, benevolent creature with pure intentions who wants these random girls to become magical girls in order to combat evil forces. But his insistence that the girls "make a contract with him" gets one suspicious, and his smile becomes harder and harder to trust. He turns out to be a cosmic Devil of an entity who manipulates these girls into making deals with him so that he may give them magical girl powers and grant a wish of their exchange for their souls. With a complete hold over their souls, Kyubey puts the girls through despair and psyche breaking situations so that they may turn into Witches, the very enemy they're made to fight, and keep the cycle going through different realities. And why does he do this? So that he can draw energy from the witches and use it to keep the special power of his species alive: the power that protects the universe. So his goal of consuming energy is the standard one for such villains, but he does it for good intentions, which makes his deplorable actions justified to him. Kyubey is a terrifying villain because not only does he have a valid point on many things and lacks a humane morality, but he is also very, very calculating. He never lies, he always keeps his word, he grants every wish a girl asks for exactly as they want it, he bears no ill will or malice towards anyone, and though he's not truthful about his intentions, he's never untruthful about them either. He makes it so that he is never directly at fault for anything that befalls the heroines. And yet he is. He's a fascinating villain indeed. 

13: Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon) - Speaking of magical girl villains, here is perhaps the most famous villainess in all of anime. Before Beryl was ruler of the Dark Kingdom, she was a beautiful maiden of Earth who developed feelings for Prince Endymion. When she learned of the princes' love affair and planned engagement to Princess Serenity of the Silver Moon Kingdom, she was overcome with jealousy and fury. In her rage, Beryl released the Chaos spawn Metalia, who bestowed upon her the power to destroy the Moon Kingdom and kill everyone, which she did once it was clear that Endymion would never love her back. Queen Serenity, using the last of her power, sealed Beryl and the army of Earthlings she'd brainwashed away into the darkest depths. From there Beryl created the Dark Kingdom and ruled it as queen. She now seeks a way to restore power to Metalia so that they may destroy and rule the entire world. Whatever decency she once has is now nonexistent since she is so far gone into corruption and wickedness. She is cruel, merciless, petty and tyrannical despot who wants nothing standing in her way of claiming what she wants, what she thinks she deserves. Her hatred of others knows no bounds, particularly her resentment towards Serenity, the girl whom Endymion loved instead of her. What makes Beryl stand above the other main villains in the series is that she is Sailor Moon's most personal enemy. She destroyed her previous life and is now actively trying to destroy it again to deprive her of happiness. In the anime, the end of Beryl (and Metalia) was a most satisfying defeat for these reasons. She was a memorably evil bitch. 

12: Makoto Shishio (Rurouni Kenshin) - While he may look like a Japanese mummy, Shishio is a warlord and a mastermind. He was the main antagonist of the series in the Kyoto arc. Much like with Zofis in Zatch Bell, the series was never better after his time as the villain was up. A man with a burned body, a broken mind, and a blackened heart, Shishio feels he's been wronged by the Meiji government, so he seeks to overthrow it for revenge and power. His desire is supreme conquest of Japan and the rest of Asia, for a rule dominated by Shishio's beliefs of Social Darwanism. Cruel and ruthless, he lives by the belief that weaker beings only exist to benefit the strong, so they deserve no compassion. He fiercely believes in his code, unwilling to ever under any circumstances compromise his beliefs. He also has no objections to using others as stepping stones to absolute power. Such a man should be despicable, and yet Shishio is a very appealing individual. He's so sincere in his beliefs and we see where he's coming from and why he thinks and acts the way he does. We're drawn into his lifestyle as he leads the Ten Swords in their operation tto sack Kyoto. Shishio is his own ideal: he's the good guy in his own mind. And he is an epic villain, the ultimate enemy for Himura Kenshin to face. His design, motives, and general demeanor are great, and the dub caps it off by having Steve Blum as his voice. One of the finest anime villains for sure.

11: Shinobu Sensui (Yu Yu Hakusho) - Since Yusuke Urameshi is a Spirit Detective, this guy is definitely his Moriarty. Formerly a Spirit Detective himself, Shinobu was a pure hearted, idealistic young man who saw the world in black and white: humans were the good race worth protecting, while demons were the evil race he had to defeat. But upon meeting the demon Itsuki, who became his friend and partner, he learned that not all demons were bad. And then one traumatic experience showed him that humans could not only be just as bad as demons, but even more monstrous! Having his worldview shattered caused Sensui to snap, and he killed all the human criminals he could. In the wake of this, Sensui developed multiple personality disorder, which contributed to his growing misanthropy and nihilism. Retreating into the depths of his own mind, Shinobu formed a plan to carve open a tunnel to Demon World so that he may enter, live 
a day in the life of a demon there, and then be killed by a strong demon as atonement for his sins. However, opening the tunnel would also mean the death of all mankind, which is what his other personalities most desired. Sensui is not only a total madman, but is also a very deep, tragic and psychologically complex figure. The stakes were raised when he was brought in, and the moral issues he raised stuck with the series to it's end, for better or for worse. Getting inside his head is tough but ultimately fascinating and insightful. Sensui embodies the darkest parts of the human psychosis, and is a cautionary study of humanity, both good and bad. With a tragic backstory, memorable design, and excellent dub performance by Robet McCollum, he is truly a Black Angel. 

10: Griffith (Berserk) - The leader of the Silver Hawks band of warriors can lay claim to being one of the most evil, frightening, revolting, malignant and disturbing villains ever created for manga and anime. He's kind of an uncomfortable subject to talk about, so I'll make this one pretty brief. Griffith was a young man who always had the ambition of creating and ruling over the greatest kingdom ever. To start on his way towards his dream, he became a warrior and a knight. His closest comrades were his best friend Guts and his lieutenant Caska. One day 
he forced himself into a forbidden affair with a princess. He got caught, imprisoned, and graphically tortured for it. His friends rescued him and it seemed liked he'd have to live the rest of his life as a crippled shell of a man living at his friends' place, never able to achieve his dream. Griffith would not have that. So when the God's Hand demons called out to him and chose him to be the instigator of freaking Armageddon, what does he do? Accepts their offer without a shred of hesitation or remorse, sells out everyone and everything that mattered to him or whom he mattered to, sacrificed the souls of all his men in order to be reborn as the winged, lipstick-wearing Femto, tortured Guts and raped Caska right in front of him, and initiated the end and rebirth of the world during the eclipse: a world where he would be revered as a hero and hold absolute power. And that's what he did all of this for: absolute power over everything that lives. Griffith is the most nightmarish portrayal of a sociopath. 
If this list were ranking villains by their evilness, then he'd be right there at the top! But as it is, I put him in the top 10, but only at number 10, since he disturbs me. Plus, the anime ended right when the manga was really getting going, so we never saw the remaining extent of his villainy animated, though we saw enough to know what matters. Plus, we hear his lovely singing voice in the bloopers! 

9: Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - A masterful villain of the shonen genre. Bakura was known as the king of thieves in ancient Egypt. His family and entire village was massacred by the Pharaoh's priests in order to sacrifice their dead souls to make the Millennium items. Because of this, the mad thief sought revenge on Pharaoh Atem. But stealing the Millennium ring had dark consequences, as Bakura fell under the spell of Zorc the Dark One, who had a shard of his soul sealed inside the ring. Bakura lost his soul to the ring, which joined with Zorc's soul and became the pure evil entity known as Yami Bakura. Reawakened in the modern day by the thief's descendant Ryou Bakura, who'd gotten hold of the Millennium Ring, Yami Bakura seeks to destroy Atem and his friends, claim all seven of the Millennium items, and use their dark mystical power to resurrect Zorc completely so that he may destroy the world! Bakura could have been a very simple villain, but he's actually an interesting, layered character. He loves a good game more than anything else, always wanting to be the game master and set the board, pieces, and events in his favor. He doesn't lose often and does not like to lose, but playing the game in itself makes anything worth it for him. He's very precise and charismatic, but also incredibly bloodthirsty, hot blooded, and psychotic. Gleefully so, which makes him so much fun to watch. And he's very scheming and intelligent as well. Halfway into the series, he sets in motion a grand plan that takes chapters and episodes to be fully fulfilled. He makes all the right precautions and it ends up going exactly according to his ultimate game design. Bakura's incredible portrayal of villainy also owes alot to his voice actors in the anime, Rica Matsumoto in Japanese and Ted Lewis (who voices Giovanni) in the US dub. He sounds so perfectly crazed and malicious with these performances. He's also a great character in LittleKuriboh's Abridged Series, where he's given many hilarious moments of interaction with Marik Ishtar. 

8: Sir Crocodile (One Piece) - Another epic shonen villain. Bakura got a big plan going throughout five arcs? Crocodile ignited a civil war in just one. This is a completely evil, amoral character who's also a prime example of a Magnificent Bastard. Crocodile used to an adventurous and idealistic young man like our protagonist Luffy until his dreams got broken on the Grand Line, and he came to the conclusion that one has to destroy the dreams of others in order to get anywhere in life. Crocodile grew up to become one of the seven warlords of the seas, but also "Mr. 0", leader of the Baroque Works criminal society. He became a hero in the nation of Alabasta while secretly using it for his group's base of operations. From his position of power, he began a conspiracy within the capitol monarchy of Alabasta, which led to a rebellion amongst the people. With both sides of the nation at war, Crocodile was free to investigate the secrets of it's Pluton, which he'd use to nuke the place and the rest of the Grand Line until the World Government submitted to his power, making him supreme ruler. The royal family's daughter, Princess Vivi, eluded him and joined with the Straw Hat pirates in order to bring him down and restore peace to Alabasta. Crocodile is not just a brilliant and nefarious villain, but an intriguing one too. He gets a handful of development and depth that most of the other villains in the series lack. He's an irredeemable, hateful scumbag but there's just a certain charm in how sleazy and stylish he is. He is also a very powerful foe, being the first villain in the series to truly outmatch Luffy and defeat him in battle twice! The scope of his villainy is just epic, and you are really cheering once you see him taken out. Crocodile was a incredibly solid villain, and the series was never better than when he was the villain.

7: Dewey Novak (Eureka 7) - Number 7 is from "Eureka 7!" Lt. Colonel Dewey Novak, leader of the imperial federation's militia, has to be the closest thing an anime has ever had to Adolf Hitler. He has everything from the complicated, disturbing family history, to the positions of power he keeps clawing his way up to, to the ability to exude charisma and sincerity as he makes grand speeches to sway the minds and manipulate the hearts of the masses, to the vile prejudice against a race of beings who he has persecuted, and even the self justification that he is doing what needs to be done to make the world a pure and righteous place where humanity can be better off. Dewey is a bad ass villain. He's completely detestable, but compellingly so. He's power hungry, self-important, barbaric, pitiless, manipulative, and crazed. But they make him complex. He truly believes in his cause and in being the savior of humankind all so he can rationalize away his actions that stem from the subconscious sociopathic desire to kill everything on the planet. He really wants to eradicate everyone and everything that's better them him, in a way and for a cause that makes him look superior. That is pure evil and insane, but also so fascinating. That's a great villain! We are drawn to Dewey due to his facade of sophistication and compassion, only to see his revolting true nature shine through. We witness all the horrific atrocities he's had committed and the disturbing lengths he's willing to go to in order to achieve his selfish desires. He is a complex human being who has brushed aside what it truly means to be humane, like many despotic dictators, corrupt officials, and psychotic killers out there in the world. He's a true to life villain, and that makes him horrifying. Special props to Kim Strauss as his voice in the US dub: his voice and performance was just perfect for the part. This might not be one of my favorite anime series' out there, but it had a standout villain in Dewey. Now let's ignore that shit sequel series that claimed Dewey was right and move on! 

6: Myotismon (Digimon Adventure) - Ah, an old favorite. Myotismon was for this anime what Zofis and Shishio were for their's, and is one of the most devious, frightening, and memorable villain of any kids' cartoon show. A phantom Digimon spawned from Apocalymon, Myotismon resembles a vampire, right down to using blood and bat based attacks, which instantly earns him awesome points in my book. Well dressed, well groomed, and with an intimidating presence, he is characterized primarily by his thirst for power. Though he was made to rule the Server continent from his castle, he wanted to spread his evil farther. And he could never be satisfied with just taking over the Digital World, so he seeks to conquer the real world as well. He is supremely arrogant and believes that he is destined to have such power so that he could fuse the two worlds together as his own personal underworld kindgom. With his nightmarish Digi underlings, he opened the gate out of the Digital World and invaded the real world in search of the Chosen Child of Light. Sending his henchmen after the citizens of Odibah, including the kids' families and friends, he made things very, very personal. Though he has charisma and style, Myotismon was quite literally a monster. Not only was he dangerous and continuously ahead of the game, but he was despicable. There was no evil deed he wouldn't commit for the sake of power, and not only was he unrepentant, but sadistic as well: he enjoyed the screams and suffering of others. All of this was brought out incredibly well by his voice actor in the dub, Richard Epcar, who made him both imposing and interesting to watch. Myotismon was pure evil and played it to perfection. At least until he was taken out for good as the butt-ugly MaloMyotismon in the sequel series, but let's forget all about that!

