Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comic Books: Creations And Adaptations

I love comic books. When they're about superheroes, supervillains, and host more wacky characters and abnormal oddities. When they're fun. Which is very rare these days, I'm sad to say. Today the comic book industry is a wreck, which makes comics a terribly tedious medium as a whole. This isn't to say that all modern comics are bad, but y'know that "dark age" of comics from the 90's? It never really went away. All the warts of the industry still persist: greedy executives, egocentric hack writers, and demand for things to be "dark, edgy, and cool" run rampant. Different writers get brought on board to tell different stories of a never ending narrative that, if mishandled (which it is), fatigues casual readers. Darkness, violence, cynicism and grittiness is intensified in order to make the comics appear more serious or "grown up", and shocking swerves with "huge events" happen so often in order to increase sales and make more profit. Comics are no fun anymore: they're in an awful, endless Dork Age that only appeals to die-hard geeks. But the fun can still be salvaged through alternate adaptations, which makes me happy that comics have gotten some great versions in various mediums that distill the most major plot elements, cast of characters, and core spirit of the original works. My favorite superheroes have gotten some of my favorite adaptations. Aaand there are some not so good adaptations to be found too, unfortunately. Worth noting among adaptations:

- The Mainstream Comics
- The Reeve/Routh Movie Trilogy
- The live action serials and old cartoons
- "Superman The Animated Series
- "All Star Superman
- "Smallville"
- "Supergirl"
- "Lois And Clark"
- "Legion Of Superheroes"
- "Young Justice"
- "Super Friends"
- "Man Of Steel" Reboot (DCEU)
- DC DTV Animated Movies
- Various Video Games

- The Mainstream Comics
- "Batman: The Animated Series"
- The Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy
- The Burton/Shumacher Batman Movies
- The 60's Adam West TV Show
- "The Batman"
- "The New Batman Adventures"
- "The Brave And The Bold"
- "Beware The Batman
- "Batman Beyond"
- "Young Justice"
- "Teen Titans"
- "Super Friends"
- "Birds Of Prey"
- "Gotham"
LEGO Batman
- The "Arkham" Game Series
- DC DTV Animated Movies
- The DCEU Movies
- Various Video Games

- The Mainstream Comics
- The Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy
- "The Spectacular Spider-Man"
Ultimate Spider-Man Comics
- The 90's Animated Series
- The MTV Animated Series
- The 60's and 80's Cartoons
- "The Amazing Spider-Man" Reboot
- The MCU Spider-Man Movies
- "Spider-Man Unlimited"
- "Ultimate Spider-Man"
-  Marvel's "Spider-Man" (2017 Series)
- The Insomniac Games Series
- Spin-off books and comics
- Various Video Games

- The Mainstream Comics
- The X-Men Movies Franchise
- The 90's Animated Series
- "X-Men Evolution"
- "Wolverine And The X-Men"
Ultimate X-Men Comics
X-Men Anime Spin-offs
- "The Gifted" TV Spin-off
- Spin-off books and comics
- Various Video Games

- The Mainstream Comics
- Ultimate Marvel Comics
- Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
- DC Expanded Universe (DCEU)
- The DC Animated Universe
- 90's Animated Marvelverse
- Marvel Animation Shows
- DC/CW Arrowverse Shows
- MCU Netflix Shows
- DTV Animated Movies
- "Wonder Woman" TV Show
- "The Hulk" TV Show
- "The Flash" TV Show 
- "Super Friends"
- "Teen Titans"
- "Young Justice"
- "Justice League Action"
- "DC Super Hero Girls"
- "The Brave And The Bold"
- "The Super Hero Squad Show"
- "Iron Man: Armored Adventures"
- "Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest Heroes"
- "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes"
- "Guardians Of The Galaxy"
- Old Cartoons
- Anime Spin-offs
- Misc. Live Action Films
- Spin-off books and comics
- Various Video Games

And now I'm going to look over various versions of comic book characters throughout the mediums and rate them in order of my preference. Please keep in mind that these are just my personal opinions, we all have 'em. If yours' disagrees with mine, then I'd rather not hear it. ^^


Clark Kent/Superman
1: Live Versions - George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, and Brandon Routh
2: Comics Versions - Usually a good character, whether he be a superhero or a super dick.
3: All-Star Version - Has a very nice story but not too much of an interesting character.
4: Smallville Version - In the first five seasons, Tom Weilling's Clark was a worthy Superboy.
5: DCAU Version - A very serviceable Superman with a nice arc, but an awful Clark Kent.
6: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", DTV, "Young Justice","Legion of Superheroes", "Lois and Clark" "Supergirl", JLA, Books, Video Games, etc.
7: DCEU ("Man of Steel") Version - Jingle Bells, S-Man kills!

Lois Lane
1: DCAU Version - Smartest, sliest, most cynical and toughest Lois, voiced and designed perfectly.
2: All-Star Version - A very close second, with a sexy look and attitude, and a wonderful voice.
3: Movies Version - Only the one played by Margot Kidder, not Kate Bosworth or Amy Adams!
4: Smallville Version - She came in at a bad time, but did her best to be very entertaining.
5: Comics Version - But only the smart and independent version, not the whiny dimwit one.
6: "Lois and Clark" Version - Teri Hatcher looks and sounds a bit too young, but she's still great.
7: Other Versions - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, Video Games, etc.

Lex Luthor
1: DCAU Version - The definitive version: a ruthless adversary voiced by Clancy Brown.
2: Smallville Version - A perfect Lex in his youth, portrayed by Michael Rossenbaum.
3: All-Star Version - A richly characterized version of the Silver Age supervillain incarnation.
4: Comics Versions - Both incarnations were great until the second one took the White House...
5: Movie Version - Played hilariously yet ominously by both Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey.
6: "Lois and Clark" Version - A Xanatosian Big Bad for the first season who petered out afterwards.
7. Supergirl Version - Barely anyone thought Jon Cryer would nail it, and then he went and nailed it.
8: Other Versions - DTV, "The Batman","Young Justice", JLA,"Super Friends", Games, DCEU, etc. 

Perry White
1: "Lois and Clark" Version - The actor playing him makes him so surprisingly entertaining!
2: Comics Versions - The first incarnation a little bit more than the often badly-handled second one.
3: Movies Version - Even Frank Langella in "Superman Returns", who said "All that stuff!"
4: Smallville Version - A one-episode wonder but a very interesting, fun take on him.
5: DCAU Version - A decent but ultimately forgettable supporting character.
6: All-Star Version - Um, I'm forgetting...what exactly did he do here?
7: Other Versions - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, DCEU, etc.

Jimmy Olsen
1: Comics Versions - Both the wacky first incarnation and the more grounded second one.
2: DCAU Version - This was great representation of him, in spite of "Superman's Pal."
3: All-Star Version - Distilled mix of both Olsen incarnations, and a damn good character.
4: Movies Version - Specifically the one in "Superman Returns", played by Sam Huntington.
5: Smallville Version - Played by Aaron Ashmore, the poor guy got shafted with each season he was.
6: Other Versions - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, "Lois and Clark", "The Batman", "Supegirl", JLA, etc.

1: DCAU Version - The perfect distillation of the character, with an origin and attitude that works.
2: Comics Versions - Was great up until she became the earth-bound angel. Then we got Power Girl!
3: Supergirl Version - Looks to be off to a great start, and Melissa Benoist is just perfect in the role!
4: Movie Version - Perfect actress, but does anyone remember this cheap-ass movie? Better not!
5: Smallville Version - Hot and reasonably likable, but did she even need to be here?
6: Other Version - Whatever other versions there are of this character tend to suck.

Lana Lang
1: DCAU Version - A Mary Jane Want-some with the funniest, most memorable personality.
2: Comics Versions - Clark's first love and a decent character in both iterations of her.
3: Movie Versions - A decent supporting character and childhood friend in her appearances.
4: Smallville Version - Sadly, the bad in her run as a character FAR outweighed the good.
5: Other Versions - If there are any that are done worse than the "Smallville" one.

Professor Emil Hamilton
1: Smallville Version - Alessandro Juliani actually made Emil a fun and interesting character!
2: DCEU ("Man of Steel") Version - Richard Schiff is perfectly cast and makes his part meaningful.
3: Comics Versions - Sometimes hes' a good character but at other times he's just very meh.
4: DCAU Version - Was an unlikable supporting character who later became a traitorous punk!
5: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Video Games, etc.

Mercy Graves
1: DCAU Version - The absolute best rendition of Mercy if we just forget what happened in JL.
2: Comics Versions - A badass secondary character who Lex Luthor just cannot do without.
3:"Young Justice" Version - Awesome, but could have spoken up rather than just "doing the thing".
4: "The Batman" Version - Her design and voice gave her a presence whenever she was around.
5: Live Action Versions - "Supergirl" and "Dawn of Justice" have alright takes on the character.
6: Doomsday DTV Version - I didn't like Cree Summer in the role - wasn't sad to see her get offed.

1: DCAU Version - The design, characterization, and Corey Burton's voice makes him just perfect.
2: Comics Versions - A weird generic villain at first, but became one of Superman's best foes.
3: Video Game Versions - Brainiac is a villain who has a mostly good track record in gaming.
4: Unbound DTV Version - A marvelous adaptation of the original Brainiac, voiced by John Noble.
5: "Legion of Superheroes" Version - Corey Burton still rocks the part, but this one barely showed up.
6: "B&B" Version - A throwback to Brainiac's campier days, but he plays his part decently enough.
7: Other Versions - Old Cartoons/"Superfriends", JLA, Smallville, Krypton, DTV, Books, etc.

Mr. Mxyzptlk
1: Comics Versions - A character such as Mxy is easiest to pull off in the comic book papers.
2: DCAU Version - A nuisance of an enemy voiced by Gilbert Gottfried. Need I say more?
3: Old Cartoons Version - His character and gimmicks lent themselves well to old cartoons.
4:"B&B" Version - Who'd have guessed that Kevin Michael Richardson could play him well?
5: Video Games Versions - Passable, but not very good in terms of models and voice acting/
6: Smallville Version - This isn't Mxyzptlk! He's just some foreign pretty boy who has that surname!
7: Supergirl Version - Guys, it's Mr. Mxyzptlk, not Kilgrave! How do you possibly get this wrong?

1: Comics Versions - His metallic body and Kryptonite heart makes him a formidable foe for S-Man.
2: "The Batman" Version - A perfect visual and vocal representation of what Metallo should be.
3:Video Games Versions - This character makes for an ideal boss in any given video game.
4: DCAU Version - I love Malcolm Mcdowell, but this one's a posterboy for Villain Decay.
5: DTV Versions - Sorry, they fail to impress me.
6: Smallville Version - Could we...could we not?

1: DCAU Version - This vengeful but childish mercenary Toyman is creepy as Hell!
2: "Young Justice" Version - Has great design, great character, and great voice acting.
3: "The Batman" Version - Managed to be an enjoyable villain in such a limited role.
4: Doomsday DTV Version - Managed to be a terrifying villain in such a limited role!
5: JL DTV Version - Sorry, I'm not a fan of the literal child Toyman.
6: Comics Versions - Stop changing your established character, dammit!
7: Live Action Versions - From "Lois and Clark", "Smallville", and "Supergirl"
8: Other Versions - DTV, Old Cartoons/"Superfriends", JLA, Books, Video Games, etc.

1: DCAU Version - Gave the most distinct presence and personality to the big, dumb Super knockoff.
2: Comics Versions - Is he a robot? A clone? An alien being? Either way, he's usually alright.
3: "Superfriends" Version - A robotic incarnation of the character with a great sounding voice.
4: Smallville Version - We're already out of Smallville territory at this point but sure, why not?
5: Other Versions - DTV, JLA, Cartoons, Books, Video Games, etc.
6: Video Game Versions - Bizarro embodies the warts of most S-Man games!

The Parasite
1: Comics Versions - For whatever reason, his character has worked out the most in comics.
2: "Young Justice" Version - A great design and great voice by Adam Baldwin makes him stand out.
3: DCAU Version - A very fun villain, but comes second to Metallo in terms of Villain Decay!
4: All-Star Version - Eeeugh, no. He's a decent plot device, but I didn't care for this rendition at all!
5: Other Versions - Mostly from Video Games.

General Zod
1: Movies Version - Terrence Stamp has gone down as the definitive Zod. KNEEL before him!
2: Video Games Versions - Both "Online" and "Injustice" take after Stamp's rendition.
3: Comics Versions - His character always changes and he's nothing too remarkable.
4: Smallville Version - The Zod who should have been the show's Final Boss but wasn't.
5: DCEU "Man of Steel" Version - Remember when I said "S-Man kills?" This is the guy he killed!
6: Old Cartoons Version - Is anyone going to remember this version of Zod in years to come?

1: DCAU Version - A perfect design, perfect voice, and epic story arc makes this Darkseid the best.
2: Comics Versions - When he's truly something special and not a "big event" villain, he works great.
3: Video Games Versions - He's had powerful presence and great voice acting in various games.
4: "B&B" Versions - He got depicted pretty accurately even in the face of the campier tone.
5: Other Versions - "Superfriends", "Young Justice", "TTG!", JLA, DCEU, DTV, Books, etc.
6: Smallville Version - Worst excuse for a Darkseid EVER!!!


Batman/Bruce Wayne
1: Animated Version - The Bruce from "TAS", "TNBA","BB", and "JLU" voiced by Kevin Conroy.
2: Movie Versions - Namely Michael Keaton's take, but Val Kilmer and Christian Bale are good too.
3: "The Batman" Version - A nicely developed version of Batman in his younger years.
4: Adam West Version - The best campy version of the character. He IS Batman!
5: "Young Justice" Version - A surprisingly great version of Bats to come out of an okay show.
6: Comics Versions - Only the well written incarnations, not the Jerkass Jesus ones!
7: "B&B" Version - A decent fun version of Batman, but feels tacked-on far too often.
8: DCEU Version - Ben Affleck is great but I can't quite like this version as much as I want to.
9: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", JLA "Beware", DTV, Games, Arkham, LEGO, etc.

Alfred Pennyworth
1: Movie Versions - Both Michael Gough and Michael Caine's takes on him were superb.
2: Comics Versions - When he came into his own, he was often a well handled character.
3: Animated Version - Very wise, very supportive, and voiced well by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
4: "The Batman" Version - Took him awhile, but he ended up being a good younger Alfred.
5: "B&B" Version - Another young Alfred who barely has a role or a presence on this show.
6: "Young Justice" Version - Barely present, but as decent as you could expect Alfred to be.
7: "Beware The Batman" Version - A wildly different take on the character, but it works.
8: Adam West Version - OK, was this guy perpetually old and dying or what? Yeesh.
9: Other Versions - Old cartoons, "Gotham", DCEU, DTV, Video Games, Arkham, LEGO, etc.

James Gordon
1: Movie Version (TDK) - Had a great character arc, and Gary Oldman played him to perfection.
2: Animated Version - One of the finest supporting characters, with the perfect look and voice.
3: Comics Versions - When he came into his own, he too was often a well handled character.
4: "Beware The Batman" Version - A great presence, voiced well by Kurtwood Smith.
5: "The Batman" Version - Had presence in some episodes, but was often dull or shafted.
6: "Gotham" Version - As the show's main protagonist, Gordon is quite interesting to follow.
7: Movie Version (BS) - Sorry, I really wasn't feeling this guy as the Commish.
8 Adam West Version - This old, overacting ninny was definitely NOT the Commish! Yeesh!
9: Other Versions - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, Video Games, Arkham, LEGO, Reboot, etc.

Robin/Dick Grayson
1: Teen Titans Version - In comics and animation, Robin was best with the Titans, away from Bats!
2: "The Batman" Version - The best version of the fresh Boy Wonder to be found in adaptation.
3: "Young Justice" Version - Jesse McCartney plays a very likable version, despite his Buffy Speak.
4: Comics Versions - Depending on how he was written, he was nice while he lasted.
5: Adam West Version - The hammy "Holy ---, Batman!" version played by Bruce Ward.
6: Animated Version - Nice characterization, but an annoying voice and way too aged up.
7: "B&B" Version - Whenever he had a role or a presence on this show, he was okay.
8: Movies Version - Was cool in "Batman Forever". Then "Batman and Robin" ruined him.
9: Other Versions - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, Video Games, Arkham, Titans, LEGO, etc.