5: Vicious (Cowboy Bebop) - The deadliest gangster in the syndicate. This is a dude with no other name given than simply "Vicious." That name and his very presence strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest of people. An ex-soldier turned hired thug for the criminal underworld, Vicious used to be a friend and partner of Spike Speigel, and the lover of the woman Julia. But it's all too apparent that this man is and always was a cruel, cold-blooded, nihilistic sociopath. He kills others without regret because to him there's no true value in life, nothing in this world to believe in. He cares for no one, not even his comrades or supposed lovers. Everyone is 
a disposable tool to him. When Vicious learned that Spike was threatening his "claim" on Julia by falling in love with her, he blackmailed Julia with an ultimatum to either kill Spike or be killed herself. This is what led to the series' starting point, with Spike faking his death, splitting from Julia, and beginning life as a bounty hunter. But Vicious is without mercy: he lets nothing go. For his five episodes and limited screen time in the show, Vicious represented Spike's past pursuing him and haunting him, pushing him into settling the score. And he made the most of every moment he was on screen. This guy is an evil, fearsome, chilling villain. He's got a sinister design, a low, hushed, creepy monotone voice, a sword that can seemingly disarm any other weapon, and even that bird of his is freaky as all Hell. He's referred to as "the snake" by his superiors, and there really couldn't be a more fitting comparison, since he's much more serpent than human. He slinks and slithers in the dark, very quietly, is filled with venom, and strikes when you don't expect it. Knowing Vicious is around is cause for loss of sleep, and even after he's gone, he never leaves you. One of THE scariest anime villains. 

4: Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - Commander of NERV, the military organization dedicated to fighting the Angels and preventing Third Impact. At first glance, Gendo might seem like an unpleasant man and a big jerk to the people closest to him, even his own son. It takes some re-watching to really see that he's more than that: he's a flat out villain! Born from a bad family and abusive parents, Gendo was always something of a budding psychopath. But upon meeting Yui Ikari, who became his wife, Gendo found a cause and a person to truly live for. While at first using the woman and her ideals for his own selfish ends, Gendo grew to really love her and want to have a family with her. They had a son together, whom they named Shinji. But a few years later, tragedy struck when Yui's soul was lost to the Eva project. Gendo was so devastated by this that he became cold, bitter, and socially withdrawn. He seems almost detached from humanity now and engages in unscrupulous behavior, mistreating other people and using them as his tools
of war. And while that war appears to be with the Angels, to Ikari, it's with God Himself. Gendo is a psychologically broken man who yearns to be with his beloved again and curses God for taking her away from him. So he secretly works on a plan counteractive to SEELE's conspiracy, one in which he could use Rei to hijack the Human Instrumentality Project and give all of Adam's power to him, which he'd use to cause Third Impact rather than prevent it like he was originally working towards. He'd knowingly kill all life on Earth and meld their souls together to create a new reality, a brand new existence that he would be God of. This could give him both revenge on God and the power to reunite with the soul of his wife Yui. For these plans, he uses even his own son Shinji by making him Unit 01's pilot. Gendo is one of the worst fathers ever towards his son, abandoning him, neglecting him, emotionally abusing him, and making him as psychologically damaged as he is. The tragic irony
is that he does love his son but does all this out of fear of getting too close to him, in fear that one
might hurt the other. This makes him as big a coward as he's always calling Shinji, and his actions to distance himself only caused what he wished to prevent. Throughout the series you detest Gendo for his selfishness and cruelty, respect him for his boldness and intelligence, pity him for all his issues, and commend him for being a complex character and a very effective villain: one of anime's best.

3: Cell (Dragon Ball Z) - The "Dragon Ball" series had many entertaining and powerful villains such as Piccolo, Vegeta, and Freeza. But when this scary insectoid abomination came along, he topped them all. He was quite literally the perfect villain. An evil android organism created by the mad Dr Gero, Cell was made from the cells of the most powerful fighters on the planet Earth. The cells in his nucleus gives him everything that those warriors have but his design could not be completed until he had absorbed Androids 17 and 18, two other creations of Dr. Gero. Before he died, Gero left Cell with this knowledge, so Cell's only goal was to fulfill his design and be complete; to reach his perfect form. But since 17 and 18 had been slain in his universe, he had to travel to an alternate timeline in order to find them, which is the present timeline of "Dragonball Z". There he absorbed the androids and reached his perfect form shown above. He has a superb design, a magnificent voice (by Norio Wakamoto in Japan and perfectly replicated by Dameon Clarke in the US dub), and a kick-ass theme music (in the US dub only). He was not only strong and smart, but was a spirited competitor with a charismatic personality too. He wanted to show the entire world his perfect power, so he proposed a tournament in which he would fight and defeat all of Earth's greatest champions and afterwards, blow up the Earth. Being a sadist, Cell even had this announcement get broadcast on national television just so he could see the earthlings' terrified reactions. Cell thought of nothing but himself and how he could flaunt his perfection. When he realized the full extent of his design, he determined it was his destiny to lay waste to the entire universe and live forever. Overall, Cell was much more of a menace than Freeza ever was: when Freeza got outclassed, he stayed outclassed. When Cell got outclassed, he blew himself up only to come back with new power and seemingly unstoppable! He put the entire world in panic and it took everything the heroes had to finally vanquish him. He was definitely the series' ultimate villain and a favorite of mine to this day.

2: Light Yagami (Death Note) - Byfar the greatest villain to emerge from shonen manga/anime. Why is this? Because this guy is the series protagonist! He's
a highly intelligent young man with a strong sense of justice, but a childish view of what's right and wrong in the world. When one day he finds the Death Note notebook lying on the ground and reads the rules, he writes down a name out of curiosity and boredom. When it turns out that the person whose name he wrote did indeed die, he tries it out again on a low-life criminal. It works. Then he got a visit from Ryuk, the Shinigami who dropped the notebook down to Earth deliberately so he could relieve his boredom by watching a human dealing with it. It turns out Light is thankful for the gift, so he and the Shinigami enter an alliance as Light starts his new career. After a self righteous person like Light kills, he has to keep killing and find some ideal to justify it. With the power of the notebook in his hands and the guilt of killing in his conscience mixed with his desire to rid the world of crime and sin, Light becomes an arrogant sociopath with a God complex. His plan is to kill every criminal in existence and then lord over everyone else with the Death Note's power, thus becoming God of a new world. In his sick, warped mind, he's the righteous deliverer of absolute justice that the world needs. But when his killings of criminals makes him known as the serial killer "Kira", enforcers of the law from the police, the FBI, and the great detective L go after him. What does the pure and righteous Light do? Kills everyone who stands in his way, even if they're good guys! He shows himself to be cruel, spiteful, manipulative, devious, malicious, and supremely narcissistic: the last person you'd want to have power over life and death of other human beings. Light is not only an engaging study of a villain protagonist's psychosis, but also a case of how absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even Ryuk is impressed by just how evil he is and how far he's willing to take murder in the name of his cause. And yet even as he becomes more corrupted and more monstrous as the series progresses, Light maintains a charisma that we're drawn to. He raises some seriously good ethical and moral issues on the nature of injustice in modern society and how it should be rectified, but goes about it the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. By the end, he's more focused on becoming God than on the state of the "perfect" new world he seeks to create. It's really all a big ego-trip to him. But that there are people, in the story and out of it, who think his views were right and believe him to be a tragic hero worth rooting for and supporting shows how brilliant and charismatic this character is. It's all sold by complex writing and great voice acting by Mamoru Miyano in Japan and Brad Swaile in the US dub. An ingenious Magnificent Bastard if there ever was one, "Kira" is a villain who's left behind a legacy.

1: Johan Liebert (Monster) - And I saw a beast rising out of the sea having ten horns and seven heads. And on it's horns were ten diadems, and on it's heads were blasphemous names. And the dragon gave it his power and his throne and his great authority...they worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast saying "Who is like the beast? Who can fight against it?" This passage from the book of Revelations accurately describes what is perhaps the greatest villain to come from Japan. Johan Liebert, the titular Monster of this story, is the living, breathing, walking embodiment of evil. He has embraced all the darkest aspects of human nature, and lives to inflict that on other people. To show the whole word that evil can never be conquered, and that it's useless to cling to any ideals of good. His personal target and enemy is Kenzo Tenma, the good doctor who saved his life when he was just a child. Tenma had thought he was doing the right thing when he saved the boy, not knowing that he was a psychopathic monster even then. So in saving this one life because the nature of his ideals told him he should, Tenma unwittingly doomed countless others. And Johan wants to hammer this point in to make Tenma see how flawed his ideology is. By Johan's logic, Tenma should have let him die back then and now must compromise his principles and kill him now, or else he will go on killing, torturing, raping, and destroying innocent lives. Johan and Tenma's conflict becomes the ultimate allegory for the two sides of morality, for the eternal struggle between the good and evil in the hearts of humans. By all means, Johan should be nothing more than a cipher. And yet there's a fascinating character here too! It's in his nature to be pure evil and devoid of humanity, and nobody, not even he himself, seems to know why this is. There's a good deal of childhood trauma in his backstory, but that only serves to explain how his monstrosity got brought out rather than created. Every time you think you've got him figured out, some new info reveals that he's more messed up than you'd thought and has been so for as long as he's been alive! While Johan seems to revel in his fiendish nature, it's only because he knows and understands nothing else, and this fact has not eluded him. One gets the sense that he yearns for love and the better things in life, but doesn't think it's truly possible to have such things due to his nihilistic views. In this sense, he's both the poster child for and deconstruction of a Complete Monster, showing what sort of pitiful psyche someone would have to have in order to be such a monster at all. What's also striking about Johan is...well, look at him. The guy dresses like an average Joe and has a gentle, beautiful face. Rarely ever does he "look" like a bad guy! Is this truly the epitome of evil? Yes, he is. Thus Johan is the scariest, evilest and most compelling anime villain of all time.

 - The Dark Gundam from "G Gundam" could have also been at the number 14 spot, but I went with Kyubey instead. Therefore, it gets honorable mention here too.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Voices Inside My Head

This is the blog entry where I talk about fictional characters who either have no voice or don't have just one voice, and name the definitive voices I hear for them in my head.

Let's start with comic book characters: 

Superman - The all encompassing voice for Superman would be that of Christopher Reeve, because he owned that role like no one else has since or likely ever will. For most of the campy old Superman stories in the comics, Michael Daingerfield's take is the closest to what I hear in my head, though Danny Dark, Jeff Kramer, Roger Rose and Brandon Routh are close fits too. When the comics got rebooted, I hear Tim DalyGeorge Newbern, Nolan North, or Jason J. Lewis in later comics. When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear James Denton, the guy who voiced him in the DTV, whose take is eerily similar to Newbern's. Other incarnations voices will vary - he's not very hard to get down right.

Lois Lane - I hear Ginny Mcswain coming from the character in her earliest comic appearances,
but the voice changes to Julie Bennett when she became the dimwit damsel of the Silver Age. When the comics got rebooted, I hear Dana Delany as the smarter, independent and more competent Lois' voice. When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear Christina Hendricks, who voiced her in the DTV.

Lex Luthor - I hear Stan Jones' voice as the Lex Luthor in most of his old stories, though Powers Boothe and Fred Tatasciore work too. When the comics got rebooted, I of course hear Clancy Brown as the corrupt businessman Luthor, though JS Gilbert does a remarkable impression. I've started to hear Mark Rolston's voice as the character in some of these comics, 'cause he's up there with Clancy Brown as a perfect fit for the character. When I read "All-Star Superman", I hear Anthony LaPaglia, who gave a show-stealing performance as him in the DTV. Other incarnations' voices will vary.

Kon-El - This character's voice changes with his personality. In his first incarnation in the Superman comics, I hear the voice of Daryl Sabara. In his second incarnation in the Young Justice comics,
I hear Yuri Lowenthal. And in his final incarnation in Teen Titans and onwards, I hear Nolan North.

Jimmy Olsen -  I hear Mark Taylor as the character in the first era of comics, David Kaufman as his voice in the second era, and Matthew Gray Gubler in "All-Star Superman." Maybe a few others too.

Lana Lang - Janet Waldo in the first era, and Joely Fisher in the second era.

Perry White - Richard McGonagle in the first era, and George Dzundza in the second era.

Supergirl - Nicole Tom in her earliest appearances and Molly C, Quinn in her latter ones.

Brainiac - Corey Burton is the default voice, though Peter Jessop could do a solid impression.

General Zod - Rene Auberjonois in the first era, and Alexander Brandon in the second era.

Mr Mxyzptlk - Gilbert Mack in the first era, and Gilbert Gottfried or Rob Paulsen in the second era.

Darkseid - Michael Ironside is the default voice, though David Sobolov could do a solid impression. Virtually all others who have voiced Darkseid have often gone too "deep sounding." To me, it's more effective and frightening when a lighter, smoother sounding voice comes out of this guy's mouth.

Bibbo Bibbowski - Brad Garrett, accept no substitutes.

Emil Hamilton - Victor Brandt, accept no substitutes.

Mercy Graves - Lisa Edelstein, accept no substitutes. 

Lori Luthor - Tara Strong, voice of Alexis Luthor in "Legion Of Superheroes."

Natalasia Luthor - Either Linda Cardelini or Tara Strong would do.

Cat Grant - Cahty Cavandi could do this part exceptionally well.

Pete Ross Jason Marsden, who just sounds like a natural fit.

Steel - Michael Dorn, accept no substitutes.

Livewire - Lori Petty, accept no substitutes.

Tana Moon - Lauren Tom, voice of Dana Tan in "Batman Beyond."

Bizzaro - Bill Callaway, who voiced him on "Super Friends." Can't unhear it!

Conduit - Will Friedle. In his Seifer voice, "Kneel, loser!"

Doomsday - Richard Epcar doing his usual evil monster voice.

Hank Henshaw - George Newbern, sounding like a metallic Sephiroth.

Metallo - Lex Lang, whose rendition best fits the look and characterization.

Misa - Shannon Chan-Kent, voice of Misa in "Death Note."

Parasite - Adam Baldwin, with Brian George as a substitute.

Riot - Weird Al Yankovic, with Tom Kenny as a substitute.

Toyman - Wallace Shawn could totally pull off the psycho man-child. Richard Green as a substitute.

Batman - In his earliest days, I hear Jeremy Sisto as the voice of Batman, using a voice similar
to that of Michael Keaton's. When the comics turned campy, then Adam West was the definitive Batman voice. When they got dark and serious again, Kevin Conroy became THE voice of the Dark Knight, though Bruce Greenwood is now a very close second for that. I can hear Roger Craig Smith, Rino Romano, or Anthony Ruivirar as a younger Batman, Ben McKenzie or Peter Weller as an older Batman, and Christian Bale as the most modern Batman. Diedrich Bader, Troy Baker, Jason O'Mara, Mark Gagliardi, Sean Schemmel, Scott McNeil, and Will Arnett are also adept at voicing the Batman.

Alfred - Michael Gough would be the all-encompassing definitive Alfred voice, but I can hear the takes of Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Alan Oppenheimer, Clive Revill, and Martin Jarvis working just as well.

James Gordon - Bob Hastings is my definitive voice for the character, though Corey Burton could do a solid impression. Bryan Cranston or Kurtwood Smith would be great for the younger Jim Gordon.

Dick Grayson - Shane Haboucha is the Boy Wonder's voice in his earliest stories, with Burt Ward taking over during the campy era, and Loren Lester as his voice as he grows up to be Nightwing.
Neil Patrick Harris or Jesse McCartney can pull off adequate substitutions for the latter in solo stories.

Barbara Gordon - Both Mary Kay Bergman and Tara Strong are excellent voices for Babs that I hear quite often, though Kimberly Brooks has a terrific takes on her in Oracle persona. Natalie Lander, Britt McKillip, Alyson Stoner, Rachel Bloom, Danielle Judovitz, and Kelly Martin are also excellent.

Jason Todd - The brothers Alexander and Vincent Martella have this one, interchangeably.

Tim Drake - Eli Marienthal is the voice I hear for younger Tim, with Cameron Bowen as older Tim.

Cassandra Cain - Kim Mai Guest and Kate Higgins are both suitable voices for Cass.

Stephanie Brown - Olivia Hack and Julie Nathanson are both perfect voices for Steph.

Lucius Fox - Morgan Freeman, the only actor who could give this character presence.

Harvey Bullock - Robert Costanzo, accept no substitutes.

Renee Montoya - Salli Richardson, voice of Elisa Maza in "Gargoyles."

The Joker - Mark Hamill is definitely the be-all, end-all Joker voice I hear for him in all eras, though Michael Dobson and Troy Baker can do surprisingly solid impressions of that. For his earliest stories,
I hear a bit of Michael McKean in the voice. I hear Michael Emerson for "The Dark Knight Returns", John DiMaggio in stories where Joker needs that edgy Nicholson flair, and Brent Spiner in that shitty "The Joker." Shout outs to Nolan North, Jeff Benett, Kevin Michael Richardson, Richard Epcar, Jeff Bergman, Tony Hale, and Chrstopher Corey Smith's takes too, as they're all fine voices for Jokers!

The Penguin - Stephen Root has the voice I hear for Pengy in the earliest stories, but I hear Paul H. Williams when I read later ones. Also good for the part are David Odgen Stiers if he needs to go a little bit deeper, and David Jennison or Nolan North for if he's portrayed as a menacing crime boss.

Catwoman - Nika Futterman is her default voice, but it can change to Janyse Jaud, Gina Gershon, Grey Delisle, Laura Bailey, or Adrienne Barbeau depending on the mood. They're all so purr-fect.

The Riddler - Frank Gorshin in his earliest appearances, Wally Wingert in his later ones. Can at times be substituted with John Glover, Brent Spiner, Shannon McCormick, and Matthew Grey Gubler.

Two-Face - Richard Moll does the best Two-Face voice of all, though James Remar, Edwin Neal,
John Fitzgerald, Brian Drummond
, Travis Willingham and Troy Baker's takes work just as well for him.

Mr. Freeze - Eric Bauza in his earliest appearances, Michael Ansara in his later ones, though Maurice LeMarcheRobert Kraft, and Jim Pirri can do pretty solid impressions for the latter incarnation.

Poison Ivy - I mostly hear Diane Pershing as Ivy's voice, though Tasia Valenza could do a great take and Vanessa Marshall also works. If Ivy is written as a scary villain. I hear Cyndi Williams voice.

Bane Danny Trejo, with Eric Lopez, Henry SilvaJB Blanc, and Joaquin de Almeida as substitutes.

Harley Quinn - Arleen Sorkin, though Hynden Walch and Melissa Rauch are perfect substitutes.

Ras Al Ghul - David Warner is the definitive voice for Ras, though Corey Burton does a dead on impression. Liam Neeson, Peter Woodward, Jason Isaacs, and Oded Fehr are all solid substitutes.

Talia Al Ghul - Helen Slater nails it, though Olivia Hussey and Stana Katic are solid substitutes.

Scarecrow - Dee Bradley Baker, though Jeffery Combs and Dino Andrade are solid substitutes.

Hugo Strange - Brian George in his earliest appearances, Corey Burton in all the later ones.

Maxie Zeus - Phil LaMarr, though Corey Burton could do a solid impression.

Clayface - Lou Scheimer is actually the voice I hear the most for these guys.

Deadshot - Jim Meskimen or Chris Cox are best for the deadly sharpshooter.

Solomon Grundy - Kevin Grevioux or just about anyone can do this role.

Mr. Zsasz - Danny Jacobs or Justin Roiland would play this role the best.

Firefly - Crispin Freeman or any good substitute.

Killer Croc - Aron Kincaid or any good substitute.

Mad Hatter - Charlie Adler or any good substitute.

Black Mask - Wade Williams or any good substitute.

Owlman - James Woods, accept no substitutes.

Professor Pig - Dwight Schultz, accept no substitutes.

Calendar Man - Maurice LeMarche, accept no substitutes.

Killer Moth - Mark Worden would hit just the right balance for this guy.

The Creeper - Jeff Bennett makes the guy very entertaining with his take.

Ventriloquist and Scarface - George Dzundza or any good substitutes.

Carmine Falcone - Alex Rocco in both of his major appearances.

Rupert Thorne - John Vernon, accept no substitutes.

Joe Chill - Jim Cummings, for some reason or other.

Katana - Either Sumalee Montano or Kelly Hu for this role.

Vicki Vale - Either Lori Alan or Tara Strong for this role.

Azrael - Steve Blum or Gary Martin would be perfect for the bat-pretender.

Zatanna - Jennifer Hale is this role, though Julie Brown is a solid substitute.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Ted Schwartz is the voice I hear for Spidey in his earliest days, but by the time Stan Lee stopped writing, it's changed to Josh Keaton, who is the voice I mostly hear from then on. Can be substituted with Christopher Daniel Barnes as older Spidey. Rino Romano fills in on some occasions depending on the mood. For Ultimate Spider-Man, I hear Neil Patrick Harris' take on him. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Dan Gilvezan, Cole Howard, Chris Edgerly, Mike Kelley, Yuri Lowenthal, and Robbie Daymond are also great in their takes on Spider-Man.

Mary Jane Watson - Joely Fisher is the go-to voice for Mainstream MJ, though Dana Seltzer is a solid substitute for a more mellowed out MJ. For Ultimate MJ, I hear Kirsten Dunst's take on her, though Andrea Taylor's similar rendition substitutes in later issues. Laura Bailey works great as well.

Gwen Stacy - For the time Gwen was alive, I hear Mary Kay Bergman as her voice for reasons that
I probably shouldn't say. Retroactively, Lacey Chabert is a great fit too. For Ultimate Gwen, I hear
Eliza Dushku doing the voice, though Kathleen Barr may substitute in the Clone Saga and onward.
In the case of other voices, Emma Stone, Dove Cameron, and Laura Bailey all nail their incarnations.

Harry Osborn - Rob Paulsen is definitely my voice for Mainstream Harry: he'd sound great as both the rich boy and the crazy Goblin Jr. For Ultimate Harry, I hear Matt Lanter's smooth sounding voice.

J. Jonah Jameson - JK Simmons IS JJ in the mainstream comics, no question. For Ultimate JJ,
I hear Dee Bradley Baker as the voice, combining cynical, serious roughness and dark dry humor. Substitutes for JJ could be Daran Norris, Ed Asner, Bob Joles, Fred Tatasciore, and Darin De Paul.

Aunt May - June Foray would be her voice in the earliest days, though Linda Gary may substitute later. For Ultimate Aunt May, I hear Mindy Sterling in the first portion, Misty Lee in the second.

Uncle Ben - Paul Soles, the original Spider-Man himself, is my definitive voice for him in the mainstream comics. For Ultimate Ben, I hear Greg Grunberg.

Flash Thompson - I hear either Devon Edward Sawa, Joshua Lebar, or Matt Lanter depending on how he's been drawn in the work. For Ultimate Flash, I hear him with the voice of Matthew Hill.

Kenny Kong - Colin Murdock doing a voice that's similar sounding to Dominic Colon.

Liz Allan - I hear Peg Dixon in her earliest days, though Alana Ubach or Natalie Lander may substitute later on. For Ultimate Liz, I can't help hearing the annoying Marla Rubinoff in the role.

Betty Brant - I hear Mona Marshall in her earliest days, though Elizabeth Banks may substitute later. For Ultimate Betty, I hear a lively sounding Grey Delisle

Robbie Robertson - Ernie Hudson or Phil LaMarr, accept no substitutes.

Ned Leeds - Jeff Bennett, accept no substitutes.

Frederick Foswell - Michael Rye using a typical New York accent.

Captain Stacy - James Cromwell as Mainstream Stacy and Dennis Leary as Ultimate Stacy.

John Jameson - Michael Horton has the voice most suiting for J. Jonah's son, the Astronaut!

Norman Osborn - Alan Rachins as Mainstrean Norman and Steve Weber as Ultimate Norman.

Green Goblin - This one's a bit complicated. I always hear a voice like Neil Ross or Dennis Marks when reading the Goblin's earliest stories. When he's revived, I hear Alan Rachins sounding like a higher-pitched Clock King, like Nolan North's take. In other stories, like the ones by Paul Jenkins and Mark Millar, Steve Blum is the only voice I can hear coming from the Goblin. For the Ultimate Goblin, I hear Peter Lurie in his debut, but Steve Weber in all other appearances where he has real dialogue.

Doc Ock - Vernon Chapman is the base voice I hear for Ock, but I imagine the voice taking cues from just about every other voice actor to do the character. I think Joe Alaskey in the "Friend or Foe" video game comes closest to encompassing what that sounds like, oddly enough. For Ultimate Ock, I hear Alfred Molina doing a more evil (and slightly more British) take.

Eddie Brock/Venom - I hear Hank Azaria as his voice in his first appearance, Brian Drummond or Daran Norris in all appearances afterwards. For Ultimate Brock/Venom, I hear Ben Diskin's take.

Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin - Mark Hamill, accept no substitutes.

The Chameleon - Hans Conreid or Corey Burton, accept no substitutes.

The Scorpion - John Kassir as the Mainstream version and Rino Romano as Ultimate Scorpion.

Sandman - Chris Latta as the Mainstream version and Dmitri Diatchenko as Ultimate Sandman.

The Vulture - Dwight Schultz as the Mainstream version and Kristoffer Tabori as Ultimate Vulture.

The Lizard - Joseph Campanella as the Mainstream version and Nathan Carlson as Ultimate Lizard.

Electro - Phil Proctor as the Mainstream version and James Arnold Taylor as Ultimate Electro.

Shocker - Michael Beattie as the Mainstream version and Brian George as Ultimate Shocker.

The Rhino - Fred Tatasciore as the Mainstream version and Bob Glouberman as Ultimate Rhino.