Barbara Gordon
1: Animated Version - She was well handled all the way, even with a weak look and voice in TAS.
2: Comics Versions - Was the first and best Batgirl, but even better once she became Oracle.
3: "The Batman" Version - A very endearing version of the character despite handlement issues.
4: "B&B" Version - Voiced by Mae Whitman, this take on her was pretty fun to have around.
5: "Young Justice" Version - A serviceable version of Babs, well designed and voiced by Xion!
6: Movies Version - Alfred's niece, yet not British? BatGIRL, but no bat nipples? Sorry, but no.
7: Adam West Version - Makes Alicia Silverstone look better. She couldn't even hit anyone!
8: Other Versions- Old cartoons, DTV, "Beware", "Birds of Prey", Video Games, Arkham, LEGOetc.

Lucius Fox
1: Movies Version - Morgan Freeman took this role and made it his own.
2: "The Batman" Version - Was only a character in "The Joining", but was fine for what he was.
3: Animated Version - He rarely appeared, but he was okay when he did.
4: Comics Versions - I barely remember what this guy contributed.
5: Other Versions - There are other versions of this character?

The Joker
1: Animated Version - Mark Hamill made this the perfect take on this villain for all of the DCAU!
2: Movie Versions - Moreso Heath Ledger's take, but Jack Nicholson cannot be ignored either.
3: Comics Versions - Whenever he's well written, he's worthy of being Batman's greatest enemy.
4: Red Hood DTV Version - An animated take on Nicholson, but with a more comics faithful origin
5: "The Batman" Version - A fun, unique Joker, but you can't buy his relationship with Batman.
6: Arkham Games Version - An extra creepy and monstrous version of Batman's main villain.
7: "B&B" Version - A more "safe" version of Joker, but the best campy version you could find.
8: Adam West Version - Caesar Romero's campy take was both funny and annoying, and again, not
a good arch enemy. The hair and suit are also lacking, and he really should've shaved that stache!
9: DCEU Version - Jared Leto actually broke the record and turned out weaker than Caesar Romero!
9: "Young Justice" Version - NO. Weak design, poor character, and Brent Spiner played it all wrong.
10: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", "JOKER", DTV, JLA, Books, Games, LEGO, etc.

The Penguin
1: Adam West Version - Played to perfection by Burgess Meredith, the best was always Penguin!
2: "The Batman" Version - A funny, interesting "Anti-Bruce Wayne" Pengy, voiced by Tom Kenny.
3: Animated Version (TNBA) - The high society crime boss spawned from "Birds Of A Feather."
4: Comics Versions - Either a gentleman thief or an organized crime boss, he's a good villain.
5: "Gotham" Version - Young Ozzy is one of the show's most prominent and interesting villains.
6: Arkham Games Version - An extra evil, surprisingly intimidating version of the character.
7: "B&B" Version - Barely got enough time, but what we saw of him was good enough.
8: Animated Version (TAS) - He usually bored me here, and that goddamn design...ugh!
9: Movies Version - A Tim Burton freakshow Dr. Caligarri version played by Danny DeVito? NO!
10: Others Version - Old cartoons, DTV, Books, Video Games, etc. But none are worse than DeVito! 

1: Comics Versions - The smooth, sexy Anti-Villain thief version of her, particularly by Jeph Loeb.
2: Movie Versions - Moreso Anne Hathaway's take, but Michelle Ptfiefer cannot be ignored either.
3: Arkham Games Version - A great look and Grey Delisle's voice gives us Catwoman at her hottest!
4: "The Batman" Version - An underexposed but overall faithful rendition, despite those stupid ears.
5: "B&B" Version - Again underexposed, but was a cool, classy villainess whenever she was around.
6: Animated Version - Done well on occasions, why did they make her an animal rights activist?
7: Adam West Version - More of a standard villainess, whose actresses kept on getting campier.
8: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", DTV, "Gotham", Video Games, LEGO, etc.

The Riddler
1: Comics Version - Only one iteration: the sly, intelligent, formidable yet zany and whimsical one.
2: "The Batman" Version - A totally creepy, fascinating, smart, even menacing take on the villain.
3: Adam West Version - Frank Gorshin's classic, manic take was what elevated Riddler to fame.
4: Animated Version - Well written and perfectly voiced by John Glover in all three of his episodes.
5: Movies Version - Crazy like Gorshin, but a little too over-the-top and gay. But it IS Jim Carrey.
6: Arkham Games/Video Games Versions - The Riddler just feels so natural when playing games!
7: "B&B" Version - Pretty fun silly version but who didn't do much to stand out or leave an impact.
8: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", DTV, JLA, LEGO, "Gotham", "Young Justice", etc.

1: Animated Version - The best voiced, most well handled version...until TNBA screwed him over.
2: Comics Versions - The classic iteration who always makes things intense...until Two-Face forever!
3: Arkham Games Version - An incredibly menacing yet still sympathetic rendition of Harvey Dent.
4 - Movie Version (TDK) - His screen time was limited and he was a bit much, but still well done.
5: "B&B" Version - Clearly takes after the animated version, but with far less depth or exposure.
6: Adam West Version - William Shatner playing Harvey/Two-Face? That's awesome casting there!
7: Movie Version (BS) - This was NOT Two-Face: this was Tommy Lee Jones' take on the Joker!
8: Other Versions - "Beware", DTV, LEGO, Video Games, etc, but none are worse than Jones' one.

Mr. Freeze
1: Animated Version - The version that redefined Mr. Freeze. None other even comes close!
2: Comics Versions - Only when he was reinvented to be like his animated counterpart.
3: Arkham Games Version - Very well done and well voiced, but feels like we've seen it before.
4: "Young Justice" Version - A very reasonably "cool" and formidable version of this villain.
5: Movies Version - This rendition was terrible, and yet Arnold Schwarzenegger made it so damn fun!
6: "The Batman" Version - Kickass design, cool powers, chilling voice...BAD characterization!
7: "B&B" Version - Generic villain who looks like an ice cream man from outer space!
8: Adam West Version - Only George Sanders worked in the role. The rest were generic.
9: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", "Gotham" DTV, JLA, LEGO, Video Games, etc.

Poison Ivy
1: "The Batman" Version - This teenage Ivy is the coolest, most interesting and sympathetic version.
2: Animated Version - Started out lame, but once she met Harley, it was all uphill for her.
3: Comics Version (Green) - With cool plant powers and a complex character, she's great.
 4: Arkham Games Version - Replicates the best of Ivy's character, and Taiza Valencia nailed it.
5: "B&B" Version - As sexy, greedy, and vain a villainess as you could want Poison Ivy to be.
6: Movies Version - Uma tried her best, but couldn't get past the bad material and ugly costume.
7: Comics Version (Regular) - Sorry, this was a boring gimmicky villainess with bullshit origins.
8: Other Versions - "Young Justice", DTV, LEGO, "Gotham", Books, Video Games, etc.

Harley Quinn
1: Animated Version - The one that started it all: sweet, funny, and delightfully crazy.
2: Comics Version - Usually does great in following the animated version's characterization.
3: "The Batman" Version - A younger, tweaked version of her that still works wonderfully.
4: Arkham Games Version - A unique take on Harley that perfectly compliments the mood.
5: DCEU Version - Even in the face of questionable writing, Margot Robbie killed it in the role!
6: "Birds of Prey" version - She was alright but it's pretty forgettable she was ever even there!
7: "B&B" Version - Still pretty funny, but the design is meh and the voice is way too squeaky.
8: Adam West Versions - Just a bunch of interchangeable predecessors to Harley.
9: Other Versions - Whichever other versions of Harley Quinn are out there.

Ras Al Ghul
1: Animated Version - A well characterized villain with presence, and David Warner just nailed it.
2: Movies Version - Liam Neeson channels David Warner in playing the ingenious Knight Templar.
3: Comics Version - An instant hit when he was introduced, but can lose his luster as he goes on...
4: "B&B" Version - Borrows heavily from the original animated version, but still works well.
5: "Young Justice" Version - Perfectly designed and voiced, but a little undercharacterized.
6: Red Hood DTV Version - He's voiced by Jason Isaacs? What's not to like there?
7: Arkham Games Version: Nice design and role, but has the horrendously miscast voice of Tarrlok!
8: Other Versions - "Beware", "Arrow" "Gotham", DTV, Video Games (Sin Tzu was meant for Ras!)