Mysterio - Chris Wiggins (or David Kaye) as the Mainstream version and Peter Cullen as Ultimate Mysti.

Kraven The Hunter - Neil Kaplan as the Mainstream version and Paul Dobson as Ultimate Kraven.

Black Cat - Holly Fields as the Mainstream version and Ali Hillis as Ultimate Black Cat.

Miles Warren/The Jackal - Brian George, accept no substitutes.

Hydro Man - Bill Fagerbakke, accept no substitutes.

Molten Man - Liam O'Brien, accept no substitute.

Morbius - Sean Donnellan, accept no substitutes.

Carnage - Michael Donovan, accept no substitutes.

Tinkerer - William Utay, accept no substitutes.

Hammerhead - Alex Rocco, accept no substitutes.

Silvermane - Paul Winchell, accept no substitutes.

Bart Hamilton - Armin Shimmerman, using his own Goblin voice.

Jason Philip Macendale - Patrick Fraley, using his own Goblin voice.

Alaister Smythe - Maxwell Caulfield, though Nolan North is a solid substitute.

Tombstone - Ving Rhames, with Kevin Michael Richardson as a solid substitute.

Kingpin - Roscoe Lee Brown as Mainstream Fisk and Michael Clarke Duncan as Ultimate Fisk. Other good voice fits include Tom Harvey, Bob Joles, Jim Cummings, Dave Sobolov, and Travis Willangham

Geldoff Dee Bradley Baker, doing a voice similar to his annoying Wakka from "Kingdom Hearts."

Professor X - Patrick Stewart, of course! Though David Kaye and Jim Ward are solid substitutes.

Magneto - Dwight Schultz owns this role for me, while Tom Kane, Fred Tatasciore, David Hamblem, Richard Green, and Earl Boen are all suitable substitutes. Ron Halder is Ultimate Magneto.

Wolverine - Carl Dodd made this role, while the likes Steve Blum, Scott McNeil, Brian Drummond, and Hugh Jackman refined it. Keith Szarabajka is Ultimate Wolverine.

Beast - George Burza, with Michael Kopsa and Mike Pollock as perfect substittues. Fred Tatasciore and Kelsey Grammar would do great in the role as well. Dee Bradley Baker is Ultimate Beast.

Cyclops - Scott Porter, with Nolan North and Mark Hildreth as perfect substitutes. If James Marsden is available, he'd do great in the role as well. Greg Abbey is Ultimate Cyclops.

Jean Grey - Catherine Disher, though Jennifer Hale and Leigh Allyn Baker are perfect substitutes. Venus Terzo or Laura Bailey could play the part of Ultimate Jean.

Storm - Susan Dalian, though Cheryl Carter and Kristen Williamson are perfect substitutes.
Danielle Nicolet is Ultimate Storm.

Rogue - Lenore Zahn's take on Rogue can't be unheard, but Erin Matthews is a solid substitute.
Kiran Van Den Blink is Ultimate Rogue.

Ice Man - Frank Welker for older stories, James Arnold Taylor or Jason Marden for newer ones.
If Shawn Ashmore is available, he'd do great in the role as well. Yuri Lowenthal is Ultimate Ice Man.

Gambit - Chris Potter, though Phil LaMarr is a solid substitute. Chris Edgerly is Ultimate Gambit.

Jubilee - Alyson Court, easily. Chiara Zanni is both a solid substitute and Ultimate Jubilee.

Nightcrawler - Liam O'Brien, though Adrian Hough and Alan Cummings are solid substitutes.
Nolan North is Ultimate Nightcrawler.

Kitty Pryde - Danielle Judovitz, with Eileen Stevens as a solid substitute. Maggie Blue O'Hara
is Ultimate Kitty Pryde.

Emma Frost - Kari Wahlgren, though Ali Hillis and January Jones are solid substitutes.
Erica Schroeder is Ultimate Emma Frost.

Angel - Dave Wittenberg, with Liam O'Brien as a solid substitute. Mark Hildreth is Ultimate Angel.

Bishop - Kevin Michael Richardson, with Khary Payton as a solid substitute and Ultimate Bishop.

Colossus - Dan Green or Travis Willingham, with Michael Adamthwaite as Ultimate Colossus.

Psylocke - Grey Delisle, with Kim Mai Guest as a solid substitute and Ultimate Psylocke.

X-23 - Brittney Irvin, with Tara Strong as a solid substitute and Ultimate X-23.

Quicksilver - Vince Corazza, with Mark Hildreth as a substitite. Richard Ian Cox as Ultimate Quick.

Scarlet Witch - Kate Higgins, with Kelly Sheridan as a substitute. Jennifer Hale as Ultimate Witch.

Mystique - Tamara Bernier, with Sumalee Montano as a perfect substitute. Coleen Wheeler is the more cruel and vicious Ultimate Mystique.

Mr. Sinister - Christopher Britton or Daniel Rodden, with Clancy Brown as a solid substitute and as the thuggish Ultimate Mr. Sinister.

Apocalypse - David Kaye, John Colicos, and Richard McGonnagle can all nail this role anywhere.

Sabretooth - Mark Acheson, with Fred Tatasciore as a solid substitute and Ultimate Sabretooth.

Juggernaut - Paul Dobson, with Chris Sabat as a substitute. Peter Lurie is Ultimate Juggernaut.

Senator Kelly - Richard Doyle, with Len Carlson as a solid substitute. Dale Wilson is Ultimate Kelly.

Reverend Stryker - James M Connor, accept no substitutes.

The Sentinels - Jim Ward, accept no substitutes.

Wonder Woman - This one's a toughie. Lynda Carter would be the all-encompassing voice for ol' Wondy, but Vicki Lewis, Susan Eisenberg, Lucy Lawless, Kerri Russel, and Gal Gadot also do well.

The Flash -  Geoff Pierson as Jay, Justin Chambers as Barry, and Michael Rosenbaum as Wally.

Aquaman - Scott Rummel, with Phil LaMarr, Liam O'Brien, and John Dimaggio as substitutes.

Hal Jordan - Nathan Fillion, with Christopher Meloni and Josh Keaton as solid substitutes.

John Stewart - Phil LaMarr, with Kevin Michael Richardson and Khary Payton as substitutes.

Green Arrow - James Arnold Taylor, with Kin Shriner and Alan Tudyk as solid substitutes.

J'onn J'onnz - Dorian Harewood, with Carl Lumby and Johnathan Adams as solid substitutes.

Swamp Thing - Len Carlson, with Chlimbwe Wshington and Michael Dorn as solid substitutes.

Black Canary - Vanessa Marshall and Morena Baccarin both have equally great takes.

Booster Gold - Tom Everett Scott and Travis Willingham both have equally great takes.

Cyborg - Bumper Robinson, with Khary Patyon and Phil LaMarr as solid substitutes.

Starfire - Kathy Garver, with Jessica Dicicco and Kari Whalgren as solid substitutes.

Raven - Adrianne Mischler, with Tara Strong and Taisa Farmiga as solid substitutes.

Beast Boy - Brandon Soo Hoo, with Greg Cipes and Logan Grove as solid substitutes

Wonder Girl - Deena Hyatt for Donna Troy and Mindy Raymond for Cassie Sandsmark.

Hawkman - Jack Angel, with James Remar and Robert Patrick as solid substitutes.

The Anti-Monitor - Michael Jai White, with Fred Tatasciore as a perfect substitute.

Superboy Prime - Christopher C. Adams using a whiny but completely unhinged voice.

Alexander Luthor - Michael Rosenbaum using his Kevin Spacey-esque Deadshot voice.

Amanda Waller - CHH Pounder, with Penny Johnson Jerald as a solid substitute.

Vandal Savage - Miguel Ferrer, with Phil Morris and Patrick Seitz as substitutes.

Doctor Psycho - Peter Dinklage, of course, with Robert Martney as a solid substitute.

Cheetah - Claudia Black, with Morecca Baccarin and Erica Lutrall as solid substitutes.

Black Manta - Khary Payton, with Kevin Michael Richardson as a solid substitute.

Reverse Flash - C. Thomas Howell, with John Wesley Shipp as a solid substitute.

Captain Boomerang - Donal Gibson, with Greg Ellis and Scott McNeil as substitutes.

Captain Cold - James Arnold Taylor, with Lex Lang and Corey Burton as substitutes.

Gorilla Grodd - Powers Boothe, with Neil Kaplan and Travis Willingham as substitutes.

Mirror Master - Alexis Denisof, with John Larroquette and Tom Kenny as solid substitutes.

Atrocitus - Johnathan Adams, with Kevin Michael Richardson as a solid substitute.

Sinestro - Victor Garber, with Xander Berkley and Miguel Ferrer as solid substitutes.

Court Vertigo - Greg Eliis, with Steve Blum and Michael York as solid substitutes.

Doctor Light - Roger Bumpass, with Travis Willingham as a solid substitute.

Felix Faust - Robert Englund, with Dee Bradley Baker and Brian Jepson as solid substitutes.

Klarion the Witch Boy - Thom Adcox Hernandez, with Jason Marsden as a solid substitute.

Deathstroke the Terminator JC Hertzler for the most part, but Ron Perlman, Mark Rolston, 
Miguel Ferrer, and even Manu Bennett are all perfectly fit for the character too.

Terra - Maggie Blue O'Hara as Tara Markov and Terra II, Ashley Johnson as Terra III/Atlee, and Christina Ricci or Lia Maria Johnson as more modern renditions of Terra.

Brother Blood - Ev Lunning Jr. as Brother Blood I and Toran Caudell as Borther Blood II.

The Brain & Monsieur Mallah - Corey Burton, with Dee Bradley Baker as solid substitutes.

Trigon The Terrible - Tony Todd, with Keith David and Kevin Michael Richardson as substitutes.

Doctor DoomClive Revill, Simon Templeman, Lex Lang, Joseph Culp and Tom Kane all have the best renditions of Doom for me. Ralph James, John Vernon, Paul Dobson, and Maurice LaMarche are solid substitutes, but if I hear their voices from Doom, odds are it's a Doom-bot. Or Ultimate Doom.

Red Skull - Peter Cullen doing a Ralph Fiennes Nazi voice, with Liam O'Brien as a solid substitute.

The Mandarin - James Sie, with Robert Ito and Ed Gilbert as substitutes.

Loki - Tom Hiddleston of course, though Troy Baker is a solid substitute.

The Leader - Jeffery Combs, with Matthew Frewer as a solid substitute.

Galactus - Tony Jay, with James Blendick and Earl Boen as solid substitutes.

Ultron - Tom Kane, with Kirk Thornton and James Spader as solid substitutes.

Thanos - Gary Krawford, with Jim Cummings and Josh Brolin as solid substitutes.

Captain America - Chris Evans, of course, though Brian Bloom is a solid substitute.

Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr., of course, though Eric Loomis is a very solid substitute.

Mighty Thor - Chris Hemsworth, of course, though Rick D Wasserman is a solid substitute.

The Incredible Hulk - Lou Ferigno, of course, though Fred Tatasciore is a solid substitute.

Bruce Banner - Mark Ruffalo, with Cam Clarke and Neal McDonough as solid substitutes.

Black Widow - Olivia D'abo, with Laura Bailey and Saffron Henderson as solid substitutes.

Hawkeye - Chris Cox, with Adrian Pasdar and Nolan North as solid substitutes.

Hank Pym - Wally Wingert, with Tom Kenny and Rod Wilson as solid substitutes.

Janet Van Dyne - Colleen O'Shaughnessey, accept no substitutes.

Falcon - Martin Roach, with Lance Reddick as a solid substitute.

Vision - Peter Jessop, with Shawn MacDonald as a solid substitute.

Ms. Marvel - Jennifer Hale, with April Stewart as a solid substitute.

Winter Soldier - Jon Curry, with David Hayter as a perfect substitute.

Doctor Strange - James Horan, with Maurice Lemarche as a solid substitute.

Black Panther - Djimon Hounsou, with James C Matthis as a solid substitute.

War Machine - James C Matthis, with Bumper Robinson as a solid substitute.

Lady Sif - Jamie Alexander, with Nika Futterman and Tricia Hefler as substitutes.

She-Hulk - Maria Canals, with Rebecca Shoichet and Lisa Zane as solid substitutes.

Pepper Potts - Dawn Olivieri, with Kate Higgins and Cindy Robinson as substitutes.

Sharon Carter - Jane Hajduck, with Rachel Davies as a perfect substitute.

Jane Foster - Kari Wahlgren, with Natalie Portman as a solid substitute.

Betty Ross - Nan McNamara, with Genie Francis as a perfect substitute.

Thunderbolt Ross - John Vernon, with Keith Ferguson as a solid substitute.

Elektra - Gabrielle Carteris, with Kathryn Cressida as a solid substitute.

Iron Fist - Johnny Yong Bosch, with John Paul Karliak as a solid substitute.

Luke Cage - Christopher B. Duncan, with Robert Wisdom as a solid substitute.

Jessica Jones - Krysten Ritter, with Saffron Henderson as a solid substitute.