Talia Al Ghul
1: Animated Version - A well mannered hottie who's easy on the eyes and easy to warm up to.
2: Comic Versions - Sometimes a love interest, more oftentimes a villainess, but usually cool.
3: Arkham Games Version: A pretty accurate replication of the character from the comics.
4: Movies Version - Good, but was a bit mishandled and was only as "Talia" towards the very end.
5: DTV Version - A well designed, well written character, but with awful voice acting!
5: "B&B" Version - Voiced by Andrea Bowen (the Aerith Talia), she worked well.
6: Red Hood DTV Version - Eh, she was okay, but didn't even have any lines.
7: Other Versions - She really doesn't get a whole lot of other versions, does she?

1: Movie Version (TDK) - The coolest, kookiest, most interesting version of the brutal baddie.
2: "Young Justice" Version - The best aspects of Bane distilled into a strong, strategic version.
3: Animated Version - Really came into his own in "TNBA", and was very intimidating!
4: "The Batman" Version - Started out a vicious badass, but decayed into a disposable mook.
5: Comics Versions - A Generic Doomsday Villain who misses more than he hits, sadly.
6: "B&B" Version - Another generic version: not really anything worth noting here.
7: Arkham Games Versions - A powerful video game boss character, but little more.
8: Movie Version (BS) - A big, dumb beast of a mook and slave to Poison Ivy. LAME!

1: Arkham Games Version - Started off fearsome enough, but ascended to a new level in "Knight".
2: Comics Versions - His psychology and fear antics work excellently on the comic pages.
3: Animated Version - Started out lame, but got scarier and scarier as he went along.
4: Movies Version - Cillian Murphy plays a great Crane, but his time as Scarecrow is limited.
5: "B&B" Version - Rather generic and really not all too scary at all.
6: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", DTV, Video Games, etc.

Killer Croc
1: Arkham Games Version - The scariest and most awe-inspiring version of the character to date!
2: "The Batman" Version - Took a while to get used to, but Ron Perlman's take is pretty endearing.
3: "Beware The Batman" Version - The spiritual successor to the above incarnation.
4: Animated Version - "Throw a rock at him!" Got anything else, Croc?
5: "B&B" Version - Serviceable yet fairly generic and unremarkable.
6: Comics Version - This guy usually doesn't do anything for me.
7: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Video Games, DCEU, LEGO, etc.

1: "The Batman" Version - Bennett's is the most tragic version, while Karlo's had the best animation.
2: Animated Version - Ron Perlman's voice and "Mudslide" are his only redeeming qualities.
3: "Young Justice" Version - An overly monstrous version who posed a decent threat.
4: Arkham Games Version - Holy fuck, this monstrosity is almost too scary!
5: Comics Versions - Often one of the blander villains in Batman's rogues gallery.
6: Other Versions - Old cartoons/"Super Friends", "Gotham", DTV, Video Games, LEGO, etc.

Black Mask
1: Red Hood DTV Version - Wade Williams' voice makes him steal all the scenes he's featured in.
2: Arkham Games Version - Is made everyone's buttmonkey and is oddly sympathetic because of it!
3: "The Batman" Version - Started out pretty underwhelming, but he managed to get really badass.
4: "B&B" Version - A cartoonish adaptation of the gangster's earliest phase and an okay one.
5: Comics Versions - Started out alright, but when he became "Blackface Red Skull", he got awful!
6: Other Versions - DTV, Books, "Gotham", Video Games, etc.

Hugo Strange 
1: Arkham Games Version - "Arkham City" Hugo Strange voiced by Corey Burton FTW!
2: "The Batman" Version - Batman's most major and personal enemy in the series, characterized 
and voiced greatly by both the late Frank Gorshin and a terrific stand-in, Richard Green.
3: Comics Versions - The first noteworthy arch villain Batman ever faced, but rather generic.
4: "Gotham" Version - Perfectly cast character and a better Big Bad than this series deserved.
5: Adam West version - Made it into this canon through an animated DTV and was pretty fun!
6: DC Nation Version - Brian George nailed it. This is what the below version should've been!
7: Animated Version - A one-dimensional villain of one episode, but was entertaining nonetheless.
8: Gaslight DTV Version - A re-imagining of the bad doctor in old London, England. He's alright.
9: "Young Justice" Version - A bland character whose voice sounds way too young for him.
10: "B&B" Version - Was just a non-speaking cameo getting his ass kicked.

Mad Hatter 
1: Animated Version - A very fun and interesting rouge, sold by the late Roddy McDowell's voice.
2: Comics Versions - Can be fun sometimes, just plain cheesy and underwhelming at other times.
3: Arkham Games Version - A memorable and genuinely creepy take on the Hatter.
4: Adam West Version - One-shot campy villain in a campy show.
5: Other Versions - Old cartoons, "Gotham", Video Games, LEGO, etc.

1: Comics Versions - A good tragic figure and fearsome monster.
2: "The Batman" Version - A fearsome monster but not a tragic figure.
3: Animated Version - A tragic figure but not a fearsome monster.
4: Other Versions - From Video Games.

1:"The Batman" Version - The only fun and interesting version, period.
2: Comics & Arkham Games Versions - Works well as a crazy arsonist.
3: Animated Version - He was a boring, lovestruck LOSER!
4: Other Versions - There are other versions?

Ventriloquist and Scarface
1: Animated Version - Easily the one with best characterization and impact.
2: "The Batman" Version - Follows closely behind, but just a tad watered down.
3: Comics Versions - Sometimes creepy, sometimes narmy. "Gatman and Rogin!"
4: Other Versions - From Video Games.


Peter Parker 
1: Movies Versions - Props to Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland for their performances, which were solid despite writing issues. They embody the comic character perfectly.
2: Comics Versions - Slides between humorous/intelligent and foolish/wangsty, but mostly likable and relatable. Before the 90's drove him to irreversible madness, he was a great lead character.
3: Ultimate Version - Has a nice modern edge to him, but would better if he were less angry!
4: Insomniac Version - This is the guy that the character in the comics always SHOULD be!
5: "Spectacular" Version - Is often written as too foolish and has a kiddy design, thus harder to like.
6: Spider-Man (17) Version - Better looking than the above, but Robbie Daymond is no Josh Keaton.
7: 90's Show Version - Is bland, melodramatic, and way too muscular.
8: Old Cartoons Versions - Pretty dull and generic, especially the 70's one.
9: Other Versions - "Unlimited", MTV Show, "Ultimate", Video Games, Books, etc.
1: Comics Versions - The original just can't be topped.
2: 90's Show Version - A great model, and Chris Barnes has great comedic timing for one-liners.
3: "Spectacular" Version - A sleeker character model with great animation and the perfect voice.
4: Spider-Man (17) Version - Virtually identical to the above, but Robbie Daymond is no Josh Keaton.
5: Ultimate Version - Is a good a Spidey as he can be, but maybe a little too silly at times.
6: Insomniac Version - The costume isn't the best, but the playability and characterization sure is!
7: Movies Versions - All are great action heroes, though I think Maguire wore the best costume.
8: Old Cartoons Versions - Cheaply animated standard versions, especially the 70's one.
9: Other Versions - "Unlimited", MTV Show, Electric Company, "Ultimate",Video Games, Books, etc.

Mary Jane Watson
1: Comics Versions - Again, can't top the original: a fun, fiery red-head party girl with hidden depths.
2: Ultimate Version - A smarter, sweeter, more "normal" version of MJ but every bit as lovable.
3: Movies Version - Kirsten Dunst did the absolute best with what she was given in all three films.
4: MCU Version - OK, she might be "Michelle Jones" at the start, but she makes a mighty fine MJ.
5: Insomniac Version - Being a journalist might seem a bit too Lois Lane, but her character is great.
6: "Spectacular" Version - A faithful representation of the comics version, but she went nowhere.
7: Other Versions - "Spidey Loves MJ", Unlimited", MTV Show, "Ultimate", Video Games, Books, etc.
8: 90's Show Version - Ugly design, ugly outfit, ugly voice, ugly character. MARY JANE!!!
9: Old Cartoon Version - Composite character with Gwen with an irritatingly generic voice.

Gwen Stacy  
1: Ultimate Version - Skanky, rebellious bad girl with a heart of gold Gwen is the most interesting.
2: Comics Versions - From the late-Ditko and early-Romita eras, before she died inside and outside.
3: Spider-Man (17) Version - Academic alpha bitch Gwen combines the best of all and is awesome.
4: "Spectacular" Version - Deb Whitman-esque Gwen was very likable but was cut off too soon.
5: Movies Versions - Both Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone have good renditions of Gwen.
6: Spider-Gwen Versions - It's a cool and likable character, but blatantly reeks of pandering.
7: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, "Spidey Loves MJ", Alice May of "Mystery Inc.", etc.
8: 90's Show Version - Only showed up in the finale, acting like Ditko-era Gwen oddly enough.
9: Old Cartoon Version - Composite character with MJ with an irritatingly generic voice.

Harry Osborn
1: Movies Version - James Franco's Harry was the coolest, most likable, and most developed one.
2: "Spectacular" Version - A very interesting, well developed version of Harry cut off too soon.
3: Comics Versions - Okay, but alternated between interesting and obnoxious on a regular basis.
4: MTV Show Version - Heavily basing himself off of Franco's take, he was actually really cool.
5: Spider-Man (17) Version - Borrows from other versions and brings a lot of heart to the show.
6: Movies Reboot Version - Dane Dehann looked the part, but he was not accurate to the character.
7: Ultimate Version - A pretty bland side character who was only ever involved in Goblin stories.
8: 90's Show Version - An ugly dressed, whiny little prick with a grating voice!
9: Other Versions - "Ultimate", "Spidey Loves MJ", Video Games, Books, etc

J. Jonah Jameson
1: Comics Version - When written as a hilarious yet three-dimensional character, he is the greatest!
2: Movies Version - Though in a limited comic relief role, JK Simmons WAS the character!
3: "Spectacular" Version - A very fun version with bombastic voice work by Darren Norris.
4: 90's Show Version - Great design, great character, and Ed Asner's voice was pitch-perfect.
5: Spider-Man (17) Version - TV News Pundit Jameson done correctly and Bob Joles nails it.
6: Video Games Versions - Fred Tatasciore's and Darren De Paul's are particularly hilarious.
7: MCU Version - Confirmed to exist...and it's JK Simmons again 'cause there could be none better!
8: Old Cartoons Versions - The 70's one was kind of annoying, but the 80's one was actually okay.
9: Ultimate Version - A blander "realistic" JJ with a far more mean spirited sense of humor. Bleh!
10: Other Versions - "Unlimited", MTV Show, Animated, etc. (MTV version sucked too!)

Aunt May:
1: Movies Version - Rosemary Harris gave a special sort of warmth and depth to this role.
2: "Spectacular" Version - A gentle, slightly younger version, voiced well by Deborah Strang.
3: Comics Versions - Mainly when she's kind and wise rather than ill and senile.
4: Movies Reboot Version and MCU Version - Sally Field was rather wasted in the role
and Marisa Tomei as a way younger than usual Aunt May doesn't really do much for me.
5: Insomniac Version - Brings some emotional highlights to the game. Spoilers: she actually dies!
6: Spider-Man (17) Version - Fairly standard version of Aunt May, but she's okay.
6: Ultimate Versions - A much younger, much crazier, less likable take on Aunt May.
7: 90's Show Version - The ill and senile variation of Aunt May taken up to eleven.
8: Old Cartoon Versions - A senile old bitch who doesn't do much of anything at all.

Flash Thompson
1: "Spectacular" Version -The funniest, most well defined and endearing version of the bullying jock.
2: Comics Version - Was on the right track as a growing character until his affair in Vietnam.
3: 90's Show Version - A likable jerky supporting character, though his voice was a bit off.
4: MTV Show Version - His one episode made up for the Movie version he was based on.
5: Spider-Man (2017) -  A very funny character and probably the nicest version of Flash.
6: Movies Reboot Version - A jerk jock to the extreme, but in this movie, he was in-character!
7: Ultimate Version - Less likable bully and never got the chance to properly develop past that.
8: Movies Version - Nothing more than a generic spiky haired, jacket wearing cardboard bully!
9: MCU Version - Not a jock or much of a nerd, with little to no redeeming qualities whatsoever!
10: Other Versions - Old cartoons, "Ultimate", "Spidey Loves MJ", Books, etc. Generic doofus bullies.

Liz Allan
1: Comics Version - The most rounded out and appealing Liz Allan to this day.
2: "Spidey-Loves-MJ" Version - An interesting tomboyish take on the character that works.
3: "Spectacular" Version - A lovable Latino take on Liz, but subject to Romantic Plot Tumor.
4: Spider-Man (17) Version - Has a pretty adorable design and a really damn endearing character.
5: MCU Version - Laura Harrier did fine with what she was given, but she wasn't given much.
6: Ultimate Version - An annoying, slutty mutantphobe who then becomes Firestar? The F***?
7: 90's Show Version - A bland nonentity side character with a grating voice.
8: Other Versions - Poor Liz doesn't fare too well in many adaptations.

Betty Brant
1: Movies Version - The most likable version, portrayed by a perfect actress.
2: Ultimate Version - A hilariously crazy, stressed out version of Betty.
3: "Spectacular" Version - A decent iteration but she didn't really amount to much.
4: Comics Version - A whiny bimbo bitch Lois Lane knockoff who got better with age.
5: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A bland take on Betty who just goes through the motions.
6: Old Cartoons Versions - Both were annoying, especially the bitchy 80's version.
7: MCU Version - I like her and all this Betty Brant or is this Gwen Stacy?

 Robbie Robertson
1: Comics Version - A fine supporting character with great interactions with J Jonah Jameson.
2: 90's Show Version - One of the show's best supporting characters, despite his silly pink shirt.
3: Movies Version - A bigger and fatter Robbie that usual, but he worked well with what he had.
4: "Spectacular" Version - Phil Lamar was great but the character was overshadowed by his son.
5: Spider-Man (17) Version - They got Ernie Hudson as his voice - that gets him major cool points!
6: Ultimate Versions - A bland Robbie who supports the bland Jonah.
7: Old Cartoon Version - Generic and forgettable. "BUT JONAH!"

Captain George Stacy
1: "Spectacular" Version - The coolest version by far. Clancy Brown was perfect in the role.
2: Ultimate Version - A younger, more relatable take on the good police captain.
3: Movies Versions - Both actors made the most of their roles, especially Dennis Leary.
4: Comics Version - Well written, but a bit too old looking and was used to derail Gwen's character.
5. "Ultimate" Version - His design is way too Jim Gordon, and his voice annoys the crap out of me!
6: Old Cartoon Version - Utterly bland and forgettable character with a really weak design.

Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin
1: Comics Version - In the original Lee-Ditko-Romita era and at least five big stories since 
his revival, he's been a worthy arch enemy and unquestionably Spidey's greatest villain.
2: "Spectacular" Version - The best adaptation of him to date, with pitch perfect voice acting.
3: Movies Version - Willem Dafoe rocked the part in spite of his ridiculous costume and material.
4: Spider-Man (17) Version - Doesn't get to be the Goblin for a while yet is still an incredible villain!
5: 90's Show Version - A weak version of Norman but an overall decent Goblin.
6: Ultimate Versions - A decent version of Norman but an overall awful Goblin!
7: Old Cartoons Versions - Standard fun but campy supervillains.
8: Other Versions - "Unlimited", Books, Video Games, SHS, Movies Reboot, etc.

Doctor Octopus
1: Comics Version - The original eight-armed evil super genius is still the best.
2: Movies Version - A bit composited with Lizard, but Alfred Molina freaking sold it.
3: Ultimate Version - A more vicious, evil, insane version of the Molina Doc Ock.
4: Insomniac Version - A major fixture of the first game and a chillingly great character.
5: "Spectacular" Version - Superb writing, animation, and voicework overcomes the lacking design.
6: Spider-Man (17) Version - A 19-20 year old Doc Ock who worked a lot better than he should've.
7: 90's Show Version - Was awesome in his first few appearances, but then he went WAY downhill!
8: "Ultimate" Version - A weird but unique take on Ock, voiced well by Tom Kenny. He's alright.
9: Old Cartoons Versions - Particularly the original 70's one. Michael Bell's take was annoying.
10: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, SHS, Into The Spiderverse, etc.