Daredevil -  Chris Cox, with Brian Bloom and Cam Clarke as solid substitutes.

Baron Von Strucker - Jim Ward, though Rob Paulsen is a very solid substitute.

Baron Zemo - Robin Atkin-Downes, though Philip Sheperd is a solid substitute.

Madame Hydra - Lisa Ann Beley, though Tasia Valenza is a solid substitute.

Modok - Charlie Adler, with John Kassir and Jim Cummings as substitutes.

Malekith The Accursed - Either Quinton Flynn or Crispin Freeman.

Namor The Submariner - Michael Adamthwaite, accept no substitutes.

Ronan The Accuser - Johnathan Adams, with Michael Dobson as a substitute.

The Purple Man - David Tennant, with Brent Spiner as a substitute.

Squirrel Girl - Cristina Pucelli, though Misty Lee is a solid substitute.

Deadpool -  Ryan Reynolds, though Nolan North is a perfect substitute.

The Punisher - Thomas Jane, though Ray Stevenson is a solid substitute.

Uatu The Watcher - Vic Mignogna, though Phil LaMarr is a solid substitute.

Silver Surfer - Laurence Fishbure, with Paul Essiembre and Brent Spiner as solid substitutes.

Mr. Fantastic - Hiro Kanagawa, with Beau Weaver and Dee Bradley Baker as solid substitutes.

Invisible Woman - Lara Gilchrist, with Erin Torpey and Kari Wahlgren as solid substitutes.

Human Torch - Michael Broderick, with Quinton Flynn and David Kaufman as solid substitutes.

The Thing - Michael Chiklis, with Brian Dobson and Gregg Berger as solid substitutes.

Nick Fury - Scott MacDonald as Mainstream Fury, and Samuel L Jackson IS Ultimate Fury.

Now for characters from Final Fantasy games IV through IX!

Cecil Harvey - Yuri Lowenthal
Rosa Farrel - Karen Strassman
Kain Highwind - Liam O'Brien
Rydia - Caroline Macey
Edge - Taliesin Jaffe
Edward - Sam Reigel
Yang - Daniel Woren
Porom - Hunter Austin
Palom - Megan Harvey
Cid Polledina - John Snyder
Fusoya - Michael McConnohie
Anna - Zarah Little
Kluya - Ralph Lister
Golbez - Peter Beckman
Scarmiglione - Dameon Clarke
Cagnazzo - Michael McConnohie
Barbarica - Karen Strassman
Rubicante - Douglass Lee
Dr. Lugae - Duncan Brannan
Zemus - Michael McConnohie

Terra Branford- Natalie Lander
Locke - Nolan North
Edgar - Julian Sands (Or Ray Chase)
Sabin - Dee Bradley Baker
Celes Chere - Kari Wahlgren (Or Christina Rose)
Cyan - Jim Cummings
Shadow - Kirk Thornton
Setzer - Crispin Freeman
Gau - Brianne Sidall
Strago - Mike Reynolds
Relm - Katie Leigh
Mog - Rob Paulsen
Umaro - Frank Welker
Banon - Peter Cullen
Ultros - Tom Kenny (Or Sam Reigel)
General Leo - Paul St. Peter
Emperor Gestahl - Brian Dobson
Kefka Palazzo - Mark Hamill (Troy Baker and Dave Wittenberg as perfect substitutes)

Cloud Strife - Mark Hildreth (Or Steve Burton)
Barrett Wallace - Beau Billingslea (Or any Mr. T imitator)
Tifa Lockheart - Rachael Leigh Cook (Sarah Williams or Kira Buckland as substitutes)
Aeirth Gainsborough - Andrea Bowen (Mandy Moore or Kira Buckland as substitutes)
Red XIII - Liam O'Brien (Jay Goede or David Oyelowo as substitutes)
Cait Sith - Tom Kenny (Or Greg Ellis, or any solid substitute)
Cid Highwind - Michael Sorich (Chris Edgerly and Fred Tatasciore as substitutes)
Yuffie Kisaragi - Mae Whitman (Christy Carlson Romano as a perfect substitute)
Vincent Valentine - Robin Atkin Downes (Steve Blum as a solid substitute)
Marlene Wallace - Grace Rolek
President Shinra - Robert Ridgely
Rufus Shinra - Wally Wingert
Reno - Quinton Flynn (Roger Craig Smith as a solid substitute)
Rude - Kevin Conroy (Crispin Freeman as a perfect substitute)
Elena - Michelle Ruff (Bittina Bush as a perfect substitute)
Tseng - Eric Vale (Ryan Yu as a substitute)
Cissnei - Carrie Savage
Reeve - Jamieson Price
Heidegger - Charles Martinet
Scarlett - Lani Minella
Palmer - Richard Kind
Professor Hojo - Ezra Weissz (Dwight Schultz, Udo Kier, Sam Witwer or Edwyn Tiong as solid substitutes)
Sephiroth - Skip Stellrecht (Or George NewbernChristian Bale, Paul Dobson, Crispin Freeman, or John Rafter Lee)
Elmyra Gainsborough - Barbara Goodson
Don Corneo - Joshua Tomar
Big Bro - Richard Simmons
Choco Bill - Daran Norris
Choco Billy - Debbi Deryberry
Priscilla - Wendee Lee
Dio - Richard Epcar
Dyne - Will Friedle
Ester - Lara Jill Miller
Shera - Tifanie Cristun
Buggenhagan - Dave Lodge
Zangan & Lord Godo - George Takei
Shake - Eileen Stevens
Kadaj - Brian Beacock
Loz - Chris Edgerly
Yazzu - Dave Wittenberg
Lucrecia - April Stewart
Zack Fair - Rick Gomez

Squall Leonheart - Doug Erholtz (Or David Boreanaz)
Rinoa Heartilly - Danielle Judovitz (Or Megan Fox)
Seifer Almasy - Will Friedle
Quistis Trepe - Peggy O'Neal
Zell Dincht - Lex Lang
Selphie Timell - Molly Keck (Or Nikki Blonsky)
Irvine Kineas - Hugh Jackman (Christopher Corey Smith as a substitute)
Laguna Loire - Skip Stellrecht (Armando Valdes-Kennedy as a substitute)
Kiros - Phil LaMarr
Ward - Frank Welker
Raijin - Patrick Seitz
Fujin - Kate Higgins
Cid - Jim Meskiman
General Carraway - David Greenlee
Dr. Odine - Corey Burton
Edea Kramer - Susan Silo
Garden Master Norg - R. Martin Klein
Adel - Linda Chambers Young
Ultimecia - Melodee Spaveck (Tasia Valenza as a substitute)

Zidane Tribal - Sam Riegel (Bryce Papenbrook as a perfect substitute)
Princess Garnet/Dagger - KT Gray (Or any good substitute)
Vivi - Brina Palencia (Kath Soucie or Melissa Disney as substitutes)
Steiner - Bob Papenbrook (Gregg Berger as a substitute)
Eiko - Melissa Faun (Jessie Flower as a perfect substitute)
Freya - Mari Devon
Quina - Frank Welker
Amarant - Dave Mallow
Regent Cid - Corey Burton
Queen Brahne - April Winchell
Beatrix - Hynden Walch
Lani - Candi Milo
Garland - Tony Pope
Kuja - Danny Cooksey (JD Cullum as a substitute)
Necron - Paul St. Peter (Peter Cullen as a substitute)

Kingdom Hearts Recasts:
Terra - Matthew Mercer
Aqua - Caitlin Glass
Aerith - Andrea Bowen
Cid - Fred Tatasciore
Ansem - Clancy Brown or Jamieson Price
The White Rabbit - Jeff Bennett
Geppetto - Jeff Bennett
Sebastian - Phil Lawrence
Peter Pan - Blayne Weaver
Mushu - Dean Edwards
Jack Sparrow - Jared Butler
Scar - David Oyelowo or Jim Cummings
The Evil Queen - Louise Chamis
The Grand Duke - Jeff Bennett
Fairy Godmother - Barbara Dirickson
Judge Frollo - Earl Boen or Allan Corduner

Organization XIII
Xemnas - Paul St. Peter (Robert Belgrade and Christopher Judge as substitutes)
Xigbar - James Patrick Stuart (Chris Cox as a perfect substitute)
Xaldin - David Dayan Fisher (Anthony Hopkins as a substitute)
Vexen - Derek Stephen Prince (Robert Axelrod and Richard Cansino as substitutes)
Lexaeus - Dave Boat (Brad Garrett and Patrick Seitz as substitutes)
Zexion - Vince Corazza (Liam O'Brien, Yuri Lowenthal, and Josh Keaton as substitutes)
Saix - Kirk Thornton (Christopher Sabat as a substitute)
Axel - Quinton Flynn (Roger Craig Smith as a substitute)
Demyx - Ryan O'Donohughe (Rick Gomez as a substitute)
Luxord - Robin-Atkin Downes (Greg Ellis as a substitute)
Marluxia - Keith Ferguson (Troy Baker and Daniel Craig as substitutes)
Larxene - Shanelle Gray (Michelle Ruff and Tiffany Grant as substitutes)

And now for some Nintendo properties!

Super Mario Series
Mario - Charles Martinet (Adam Talbot and Lou Albano as substitutes)
Luigi - Charles Martinet (Dan Milano and Danny Wells as substitutes)
Peach - Samantha Kelly (Nicolle Mills and Leslie Swan as substitutes)
Daisy - Deanna Mustard (Jen Taylor and Kate Fleming as substitutes)
Bowser - Kenny James (Scott Burns and R. Martin Klein as substitutes)
Toad - Isaac Marshall (Samantha Kelley and Brianne Sidall as substitutes)
Yoshi - Kazumi Totaka (Andrew Sabiston and Frank Welker as substitutes)
Wario - Charles Martinet (Thomas Spindler and Peter Cullen as substitutes)
Waluigi - Charles Martinet (Dan Milano and Joe Alaskey as substitutes)
Donkey Kong -Soupey Sales (Jim Cummings and Frank Welker as substitutes)
Toadsworth - Charles Martinet (David Odgen Stiers as a substitute)
Ashley - Christina Peyser
E. Gadd - Mike Pollock
Bowser Jr. - Caety Sagoian
Kamek - Duncan Brannan
Rosalina - Mercedes Rose
Cackeletta - Jimmy Zoppi
Fawful - Ross Bagdasarian Jr.
Starlow - Christina Applegate
Grodus - Patrick Warburton
Merlon - Jeff Bennett
Tippi - Brina Palencia
Count Bleck - Maurice LeMarche
Nastasia - Linda Cardellini
O'Chunks - John DiMaggio
Mimi - Philece Samplar
Dimentio - John Kassir
Merlee - Tress Macnelle
Francis - Tom Kenny
King Sammer - George Takei
Luvbi - Tabitha St. Germain
Bonechiller - James Horan

The Legend Of Zelda Series
Young Link - Barbara Goodson
Adult Link - Jason Liebrecht
Princess Zelda/Shiek - Venus Terzo
Ganondorf - Tom Wyner (Or Fred Tatasciore
Navi - Andrea Libman
Saria - Anna Sophia Robb
Darunia - Michael Dobson
Ruto - Tara Strong
Impa - Gina Torres
Nabooru - Janyse Jaud
Rauru - Jeff Bennett
Mido - Peter Kelamis
Deku Tree - Bob Joles
Malon - Cherami Leigh
Talon - Daran Norris
Ingo - Joe Alaskey
Kaepora Gaebora - Keith Ferguson
Happy Mask Man - Richard Simmons
King Zora - Kevin Michael Richardson
Twinrova - BJ Ward and Louise Chamis
Skull Kid - Max Wolf Burkholder
Ganon - Steve Blum (or Mark Hamill)
Nayru -Erica Schroeder
Ralph - Anthony Salerno
Veran - Kathleen Barr
Din - Tara Jayne
Maple - Mary Long
Onox - Doug Erholtz
King - Corey Burton
Ezlo - Brian Beacock
Vaati - Greg Ellis
Leinbeck - Deidrich Bader
Midna - Madeline Peters
Ilia - Britt McKillip
Zant - Daran Norris
Groose - Richard White
Ghirahim - Daman Mills
Ravio -Benjamin Diskin
Princess Hilda - Cristina Vee
Yuga - Michael McKean

Pokemon (Red, Blue, and Yellow)
Red/Ash - Veronica Taylor (Michele Knotz / Bryce Papenbrook as substitutes)
Blue/Gary - Jimmy Zoppi (Lucien Dodge / Erik Kimerer as substitutes)
Green/Leaf - Roxanne Beck (Annie Mumolo as a substitute)
Professor Oak - Stuart Zagnit (Accept no substitutes!)
Daisy Oak - Caren Manuel (Lisa Ortiz as a substitute)
Bill - Christopher C. Adams (Jack McBrayer as a substitute)
Nurse Joy - Megan Hollingshead
Officer Jenny - Lee Quick
Mr. Fuji - Jay Goede (Kirk Thornton as a substitute)
Brock - Eric Stuart (Bill Rogers or Johnny Young Bosch as substitutes)
Misty - Rachael Lillis (Michele Knotz as a perfect substitute)
Lt. Surge - Phil Parsons (Adam Blaustein or R. Bruce Elliott as substitutes)
Erika - Leah Applebaum (Erica Schroeder as a perfect substitute)
Koga - Roger Jackson (Stan Hart or Brian Drummond as a substitute)
Janine - Amy Birnbaum
Karate Kiyo - David Moo
Sabrina - Lisa Ortiz (Anna Camp as a substitute)
Blaine - Michael Haigney (Ted Lewis or Quinton Flynn as substitutes)
Giovanni - Ted Lewis (Jamieson Price or Richard Epcar as substitutes)
Jessie - Rachael Lillis (Michele Knotz as a substitute)
James - Eric Stuart (Jimmy Zoppi as a substitute) 
Lorelei - Jessica Calvello (Erica Lindbeck as a substitute)
Bruno - Brad Garrett (Adam Blaustein as a substitute)
Agatha - Kayzie Rogers (Linda Young as a substitute)
Lance - Denis Akiyama (Robert Bucholtz or Ben Diskin as substitutes)
Mewtwo - Jay Goede (Dan Green or Richard Mcgonagle as substitutes)

Pokemon GS (Gold, Silver, and Crystal)
Gold/Ethan - Brian Donovan (Rory Max Kaplan as a substitute) 
Crystal/Kris - Rebecca Soler (Amy Palant as a substitute)
Silver/Kamon - Anthony Salerno (Billy Bob Thompson or Lucien Dodge as substitutes)
Professor Elm - Mike Pollock
Mr. PKMN - Frank Welker
Earl - Tom Kane (Yoda!)
Falkner - Matthew Mitler
Kurt - David Mansley
Bugsy - Sam Vincent
Whitney - Megan Hollingshead
DJ Mary - Lisa Adams (Kayzie Rogers as a substitute)
Eusine - Chris Sarandon (Dan Green or Kyle Hebert as substitutes)
Morty - Andrew Rannells
Moomoo Farmer - Joe Alaskey
Jasmine - Tara Jayne (Alyson Rosenfeld as a substitute)
Chuck - Marc Thompson (Dan Green as a substitute)
Pryce - Pat Morita (Jimmy Zoppi as a substitute)
Proton - Michael Sinterniklaas
Petrel - Craig Blair
Athena - Debi Derryberry
Apollo - Scott Williams (Dan Green as a substitute)
Clair - Carol Jacobanis (Eva Christensen as a substitute) 
Will - Robert Tinkler
Karen - Karen Neill

Pokemon Advanced (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald)
Brendan - Chris Sabat (Nick Landis as a substitute) 
May - Veronica Taylor (Michele Knotz as a substitute)
Wally - Nancy Cartwright (Kayzie Rogers as a substitute) 
Professor Birch - Dan Green (Accept no substitutes!)
Roxanne - Grey Delisle (Karen Neill as a substitute) 
Mr. Briney - Jimmy Zoppi
Brawley - Jason Griffith
Trick Master - Rip Taylor
Wattson - Adam Blaustein (Dan Green as a substitute)
Flannery - Lisa Ortiz (Accept no substitutes!)
Norman - Ken Gates (Dan Green or Travis Willingham as substitutes) 
Winona - Molly C. Quinn (Amy Birnbaum as a substitute)
Tate & Liza - Tom Kenny & Tara Strong
Wallace - Johnathan Todd Ross (Sean Reyes as a substitute)
Archie - Clancy Brown (Sean Schemmel or Jamieson Price as substitutes)
Shelly - Erica Schroeder
Matt - Bill Fagerbakke
Maxie - Tom Kenny (Marc Thompson or Lex Lang as substitutes)
Tabitha - Greg Abbey
Courtney - Sandy Fox
Juan - Jerry Orbach (Jeff Bennett or Sean Schemmel as substitutes)
Drake - Brian Maillard (Gregg Berger as a substitute)
Steven - Andrew Paull
Scott - Greg Abbey
Noland - David Wills
Greta - Kara Edwards
Tucker - Carlos Alazraqui
Lucy - Linda Young
Spenser - Brian George
Brandon - James Garner
Anabel - Serena Berman

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Lucas - Matthew Charles
Dawn - Emily Bauer
Pearl/Jun - Jamie McGonnigal (Sean Schemmel or Jason Griffith as perfect substitutes)
Professor Rowan - Sean Reyes (Jim Cummings as a substitute)
Looker - Brian Cummings (Jason Griffith as a substitute)
Gardenia - Maryke Hendriske (Emily Bauer as a substitute) 
Maylene - Keiko Agena (Rachel Lillis as a substitute)
Crasher Wake - J. David Brimmer (+ Mexican accent)
Fantina - Hynden Walch (Erica Schroeder as a substitute) 
Byron - Scottie Ray (Dan Green or Travis Willingham as substitutes)
Candice - Kether Donohue (Maryke Hendriske as a substitute)
Volkner - Scott McNeil (Eli James as a substitute)
Riley - Jason Griffith (Mark Diraison as a substitute)
Cheryl - Erin Torpey (Sarah Natochenny as a substitute)
Mira - Jillian Henry (Rena Mandel as a substitute)
Marley- Grey Delisle (Dani Marcus as a substitute)
Buck - Dante Basco (Bryan Taylor as a substitute)
Cyrus - Corey Burton (Peter Jessop as a substitute)*
Saturn - Mona Marshall (Peter Doyle as a substitute)
Mars - Kimberly Brooks (Cassandra Lee Morris as a substitute)
Jupiter - Priscilla Everett
Charon - Mike Pollock*
Aaron - Greg Ayres
Bertha - Sondra Jane
Flint - Tom Wayland
Lucian - Mitchell Whitfield (David Lodge as a substitute)
Cynthia - Saffron Henderson (Emily Bauer as a substitute)
Thorton - Danny Goldman
Dariah - Cree Summer
Darach - Kent Williams
Argenta - Becca Lish
Palmer - Sean Schemmel (Carmen Borgia as a substitute)
* (Or Sean Schemmel in the case of DPA Cyrus)
* (Or Walt Dorhn or Keith Silverstain in Manga reads)

Pokemon Black/White & Black 2/White 2
Hilbert - Daniel DeSanto (Lucien Dodge as a substitute)
Hilda - Susan Roman (Amanda C. Miller as a substitute)
Cheren - Darren Dunstan (Todd Haberkorn as a substitute)
Bianca - Jennifer Cody (Erica Schroeder as a substitute)
Professor Juniper - Lara Jill Miller (Khristine Hvam as a substitute)
Ghetsis - Richard Doyle (Bill Rogers, David Fisher, or Patrick Seitz as substitutes)
N - Alessandro Juliani (Nicholas DeMichele or Grant George as substitute)
Cilan - Vic Mignogna (Jason Griffith as a substitute)
Chili - Justin Cook  (Tom Wayland as a substitute)
Cress - Greg Ayres  (Lucien Dodge as a substitute)
Lenora - Roz Ryan  (Nomra Nongauza as a substitute)
Burgh - Seth Green (Billy Bob Thompson as a substitute) 
Elesa - Sarah Natochenny (Eileen Stevens as a substitute) 
Charles - Travis Willingham  (Dan Green as a substitute)
Clay - Kyle Hebert (Sean Schemmel or Marc Thompson as substitutes)
Cedric Juniper - Paul Eiding (Stuart Zagnit as a substitute)
Skyla - Carrie Keranen  (Sarah Natochenny as a substitute)
Brycen - Keith David  (Benjamin Becker as a substitute)
Iris - Daveigh Chase (Eileen Stevens or Cherami Leigh as substitutes)
Drayden - Martin Jarvis (Mike Pollock or Mike McConnohie as substitutes)
Fennel - Lacey Chabert
Hawes - Gary Mack
Emmett - Wayne Grayson
Ingo - Marc Diraison
Shauntal - Mindy Cohn
Grimsley - Chris Niosi
Caitlin - Carrie Savage
Marshall - Khary Payton
Alder - Daran Norris (Scottie Ray as a substitute)
Nate - Kevin Corn (Tom Wayland as a substitute)
Rosa - Cristina Vee (Stephanie Sheh as a substitute)
Hugh - Kirk Thornton (Sean Schemmel as a substitute)
Roxie - Mae Whitman (Alyson Rosenfeld as a substitute)
Marlon - Andrew Rannells (Ted Lewis as a substitute) 
Zinzolin - Len Carlson (Bill Rogers or Steve Staley as substitutes) 
Colress - Bill Timoney (Eli James or Nolan North as substitutes)
Anthea - Lianne Dobbs
Concordia - Haven Pascall

New Pokemon: XY
Xavier/Calem - Stuart Townsend
Yvonne/Serena - Piera Coppola
Professor Sycamore - Troy Baker
Tierno - Colin Murdock
Trevor - Billy West
Shana - Leah Clark
Viola - Catherine Taber
Alexa - Melinda Clarke
Grant - Ricky D'Shon Collins
Korrina - Stephanie Morgenstern
Ramos - Brian George
Clemont - Justin Roiland
Bonnie - Emily Hahn
Valerie - Liza Jacqueline
Olyimpa - Patricia Drake
Wulfric - R.Bruce Elliott
Gurrkin - Mike Reynolds
Sina - Wendee Lee
Dexio - Grant George
Lysandre - J.B. Blanc
Mable - Kelly Hu
Celosia - Rebecca Soler
Alaina - Andrea Taylor
Bryony - Christy Romano
Xerosic - Dameon Clarke
Wikstrom - Bob Joles
Malva - Olivia D'Abo
Drasna - Susanne Blakeslee
Siebold - Dee Bradley Baker
Diantha - Jillian Michaels
Trainer AZ - Neil Kaplan
Emma - Anndi McAfee

New Pokemon: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Aarune - Jesse Spencer
Lissia - Jodi Benson
Zinnia - Kate Micucci (Juliet Simmons as a substitute)

New Pokemon: Sun and Moon
Professor Kukui - Jason Scott Lee
Professor Burnet - Cindy Robinson
RotomDex - Atticus Schaffer
Samson Oak - Tom Kenny
Lillie - Jackie Buscarino
Hau - Jack DeSenna
Hala - Greg Baldwin
Olivia - Maia Mitchell
Nanu - Johnathan Banks
Hapu - Philece Samplar
Ilima - Jorma Taccone
Mallow - Diamond White
Lana - Abigail Mavity
Sophocles - Candi Milo
Molyane - Cam Clarke
Acerola - Monica Rial
Mina - Linda Cardelini
Kiawe - Jeffrey Bower Chapman
Kahili - Colleen O'Shaugnessey
Guzma - Andrew Kishino
Plumeria - Christina Kelly
Gladion - Rino Romano
Lusamine - Laura Post
Wicke - Kate Higgins
Faba - Keith Ferguson
Mohn - Thomas Wilson
Phyco - Michael Sorich
Soliera - Nikka Futterman
Dulce - Josh Keaton
Zossie - Jessie Flower
Nebby - Melissa Rauch
Necrozma - Corey Burton

Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale Of Darkness
Wes - Marc Thompson
Rui - Erica Schroeder
Eagun - Eric Bauza
Miror B. - Phil LaMarr (Sam Riegel as a substitute) 
Dakim - Daran Norris
Lady Venus - Jennifer Hale
Dr. Ein - Tony Jay (Earl Boen or Keith Wickham as substitutes)
Nascour - Marc Diraison
Evice - Jimmy Zoppi
Gonzap - Kevin Richardson
Micahel - Sebastian Arcelus
Lovrina - Stephanie Beard
Snattle - Fred Willard
Gorrigon - Matt Hoverman (Fred Tatasciore as a substitute)
Eldes - Eric Vale
Ardos - Dameon Clarke
Greevil - Jimmy Zoppi

Pokemon Ranger series
Professor Hastings - Mark Stoddard
Solana - Michele Knotz
Lunick - Matthew Hill
Murph - Brett Weaver
Aria - Megan Hollingshead
Spencer - Yuri Lowenthal
Joel - Benjamin Diskin
Cameron - Brian Donovan
Elita - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Gordor - Oliver Wymann
Billy - Richard Steven Horvitz
Tiffany - Jessica Calvello
Clyde - Sam Riegel
Garret - Greg Cipes
Kellyn - Dee Bradley Baker
Katey - Amber Hood
Keith - Peter Bayham
Rhythmi - Amanda Winn Lee
Crawford - Crawford Wilson
Barlow - John DiMaggio
Ollie - Marc Silk
Sven - Grant George
Wendy - Rachel Preece
Isaac - Ryan O'Donohue
Blake Hall - Kevin Michael Richardson
Wheeler - Wayne Grayson
Mr. Kincaid - David Moo
Sinis Trio - Kevin Kollack
Ben - Wayne Grayson
Summer - Cree Summer
Rand - Frank Guida
Leanne - Sarah Natochenny
Nema - Briana Palencia
Red Eyes - Robert McCollum
Blue Eyes - Deborah Drakeford
Purple Eyes - Todd Haberkorn
Hocus - Nathan Price
Kasa - Kayzie Rogers
Arley - David Wills
Dr. Edward - Tom Souhrada
Sabios - Sean Schemmel