Eddie Brock
1: Movies Version - Topher Grace's smarmy Anti-Peter was my favorite take on Brock.
2: "Spectacular" Version - A very well done, far more fleshed out version of the character.
3: Ultimate Version - Redefined Eddie Brock, and is mostly great but with a few issues.
4: 90's Show Version - A superior version of Comics the first season at least.
5: MCU Version - Tom Hardy is perfectly cast, but his Eddie is just too likable and....good guy.
6: Spider-Man (17) Version - Sean Schemmel voices him well, but he could've been better developed.
7: Comics Version (Michelene) - A throwaway character with dumb motivations, but not all bad.
8: Comics Version - Got even worse as he went on! A piss poor, bland and retarded character.
1: Comics Version (Michelene) - There can be no denying the original impact Venom had as a villain.
2: 90's Show Version - An awesome, scary, memorable the first season at least.
3: "Spectacular" Version - Was a great, compelling, freakish foe, but that design is kinda lame.
4: Spider-Man (17) Version - Among the best Venoms; a wonderful, scary villain and a cool design. 
5: Movies Version - Got little screen time and development, but he made a perfect final villain.
6: MCU Version - I like Tom Hardy, but not a fan of hero Venom who's nothing to do with Spidey.
7: "Ultimate" Version - Almost perfect design...surprisingly boring character! And it's Harry? What?8: Ultimate Version - An atrocious design, bullshit origins, and absolutely no real character to him.
9: Comics Version - The more he kept going, Venom just got painful to read and to look at! Eugh!
10: Other Versions - "Unlimited", Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

The Hobgoblin
1: Comics Version - Roderick Kingsley is the original and best Hobgoblin! 
2: 90's Show Version - Voiced by Mark Hamill, he was a perfect adaptation until he was unmasked.
3: "Spectacular" Version - Roderick was great...if only we'd gotten to see him as Hobgoblin!
4: Spider-Man (17) Version - First it's Harry, than Norman? Either way, a good Beta Test Baddie.
5: Ultimate Version - This one's just Harry Osborn as a Hulk Goblin? No....just no. It doesn't work.
6: Video Game Version - "I am the Hobgoblin!" Blum, that's the Green Goblin voice. You did this!
7: Other Versions: Whatever other versions there are...

The Scorpion
1: Movies Version (game) - The tie-in game for the first movie had the most terrifying version.
2: Comics Version - The original character has lots of potential that doesn't always get used. 
3: 90's Show Version - Started out a badass with a weak voice, became a lamer with a better voice.
4: Old Cartoons Versions - Cheaply designed and animated, but a faithful representation overall. 
5: Ultimate Version - A random Spidey clone who goes by "Scorpion." No Mac Gargan here!
6: "Ultimate" Version - Interesting design and voice, not so interesting character.
7: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, MCU, Spider-Man (17), etc.

The Sandman
1: "Spectacular" Version - The definitive Sandman. Great character, animation, and voice.
2: Comics Version - A cool supervillain, though he lost my interest when he reverted back to crime.
3: Movies Version - Awesome SFX and Thomas Hayden Church nailing it make up for poor writing.
4: Old Cartoons Version - Fun but campy bad guy. Ultimately forgettable.
5: Ultimate Versions - A bland thug with only powers to distinguish him. 
6: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, SHS, Spider-Man (17), etc.

The Vulture
1: Comics Version - The original old vulture is best, especially when written by Roger Stern.
2: "Spectacular" Version - Kickass, appropriately colored design, and voiced by Freddy Krueger!
3: Movies Version - The Ben Kinglsey-esque one in the games shows what we could have had.
4: MCU Version - Michael Keaton plays much different take on Toomes, but makes it works so well!
5: Spider-Man (17) Version - Clearly piggybacking off of Keaton's take. For what he is, he's alright.
6: Old Cartoons Versions - Fun but campy bad guys. Reasonably well portrayed for the time.
7: Ultimate Version - Tries to go for menacing, but it doesn't quite come off.
8: 90's Show Version - Noooo, not the lame 90's youth draining Vulture!
9: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, "Unlimited", "Ultimate", etc.

The Lizard
1: Comics Version - Might as well be the standard version since all Lizard stories are derived from it.
2: "Spectacular" Version - The most ferocious adaptation, with a great design and animation.
3: 90's Show Version - Was the scary villain of a great series premiere, then was made a big joke.
4: MTV Show Version - Sort of like if Movies Connors had become the Lizard, but is rather generic.
5: Movies Reboot Version - Laughably bad CG design, weak plan, boring villain. 
6: Old Cartoon Version - Incredibly cheap. Am I supposed to be scared of that thing?
7: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, Manga, SHS, Spider-Man (17), MCU, etc.

1: "Spectacular" Version - The most compelling version, with an awesome design and voice.
2: Comics Version - Despite his goofy helmet, he's a very entertaining baddie to be reckoned with.
3: Ultimate Version - Delightfully creepy punk take on Electro who works for the Kingpin.
4: Old Cartoons Versions - His startfish-head look made him blend right in with the cheesiness.
5: Movie and "Ultimate" Versions - Sorry, not a fan of the "blue skin with white streaks" look.
6: MTV Show Version - This version of Electro, voiced by Ethan Embry, was an irritating loser!
7: 90's Show Version - Red Skull's uber-powerful son was pretty much Electro in name only.
8: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, Manga, SHS, Spider-Man (17), etc.

1: 90's Show Version: - The coolest version to date. Great look, great powers, and Jim Cummings!
2: "Spectacular" Version - Montana makes for one of the more distinguishable Shockers. 
3: Comics Version - Sometimes he's cool, other times he's just boring and lame.
4: Old Cartoons Versions - Even more boring and lame, and ultimately forgettable. 
5: Ultimate Version - Was this series' Dr. Light or Dr. Animo. A total punching bag. Lame! 
6: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, MCU, Spider-Man (17), etc.

The Rhino
1: "Spectacular" Version - The definitive Rhino. Clancy Brown sells the part of a hilariously dim brute.
2: 90's Show Version - Sometimes he was fun, other times he was dull and annoying. 
3: Comics Version - Come to think of it, that's how he always was in the comics too!
4: Movies Reboot Version - It's Paul Giamatti, so you know there'll be SOME entertainment here. 
5: Ultimate Versions - Making the Rhino less human does not make him more interesting. 
6: Old Cartoons Versions - Lame, boring, forgettable, cheesy...need I go on? 
7: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, SHS, Spider-Man (17) etc.

1: Old Cartoon Version - He fit seamlessly into the campy cartoons, and Chris Wiggins nailed it. 
2: Comics Version - A diabolical and fun supervillain for Spidey to face in any era of his career.
3: MCU Version - Jake Gyllenhaal delivered as perfect a big screen Mysterio as you could ask for.
4: "Spectacular" Version - Marvelously hammy and cool, but the "Beck-bot" gimmick got old fast.
5: 90's Show Version - Maybe it's his look or his weird-ass backstory, but something here
6: Ultimate Version - There's an actor playing "Mysterio" but the real Mysterio is someone else? 
7: Movies Version - I will forever maintain that Bruce Campbell was Quentin Beck all along.
8: Other Versions - Video Games, Books, Manga, SHS, Spider-Man (17), "Amazing Friends", etc. 

The Chameleon
1: 90's Show Version - Great design, a holo-belt, kickass theme music, and no voice? Perfect!
2: Comics Version - Prefer the holo-belt rendition, but he was always an interesting villain.
3: "Spectacular" Version - Steve Blum did well, but the villain himself wasn't too memorable.
4: Old Cartoon Version - The campiest version of Chamelon ever, voiced by Hans Conreid.
5: Ultimate Version - Where's his face? Is this supposed to be the Chameleon or the Question? 
6: Other Versions- Video Games, Books, Spider-Man (17), Decoy Octopus of "Metal Gear Solid", etc.

Kraven The Hunter
1: Ultimate Version - Kraven's a joke of a villain, and this version was honest about that.
2: Game Version - Jim Cummings made Kraven sound so much cooler than he really is! 
3: Spider-Man (17) Version - One of the fiercest and one of the funniest takes on Kraven ever.
4: MTV Show Version - A genuinely badass modernized version voiced by Michael Dorn.
5: "Spectacular" Version - Great design and voice, but got lame when he became the beast Kraven.
6: 90's Show Version -  As lame a villain as ever. Was way better as a hero than as a villain! 
7: Comics Version: Weak ass villain. Is only ever remembered for "Kraven's Last Hunt."
8: Old Cartoons Versions - More boring than usual! They didn't even get the accent right! 
9: Other Versions - "Ultimate", Video Games, Books, etc.

Felicia Hardey/Black Cat
1: Comics Version - Was best when she was a villain and a sole anti-hero. NOT as a girlfriend! 
2: "Spectacular" Version - A very interesting and risque young version, but she got cut off too soon.
3: 90's Show Version - Great Felicia Hardy, but awful super soldier Black Cat.
4: Ultimate Version - Great Black Cat, but not much of a Felicia Hardy.
5: Spider-Man (17) Version - A return to the character's roguish roots. She's alright.
6: Video Games Versions - Their strength varies, but the portrayals are usually good.
7: Old Cartoon Version - A straight-up villainess with a campy "catty" voice. Bleh!

1: 90's Show Version - The one you'll most remember when you hear "Morbius". He craved Plasma! 
2: Comics Version - Sometimes he was pretty cool, but he often wasn't very interesting.
3: Ultimate Version - Even less interesting than the above version, and a boring straight-up hero.
4: Video Game Version - Strange subject of a difficult subplot in the "Spider-Man 3" game. 
5: Other Versions - Old Cartoons, Books, SHS, etc.

1: "Spectacular" Version - The Big Man redefined Tombstone as we know him. Awesome villain.
2: Comics Version - Started out an interesting and menacing crimelord, ended up a cheap thug.
3: 90's Show Version - Just a cheap thug with a Joker rip-off origin!

The Kingpin
1: Comics Version - The original Kingpin Of Crime that all other versions are derived from.
2: Ultimate Version - A giant, menacing, pure evil but still very interesting take on Fisk.
3: 90's Show Version - Suffered from overexposure and misuse, but Roscoe Lee Brown nailed him.
4: Netflix Series Version - This take is unique, compelling and dark, and Vincent D'onofrio nails it.
5: Movie Version - Despite the subpar movie, Michael Clarke Duncan was perfectly cast in the part.
6: Video Games Versions - Many good Video Games have had Fisk as an intimidating antagonist.
7: Into The Spiderverse version - The writing is spot on. Design and voice acting, not so much.
8: Old Cartoons Versions - Cheesy cartoon gangsters with fairly limited presence. 


Charles Xavier
1: Movies Version - Patrick Stewart and James McAvey are the perfect embodiment of the prof.
2: "Evolution" Version - When not limited, his design, voice, and presence really shines.
3: "Wolverine" Version - As well portrayed as you should expect the professor to be.
4: 90's Show Version - An intriguing character but with a horrendously ill-fitting voice!
5: Comics Versions - His concept is solid, but his execution sometimes fails him.
6: Ultimate Version - I'm sorry, but I think this guy is just a dick!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Movies Version - Ian McKellan and Michael Fassbender both make the definitive Magneto.
2: "Wolverine" Version - Perfect design and voice, with a morally ambiguous character too.
3: Comics Versions - Really came into his own as the Malcolm X of mutant rights.
4: 90's Show Version - Started off so well but kept losing his luster past the first season.
5: "Evolution" Version - A menacing adversary, but too much of a deep voiced villain!
6: Ultimate Version - Dives straight into mutant Hitler territory and it is not pleasant!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: 90's Show Version - The most likable and well written version, with Carl Dodd's iconic voice.
2: Movies Version - Is used and written poorly sometimes, but Hugh Jackman just nails him!
3: "Evolution" Version - A gruff mentor with a heart of gold is a role Logan works well in.
4: "Wolverine" Version - Steve Blum's voice can't disguise the spotlight hogging Marty Stu that he is!
5: Comics Versions - Started out well, then got Wolverine Publicity and became a Marty Stu.
6: Ultimate Version - Is everything the above is and manages to be so much worse about it!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Movies Version - Kelsey Grammer IS the character, and that makeup is just fantastic.
2: 90's Show Version - Managed just the right balance between intellectual and beastly.
3: "Wolverine" Version - Another fine balance with a perfect design and voice too.
4: "Evolution" Version - He was okay, but what is up with that bulbous nose?
5: Ultimate Version - A younger, geekier Beast worked out in the right occasions.
6: Comics Versions - Started out well, then just became a pretty bland character.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: "Evolution" Version - A younger, more likable and engaging version of Cyclops than most.
2: 90's Show Version - His voice might have been corny, but he was a perfect heroic leader.
3: Movies Version - His role might have been shit, but James Marsden has serious charisma.
4: Comics Versions - Sometimes a good hero, other times a bland, self-righteous moron.
5: Ultimate Version - More of a moron than usual who gets showed up by Wolverine!
6: "Wolverine" Version - The same as the Ultimate version, but this one ends up evil!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

Jean Grey
1: Comics Versions - The original Phoenix will always be the one who burns brightest.
2: "Evolution" Version - A very likable young Jean with the perfect design and voice.
3: 90's Show Version - A near perfect replication of the character from the comics.
4: "Wolverine" Version - Had a decent presence, but was mostly a Satellite Love Interest.
5: Movies Version - I never quite bought Famke Janssen in the role, and Phoenix was awful!
6: Ultimate Version - Inconsistent. Way too inconsistent, to the point where she's a joke.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Comics Version - The Storm with the most history and characterization behind her.
2: "Wolverine" Version - The spirit of the character was very faithfully kept in tact.
3: Ultimate Version - A younger, more easy going Storm worked out in the right occasions.
4: "Evolution" Version - A solid incarnation that should have been given more to work with.
5: Movies Version - Halle Berry's okay, but she manages to get worse with each movie.
6: 90's Show Version - Good lord, this woman's campy melodramatic hamminess gets unbearable!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Movies Version - Anna Paquin adds a lot to the role, and the character develops nicely.
2: "Wolverine" Version - A more morally ambiguous Paquin-esque version works wonderfully.
3: Ultimate Version - She has some similarities to the above two, but not quite as engaging.
4: 90's Show Version - A fine character whenever she's not too powered or lost in sob stories.
5: "Evolution" Version - This goth punk Rogue was a Dues Ex Machina and borderline Sue!
6: Comics Versions - I'm sorry, but she was far too evil at first for her redemption to be believable.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Movies Version - Gets more involved with each movie until he becomes the Iceman!
2: "Spider-Man" Version - Spidey's amazing friend with Fred Jones' voice was very enjoyable.
3: "Wolverine" Version - The spirit of the character was very faithfully kept in tact.
4: 90's Show Version - Didn't look that impressive, and Dennis Akayama didn't sound quite right.
5: "Evolution" Version - Would have been better without Andrew Francis' grating voice.
6: Comics Version - Sometimes he's cool, other times he just blends in with the crowd.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Ultimate, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: 90's Show Version - The show portrayed him as a definitive 90's badass hero.
2: "Wolverine" Version - Might actually be a better Wolverine than Wolverine in this show!
3: "Evolution" Version - An intriguing character as both a bad guy and a good guy.
4: Ultimate Version - A bit crazier than normal Gambit, but it actually worked out.
5: Movies Version - Was okay for the few minutes of screen time they gave him.
6: Comics Versions - A sloppily written and redundant character who somehow got popular.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: 90's Show Version - The one, true Dumbass In Distress incarnation is the most memorable.
2: Comics Version - When she's handled well, she can be really fun to read.
3: "Evolution" Version - Needed more screen time, but she was okay.
4: Ultimate Version - Does she really do much?
5: Movies Version - Does she do anything at all?
6: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, etc.

1: Movies Version - Alan Cummings nailed this role, making him one of the films' best characters.
2: Comics Versions - When written as a good balance between playful jokester and man of faith.
3: "Wolverine" Version - The spirit of the character was very faithfully kept in tact.
4: 90's Show Version - A one episode wonder with a memorable voice and design.
5: "Evolution" Version - Would have been better without Brad Swaile's girly voice.
6: Ultimate Version - A raging Bible-thumping Christian zealot who's no fun at all.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

Emma Frost
1: "Wolverine" Version - Her character was so great that the show should have been named after her!
2: Movies Version - Don't know what people bitch about. I thought January Jones nailed this role.
3: Anime Version - The design, animation, and Alli Hillis' voice makes this incarnation so alluring.
4: Comics Version - Started out well, then she became a whiny brat and a female Wolverine!
5: 90's Show Version - Not very well characterized and not very attractive either.
6: Ultimate Version - A bigger slut than the original version could ever be!
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: "Wolverine" Version - That buff yet sleek design and manly voice makes this version stand out.
2: "Evolution" Version - This Pietro was a f**king sociopath, and that made him enjoyable to watch!
3: Movies Version - Shows up for a short while but manages to steal every single one of his scenes.
4: Comics Version - Started out well, but then he played the evil trick on Ben Grimm!
5: 90's Show Version - Was average, but usually overshadowed by his sister.
6: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, MCU, SHS, etc.
7: Ultimate Version - A complete douche who has the hots for his sister. Eww!