Pokemon manga exclusive characters
Yellow - Tara Strong (Amy Gross as a substitute) 
Emerald - Jason Marsden (Oliver Wyman as a substitute)
Ambar - Dale Kelly (Kyle Hebert as a substitute)
Mac - Sean Marquette (Andrew Rannells as a substitute)
Sird - Linda Young
Carr - Lauren Tom
Orm - Kevin Michael Richardson
Hareta - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mitsumi - Ashley Tisdale
B-2 - Dave Wittenberg
Koya - Derek Stephen Prince
Kaisei - Jerry Lobozzo

Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic - Jaleel White (original), Jason Griffith (modern) (Sam Vincent as a substitute)
Tails - Bradley Pierce, Corey Bringas, Amy Palant and Kate Higgins
Knuckles - Brian Drummond (original), Scott Dreier (modern) (Dan Green or Travis Willingham as substitutes) 
Amy Rose - Jennifer Doulliard, Lisa Ortiz (Cindy Robinson as a poor substitute)
Dr. Robotnik - Long John Baldry (original), Deem Bristow and Mike Pollock (modern)
Rouge - Lani Minella, Kathleen Delaney, and Karen Strassman
Shadow - David Humphrey, Jason Griffith, and Kirk Thornton

Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic - Jaleel White (original), Jason Griffith or Roger Craig Smith (modern)
Tails - Bradley Pierce or Kate Higgins
Knuckles - Brian Drummond (original), Scott Drier (modern)
Dr. Ivo Robotnik - Jim Cummings
Dr. Eggman - Deem Bristow and Mike Pollock
Princess Sally Acorn - Kath Soucie
Antione D'Coolette - Rob Paulsen
Rotor the Walrus - Michael Bell
Bunny Rabbot - Christina Cavanaugh
Amy Rose - Jennifer Doulliard (child), Lisa Ortiz (teen)
Dulcy the Dragon - Cree Summer
Uncle Chuck - William Windom
Geoffery St. John - Dee Bradley Baker
King Max Acorn - Tim Curry
Prince Elias Acorn - Greg Ellis
Hershey - Jennifer Hale
Archamedes - Quinton Flynn
Vector the Crocodile - Keith Silverstein
Charmy the Bee - Amy Birnbaum
Espio the Chameleon - David Wills
Julie Su - Laura Bailey
Kragok - Peter Kelamis
Dmitri/Enerjak - Peter Cullen
Drago the Wolf - Jim Cummings
Dr. Quack - Joe Alaskey
Mina Mongoose - Emilie Barlow
Monkey Khan - Tom Kane
Nicolle -Karen Neill
Snively Kintobor - Charles Adler
Scratch - Phil Hayes
Grounder - Garry Chalk
Crabmeat - Frank Welker
Metal Sonic - Ryan Drummond
Fiona Fox - Kate Higgins
Scourge - Martin Burke
Dr. Finitevus - Keith Wickham
Ixis Naugus - Michael Bell
Nate Morgan - Tom Kane
Mammoth Mogul - John Rhys-Davies
Hope Kintobor - Lacey Chabert
Big The Cat - Kyle Hebert
Rouge - Kathleen Delaney
Shadow - Jason Griffith
Silver - Pete Capella

And now for the manga! 

Kid Goku - Stephanie Nadolny (Barbara Goodson, Saffron Henderson, Peter Kalamis and Zoe Slusar as substitutes) 
Bulma Brief - Tiffany Volmer (Maggie Blue O'Hara, Lalaina Lindjberg, Monica Rial, and Grey Delisle as substitutes)
Oolong - Bradford Jackson (Bryan Massey, Richard Newman, Scott McNeil, and Maurice Lemarche as substitutes)
Yamcha - Ted Cole (Chris Sabat, Kerrigan Mahan, and Christopher Daniel Barnes as substitutes)
Puar - Monika Antonelli (Brina Palencia, Cathy Weseluck, and Cheryl Chase as substitutes)
Master Roshi - Mike McFarland  (Don Brown and Michael Donovan as substitutes)
Gyumaoh the Ox King - David Ward (Kyle Hebert and Fred Tatasciore as substitutes)
Chi-Chi - Cynthia Cranz (Laura Sadiq, Lisa Anne Bailey and Sarah Natochenny as substitutes)
Emperor Pilaf - Chuck Huber (Don BrownDean Galloway, and Jim Cummings as substitutes)
Agent Mai - Julie Franklin (Cynthia Cranz, Teryl Rothery, and Nicole Sullivan  as substitutes)
Agent Shu - Chris Cason (Justin CookDoug Parker, and Garry Chalk as substitutes) 
Boss Rabbit - Duncan Brannen (Ian James Corlett and Tom Kenny as substitutes)
Launch - Onalea Gilbertson (Meredith Mccoy and Jennifer Hale as substitutes)
Kid Krillin - Laurie Steele (Tom Kenny or Justin Roiland as substitutes) 
Bacterian - Chris Rager (or any substitute) 
Ranfan - Laura Bailey (or any substitute) 
Nam - Jerry Jewell (or any substitute) 
Col. Silver - Chris Sabat (Ben Jeffrey as a substitute) 
Sgt. White - Kyle Hebert (John DiMaggio as a substitute)
Ninja Purple - Troy Baker (Duncan Brannan as a substitute)
Eighter - Mike McFarland (Frank Welker as a substitute)
Suno - Susan Huber (Laura Bailey or Andrea Libman as substitutes)
Dr. Brief - Mark Stoddard (Chris Forbis and Alvin Sanders as substitutes)
General Blue - Sonny Strait (Roger Rhodes and Chris Sabat as substitutes)
Tao Pai Pai - Kent Williams (Doug McKeag and H. Richard Greene as substitutes) 
Bora - Dameon Clarke (or any substitute)
Upa - Kara Edwards (or any substitute) 
Korrin - Ted Cole (or any substitute)
Col. Violet - Kasey Buckley (Kate Oxley as a substitute)
Commander Red - Josh Martin (Kyle Hebert as a substitute) 
Commander Black - Chris Sabat (Phil LaMarr as a substitute) 
Fortuneteller Baba - Linda Young (Laurie Steele as a substitute)
Grandpa Gohan - Michael Donovan (Don Messick as a substitute)
Master Shen - Dean Galloway (Chuck Huber and James Hong as substitutes)
Tien Shinhan - John Burgmeier (Eddie Frierson, Ray Chase, and Khary Payton as substitutes)
Chiaotzu - Monika Antonelli (Cathy Weseluck, Brina Palencia, and Kate Bristol as substitutes)
Kami Sama - Chris Sabat (Dale Wilson, Ward Perry, and Keith David as substitutes)
Mr. Popo - Chris Cason (Alvin Sanders and Phil LaMarr as substitutes) 
Yajirobe - Brian Drummond (Mike McFarland and Chris Sabat as substitutes)
Piccolo - Scott McNeil (Chris Sabat, Dan Woren, Lance Henriksrn or Keith David as substitutes) 
Tournament Announcer - Eric Vale (Jeff Bennett as a substitute)
Farmer - Jim Cummings (Scott McNeil and John Swasey as substitutes)
Raditz - Jason Grey Stadfordt (Justin Cook, Doug Parker, and James Arnold Taylor as substitutes)
Son Goku - Sean Schemmel (Kirby Morrow, Peter Kelamis, Ian James Corlett, and Jeffrey Watson as substitutes)
Son Gohan - Colleen Clinkenbeard (Saffron Henderson, Stephanie Nadolny, and Pamela Segal as substitutes) 
Krillin - Sonny Strait (Terry Klassen, Mike Thiesson, Dan Gascon, Tom Kenny or Justin Roiland as substitutes)
King Kai - Don Brown (Dean Galloway, Michael McConnohie, and Frank Welker as substitutes)
Lord Enma - John C Osborne (Chris Rager, Dale Wlson, and Peter Cullen as substitutes)
Nappa - Michael Dobson (Phil Parsons, Curtis Arnott, and Phil LaMarr as substitutes)
Vegeta - Chris Sabat (Brian Drummond, Roger Rhodes, Kaiji Tang, Milton James, Mark Hamill or Sam Witwer as substitutes)
Freeza - Chris Ayres/Daman Mills (Linda Young, Lee Tockar, Richard Horvitz, and Derek Stephen Prince as substitutes) 
Cui - Bill Townsley (Ian James Corlett and Brent Spiner as substitutes)
Dodoria - John Swasey (Paul Dobson, Chris Forbis, and John DiMaggio as substitutes)
Zarbon - J. Michael Tatum (Paul Dobson, Chris Sabat, and Greg Ellis as substitutes)
Appule - Kyle Hebert (Terry Klassen, Bill Townsley, and John Kassir as substitutes)
Dende - Maxey Whithead (Andrew Francis and Laura Bailey as substitutes)
Nail - Sean Schemmel (Brian Dobson and Rino Romano as substitutes)
Great Elder - Bill Jenkins (Chris Sabat, Robert Smith, and Neil Ross as substitutes)
Ginyu - Richard Newman (Bryce Armstrong, R.Bruce Elliot, Richard Epcar, Jack Angel or JK Simmons as substitutes)
Recoome - David Kaye (Chris Sabat and Brad Garrett as substitutes)
Burter - Don Brown (Vic Mignogna, Chris Sabat, and Dee Bradley Baker as substitutes)
Jeice - Scott McNeil (Chris Sabat, Jason Liebrecht, and Rob Paulsen as substitutes)
Gurdo - Terry Klassen (Bill Townsley, Greg Ayres, and Tom Kenny as substitutes)
King Cold - Jason Douglas (Bradford Jackson, David Kaye, and Tim Curry as substitutes)
Future Trunks - Eric Vale (Skip Stellrecht, Matthew Erickson, and Scott Menville as substitutes)
Android 19 - Todd Haberkorn (Phillip Wilburn, Patricia Drake, and Debi Derryberry as substitutes)
Android 20/Dr. Gero - Kent Williams (Brian Dobson, Brian George or Dwight Schultz as substitutes)
Android 16 - Jeremy Inman (Daran Norris or Ron Perlman as substitutes) 
Android 17 - Chuck Huber (Ted Cole, Ethan Cole, and Charlie Schlatter as substitutes)
Android 18 - Meredith McCoy (Enuka Okuma, Jennifer Bane, and Vanessa Marshall as substitutes)
Cell - Dameon Clarke (Travis Willingham, Dale Wilson/David Kaye, Clancy Brown or Doug Lawrence as substitutes) 
Mr. Satan/Hercule - Chris Rager (Dave Pettit, Trevor Devall, Jamieson Price, and Jim Cummings as substitutes)
Jimmy Firecracker - James Fields (John Swasey and Tom Kane as substitutes)
Teen Gohan - Chris Hackney (Kyle Hebert, Brad Swaile, and Josh Keaton as substitutes)
Videl Satan - Kara Edwards (Monica Stori , Erika Harlacher, and Mae Whitman as substitutes) 
Son Goten - Kara Edwards (Jillian Michaels and Tara Strong as substitutes)
Kid Trunks - Laura Bailey (Cathy Weseluck and E.G Daily as substitutes)
Erasa - Andrea Taylor (Laura Bailey and Alexis Tipton as substitutes)
Sharpner - Deidrich Bader (Duncan Brannan and Chris Sabat as substitutes)
South Kai - Dameon Clarke (Scott McNeil and Daran Norris as substitutes)
Kaioshin - Kent Williams (Michael Dobson and Ben Diskin as substitutes)
Kibit - Kyle Hebert (Chuck Huber and Roscoe Lee Browne as substitutes)
Old Kai - Kent Williams (Michael Dobson and Ben Diskin as substitutes)
Teen Dende - Justin Cook (Andrew Francis and Sean Marquette as substitutes)
Spopovich - Andy Chandler (or any substitute)
Yamu - John Burgmeier (or any substitute)
Babidi - Duncan Brannan (Bill Townsley and Alan Tudyk as substitutes)
PuiPui - Mike McFarland (Ted Cole and Billy West as substitutes)
Yakon - Paul LeBlanc (Fred Tatasciore as a substitute)
Dabura - Rick Robertson (Scott McNeil, Dorian Harewood or Corey Burton as substitutes)
Majin Buu - Josh Martin (Rosearik Rikki Simmons and Spike Spencer as substitutes)
Evil Buu - Brian Dobson (Justin Cook and Kevin Michael Richardson as substitutes)
Kid Buu - Corby Proctor (Josh Martin and Rosearik Rikki Simmons as substitutes)
Lord Beerus - Jason Douglas (Archie Fletcher and Seth McFaralane as substitutes)
Whis - Ian Sinclair (Doug Erholtz and Jack McBrayer as substitutes)
Champa - Jason Liebrecht (Seth Green as a substitute)
Vados - Caitlin Glass (Mayim Bialik as a substitute)
Towa - Stephanie Young (Tasia Valenza as a substitute)
Mira - J. Michael Tatum (Patrick Seitz as a substitute)
Fu - Ricco Fajardo (Jeremy Jordan as a substitute)
Chorona - Felicia Angelle (Cassandra Lee Morris as a substitute)
Zamasu - James Marsters (Josh Grelle, Troy Baker, and Oded Fehr as substitutes)
Demon God Demigra - Josh Grelle (Troy Baker and Keith Wickham as substitutes)
Son Pan - Caitlynne Medrek (Lia Sargent and Elise Baughman as substitutes)
Bura - Brina Palencia (Leda Davies as a substitute)
Marron - Meredith McCoy (or any substitute)
Teen Goten - Robert McCollum (or any substitute)
Valese - Amber Cotton (or Carol Anne Day as a substitute)
Shen Long - Don Brown or Chris Sabat

One Piece
Monkey D Luffy - Lawrence Simpson (Chuck Powers as a substitute) 
Roronora Zoro - Marc Diraison (Chris Sabat as a substitute)
Nami - Luci Christian (Kerry Williams as a substitute) 
Usopp - Sonny Strait (Jason Griffith as a substitute) 
Sanji - Eric Vale (David Moo as a poor substitute) 
Tony Chopper - Brina Palencia (Lisa Ortiz as a substitute) 
Shanks - Brandon Porter (Tom Souhrada as a substitute)
Gold D Roger - Sean Hennigan (J, David Brimmer as a substitute)
Coby - Leah Clark (Kayzie Rogers as a substitute)
Alvida - June Forray (fat), Caren Manuel (slender)
Helmeppo - Troy Baker (Sean Schemmel as a perfect substitute)
Captain Morgan - Brett Weaver (Fred Tatasciore as a substitute)
Buggy the Clown - Mike McFarland (David Wills as a substitute)
Mayor Boodle - Joseph Murray (Mark Stoddard as a substitute)
Gaimon - Chris Rager (John C Osborne as a substitute)
Kaya - Carrie Savage (Tara Jayne as a substitute)
Merry - Jerry Jewell (Ted Lewis as a substitute)
Captain Kuro - Kent Williams (Gary Mack and Joseph Murray as substitutes)
Django - Oliver Wymann (Kenny Green as a substitute)
Siam -  Todd Haberkorn (Eric Stuart as a substitute)
Chef Zeff - Robert O'Groman (Grant James as a substitute)
Dracule Mihawk - Chuck Powers (John Gremillion as a substitute)
Don Kreig - Andy Mullins (Marc Thompson as a substitute)
Johnny - Dan Green (Chris Ayres as a substitute) 
Arlong - Travis Willingham (Dameon Clarke and Chris Rager as substitutes)
Hachi - George Manley (Sean Schemmel as a substitute)
Nezumi - Vic Mignogna (Dan Green as a substitute)
Nojiko - Tiffany Grant (Tara Jayne as a substitute)
Bellmere - Cynthia Cranz (Veronica Taylor as a substitute)
Genzo - Bill Flynn (Marc Diraison as a substitute)
Smoker - Greg Dulcie (Scottie Ray as a substitute) 
Tashigi - Monica Rial (Laura Bailey as a substitute) 
Miss Wednesday/Vivi - Caitlin Glass (accept no substitutes)
Mr. 9 - Chris Patton (Michael Sinterniklaas as a substitute) 
Mr. 8/Igaram - Rob Mungle (David Wills as a substitute)
Miss Valentine - Jamie Marchi (accept no substitutes)
Mr. 5 - Andrew Love (Scottie Ray as a substitute)
Miss April Fools Day - Cherami Leigh (accept no substitutes)
Mr. 3 - Duncan Brannan (Dwayne Tan as a substitute)
Dr. Hiruluk - Mark Stoddard (Frank Guida as a substitute)
Dr. Kureha - Maddie Blaustein (Julie Mayfield as a substitute)
Wapol - Matt Hoverman (Andy Mullins as a substitute)
Dalton - Ted Lewis (J. Michael Tatum as a substitute)
Mr. 2/Bon Clay - Barry Yandell (Kevin Kolack as a substitute)
King Cobra - Kyle Hebert (David Mansley as a substitute) 
Kohza - Johnathan Todd Ross (Todd Haberkorn as a substitute) 
Mr. 0/Sir Crocodile - John Swasey (J. David Brimmer as a substitute)
Miss Sunday/Nico Robin - Stephanie Young (Veronica Taylor and Natasha Malinsky as substitutes)
Miss New Years - Leah Clark (Erica Schroeder as a substitute)
Mr. 1/Daz Bones - Scottie Ray (Brett Weaver as a substitute)
Pell - Kevin M Connolly (Matt Hoverman as a substitute) 
Fullbody - John Burgmeier (Tom Wayland as a substitute)
Hina - Jennifer Seman (Caren Manuel as a substitute)
Eneru - J. Michael Tatum (Chris Sabat as a substitute)
Hynea Bellamy - Justin Cook (accept no substitutes) 
Foxy - Jim Cummings (John Brooks as a substitute)
Franky - Patrick Seitz (accept no substitutes) 
Spandam - Christopher Corey Smith (Kent Williams as a substitute)
Rob Lucci - Jason Liebrecht (accept no substitutes) 
Portgas D. Ace - Jesse Hooker (Travis Willingham as a substitute)
Donquixote Doflamingo - Robert McCollum
Barthalomew Kuma - Brice Armstrong
Blackbeard - Cole Brown
Whitebeard - R. Bruce Elliot
Monkey D. Garp - Brian Mathis
Monkey D. Dragon - Bryan Massey

Sailor Moon
Usagi/Sailor Moon - Stephanie Sheh (Tracey  Morre, Terri Hawkes, and Brittney Karbowski as substitutes)
Ami/Sailor Mercury - Kate Higgins (Karen Bernstein and Monica Rial as substitutes)
Rei/Sailor Mars - Cristina Vee (Katie Griffin and Emilie Claire Barlow as substitutes)
Makoto/Sailor Jupiter - Amanda C. Miller (Susan Roman as a solid substitute)
Minako/Sailor Venus - Cherami Leigh (Stephanie Morgenstern and Emilie Claire Barlow as substitutes)
Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask -  Robbie Daymond (Rino Romano, Chris Patton, and Vince Corazza as substitutes)
Haruka/Sailor Uranus - Erica Mendez (Sarah Lafluer and Caitlin Glass as substitutes)
Michiru/Sailor Neptune - Lauren Landa (Barbara Radecki and Colleen Clinkenbeard as substitutes)
Hotaru/Sailor Saturn - Christine Marie Cabanos (Jennifer Gould and Brina Palencia as substitutes)
Setsuna/Sailor Pluto - Veronica Taylor (Sabrinia Grdevich and Susan Aceron as substitutes)
Chibi Usa - Sandy Fox (Stephanie Beard and Luci Christian as substitutes)
Naru - Hynden Walch (Mary Long and Danielle Judovitz as substitutes)
Umino - Derek Stephen Prince (Roland Parliament and Ben Diskin as substitutes)
Luna - Cathy Weseluck (Michlle Ruff as a solid substitute, Jill Frapier as a poor one)
Artemis - Sonny Strait (Johnny Yong Bosch and Rob Rubin as solid substitutes)
Pegasus/Helios - Christopher Niosi (Adam Reid as a solid substitute)
Queen Beryl - Nazz Edwards (Cindy Robinson as a solid substitute)
Jadeite - Todd Haberkorn (Tony Daniels as a solid substitute)
Nephrite - Liam O'Brien (Kevin Lund, Dave Boat, and Chris Sabat as solid substitutes)
Zoisite - Lucien Dodge (Kirsten Bishop and Vic Mignogna as solid substitutes)
Kunzite - Patrick Seitz (Dennis Akiyama and Travis Willingham as substitutes)
Queen Metalia - Wendy Powell (Maria Vacratsis and Mary McGlynn as substitutes)
Crimson Rubeus - Robert Tinkler (Justin Cook and Steve Staley as solid substitutes)
Green Esmeraude - Kirsten Bishop (Kelly Manison and Rena Strober as solid substitutes)
Prince Dimande - Robert Bockstael (Troy Baker and Matthew Mercer as solid substitutes)
Blue Safir - Lyon Smith (Jason Liebrecht and Greg Feldan as solid substitutes)
Koan - Eden Riegel  (Alice Poon as a solid substitute) 
Berthier - Cindy Robinson (Kathleen Lasky as a solid substitute)
Calavaras -Cassandra Lee Morris (or any good substitute)
Petz- Jessica Gee (or any good substitute)
Chiral - Doug Erholtz (or any good substitute)
Achiral - Kyle Hebert (or any good substitute)
Wiseman/Death Phantom - Steve Kramer (Tony Daniels, Jon Avner, or R. Bruce Elliot as substitutes)
Professor Tomoe - Keith Silverstein (Jeff Lumby as a perfect substitute)
Kaolinite - Tara Platt (Kirsten Bishop and Kasey Buckley as solid substitutes)
Eudial - Erin Fitzgerald (Catherine Disher and Cynthia Cranz as solid substitutes)
Mimet - Kira Buckland (Loretta Jafelice and Jamie Marchie as solid substitutes)
Mistress Nine - Christine Marie Cabanos (Jennifer Gould as a substitute)
Zirconia - Barbara Goodson (Rowan Tichneor, Linda Young and Duncan Brannan as substitutes)
Tiger's Eye - John Eric Bentley (Jason Barr and Robert McCollum as solid substitutes)
Hawk's Eye -  Michael Yurchack (Benji Plener as a perfect substitute)
Fish Eye - Erik Scott Kimerer (Deborah Drakeford as a solid substitute) 
Vesu Vesu - Karyn Dwiner (Cynthia Martinez as a substitute)
Cele Cele - Daniela Olivier (Carrie Savage as a substitute)
Para Para - Jennifer Gould (Kate Bristol as a substitute)
Jun Jun - Mary Long (Laura Bailey as a substitute)
Queen Nehelania - Lois Nettleton
Sailor Iron Mouse -Sarah Williams
Sailor Aluminum Siren -Stephanie Anne Mills
Sailor Lead Crow - Megan Fahlenbock
Sailor Tin Nyanko - Lisa Ortiz
Sailor Galaxia - Leah Clark
Chaos - David Gasman

Yugi Moto - Dan Green (Travis Willingham as a substitute)
Yami Yugi/Atem - Dan Green (Travis Willingham as a substitute)
Joey Wheeler - Wayne Grayson (Eric Vale as a substitute)
Tea Gardner - Amy Birnbaum (Kate Higgins as a substitute)
Tristan Taylor - Greg Abbey (Sam Riegel as a substitute)
Solomon Moto - Adam Blaustein (Wayne Grayson as aa substitute)
Melody Ribbon - Rachael Lillis
Hanasaki - Michael Sinterkniklas
Shadi - Wayne Grayson (Oliver Wyman as a substitute)
Seto Kaiba - Eric Stuart (Will Friedle or Bill Rogers as substitutes)
Mokuba Kaiba - Tara Jayne (Veronica Taylor as a substitute)
Ryou Bakura - Ted Lewis (Wendy Powell or Tabitha St. Germain as substitutes)
Yami Bakura - Ted Lewis (Wendy Powell or Tabitha St. Germain as substitutes)
Maximillion Pegasus - Darren Dunstan (Crispin Freeman as a substitute)
Weevil Underwood - Jimmy Zoppi (Brian Zimmerman as a substitute)
Rex Raptor - Sam Riegel (Sebastian Arcelus as a substitute)
Serenity Wheeler - Lisa Ortiz (Carrie Savage as a substitute)
Mai Valentine - Megan Hollinghead (Kathleen Delaney as a substitute)
Mako Tsunami - Andrew Rannells (Rodger Bumpass as a substitute)
Panik - David Moo (J. David Brimmer as a substitute)
Bonez - Amy Palant (Amy Birnbaum as a substitute)
Bandit Keith Howard - Jesse Hooker (Ted Lewis as a substitute)
Paradox Brothers - Jerry Lobozzo (Eric Stuart as a substitute)
Croquet - Andrew Paull
Kemo Saruwatari - Eric Stuart
Duke Devlin - Marc Thompson (Doug Preis as a substitute)
Ishizu Ishtar - Karen Neill (Hynden Walch as a substitute)
Marik Ishtar - Johnathan Todd Ross (James Arnold Taylor as a substitute)
Rashid/Odion Ishtar - J. David Brimmer (Brian Zimmerman as a substitute)
Johnny Steps - Phil LaMarr
The Rare Hunter - David Wills
Espa Roba - Sebastian Arcelus
Arkana - Sam Riegel
Strings - Jason Griffith
Gozaburo Kaiba - Robert O'Gorman
Aknamkonon - David Mansley
Mahad - Marc Diraison
Mana - Erica Schroeder
Kisara - Carrie Keranen
Bobasa - Sean Schemmel
Akunadin - Mike Pollock (or Corey Burton)
Zorc Necrophades - Mike Pollock