Scartlet Witch
1: "Wolverine" Version - The best version of Wanda, with Kate Higgins' perfect voice.
2: "Evolution" Version - Wanda as a punk rock teenager worked jarringly well.
3: 90's Show Version - A sympathetic and memorable version of Wanda.
4: Comics Versions - Started out well, but lost her luster eventually.
5 "Avengers" Version - Was average in design, voice, and character.
6: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, MCU, SHS, etc.
7: Ultimate Version - This Wanda was just a skanky, incestuous HO!!!

1: Movies Version - Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence are the definitive Mystique.
2: "Wolverine" Version - A compelling anti villainess with a wonderful voice and design.
3: 90's Show Version - Is both creepy and yet very good at evoking sympathy.
4: "Evolution" Version - Never much cared for this evil man-woman, but she's okay.
5: Comics Versions - Is she kinda good or really bad? Make up your mind!
6: Ultimate Version - As is typical, the Ultimate version finishes last.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, SHS, etc.

Mr. Sinister
1: 90's Show Version - Chris Britton's chilling voice made him a wonderfully evil presence in the plot.
2: "Wolverine" Version - His role and Clancy Brown's voice makes his Apocalypse plot bearable.
3: Comics Version - Started out as an intriuging villain, then he became linked to Apocalypse.
4: Ultimate Version - An evil tattooed body builder thug? NO. That is not even close!
5: Other Versions - Video Games, etc. Though none can be worse than the Ultimate one.

1: "Wolverine" Version - The design, voice, and character were nailed so hard here.
2: 90's Show Version - A complete monster with a vicious presence and Don Franck's voice.
3: Movies Version - Is he Wolverine's brother or not? Either way, his actors did him justice.
4: "Evolution" Version - Not a big fan of that design and he ultimately failed to come off.
5: Comics Versions - Started out well, but soon become a rather boring character.
6: Ultimate Version - An extra beastly Sabretooth isn't any more interesting.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, etc.

The Juggernaut
1: "Wolverine" Version - As with Sabretooth, everything about this villain was nailed here.
2: 90's Show Version - A standard version of the character, but one that worked well.
3: "Evolution" Version - Started out so well but soon devolved into a mindless terrorist.
4: Movies Version - "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!" No, you're not!
5: Ultimate Version - The mechanized Juggernaut was boring. Yawn.
6: Comics Versions - Started out well, but soon became a rather boring character.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, etc.

Senator Kelly
1: "Wolverine" Version - A perfect design and Richard Doyle's voice made this character stand out.
2: 90's Show Version - As well portrayed as an anti-mutant bigot could be on a cartoon show.
3: Movies Version - Bruce Davison looked and performed the part so perfectly for his one movie.
4: "Evolution" Version - A younger version of Kelley worked well with what he had.
5: Comics Versions - Started out well, but soon devolved into "WE HATE MUTANTS!"
6: Ultimate Version - The beard doesn't work on him, and he has little to no presence.
7: Other Versions - Cartoons, Anime, Books, Video Games, etc.


Wonder Woman
1: Live TV Version - Lynda Carter simply embodied this character beautifully!
2: DTV Version - A very fun and compelling incarnation of Diana in her early days.
3: DCEU Version - For once, Wondy rose to bigger stardom that Superman or Batman!
4: Comics Version - When written right, she's the greatest superheroine of all time.
5: "B&B" Version - So good, she's arguably even cooler than Batman on this show!
6: "Young Justice" Version - She's definitely one of the JLA's better members here.
7: JL DTV Version - Lucy Lawless was well cast, but she could have been better.
8: Video Games Versions - They're often perfectly decent for what they are.
9: DCAU Version - Great design and voice, but wow was her characterization off!
10: Super Friends Version - Like her teammates, she was just always so...meh.
11: Other Versions - The worst being that horrendous unaired TV pilot version!

Black Canary
1: "Young Justice" Version - The look, the voice, and the attitude were gotten down right.
2: DCAU Version - An awesome character whose design could have been a bit better.
3: "B&B" Version - One of the most appealing guest star heroines to appear.
4: Comics Version - She's at her best when she's away from Oliver. Or Batman.
5: "Birds Of Prey" Version - Sometimes okay, but man could she get whiny!
6: Other Versions - "Arrow", Spin-offs, Books, Video Games, etc.

The Teen Titans
1: Teen Titans" Version - The most enjoyable version that most people are going to remember.
2: Comics Versions - The members, writing, and handling changes, but when they're good...
3: DTV Version - Looks to be a compelling and faithful representation of the team's best members.
4: Video Game Versions - The Titans' video game incarnations have been serviceable.
5: New 52 Version - This is a very underwhelming team. So much so that it's lousy!
6: TTG Version - Forever tarnished the Titans' image. Teen Titans Go? More like TEEN TITANS NO!
(Also 6: "Titans" Version - "Fuck Batman!" Guys, no. That's WAY too far the other direction!)
Deathstroke The Terminator
1: "Teen Titans" Version - Ron Perlman's Slade is one of the coolest animated supervillains ever.
2: Old Comics Version - Back in his early days before he was turned into a total Sue, he was great.
3: Video Games Versions - The ones from Injustice and DC vs Mortal Kombat are especially good.
4: "Arrow" Version - Manu Bennett's Slade made an excellent second season Big Bad on this show.
5: "Judas Contract" version - Redeemed Slade's DTV depiction and was Miguel Ferrer's final role.
6: Arkham Games Version - A scary, lethal foe voiced perfectly by Mark Rolston, but nothing else.
7: DCEU Version - At the very least, Joe Manganiello is as perfect a fit for the role as Manu was.
8: "Beware The Batman" Version - Feels a bit tacked on, but is a pretty decent antagonist overall.
9: "Young Justice" Version - Honesty something of a letdown. His look here does nothing for me.
10: Comics Versions, post Wolfman/Perez - Dude, I do not care about you anymore. Piss off!
11: Other DTV Versions - Pretty bad and forgettable overall except for "The Flashpoint Paradox".
12: "Smallville" Version - THAT'S supposed to be Slade Wilson? NO.

1: "Teen Titans" Version - The definitive Terra - a perfect distillation of all the character should be.
2: Terra III/Atlee Version - A surprisingly lovable and endearing superhero friend of Power Girl.
3: TTG Version - Ashley Johnson's voice is still great and the character's fun, but she's used terribly!
4: "Judas Contract" version - Was more satisfyingly portrayed than her source material counterpart.
5: Original Comics Version: - Her story is legendary, but the character's potential got so wasted.
6: New 52 Version - She's alright, I guess, but I find it really hard to care about this one.
7: Terra II Version - This second Terra jerked us around until she ended up totally pointless.
8: Other Versions - I'm not entirely sure what to think of the other Terras that come along..

Brother Blood
1: Modern Comics Version - The second Blood was even scarier and more formidable than the first!
2: Old Comics Version - While a bit too obviously creepy and evil, he was a very worthy nemesis.
3: "Teen Titans" Version - Showed great promise as a character but his arc didn't exactly deliver.
4: "Judas Contract" Version - A good re-imagining of the comics villain but gets overshadowed.
5: TTG Version - John DiMaggio is still great, but he's even more wasted here than in the original!
6: New 52 Version - This revamped incarnation of Brother Blood was more foolish than threatening.
7: "Arrow" Version - Has barely any presence as a cult leader, and that skull mask is atrocious!
8: Other Versions - What little other versions of him there are, anyway.

Vandal Savage
1: "Young Justice" Version - The definitive rendering of an evil, sophisticated neanderthal.
2: JL DTV Version - Close to on par with the above, with a very similar design too!
3: Comics Version - A fascinating villain but one who's not always used too well.
4: DCAU Version - He showed a lot of promise as a villain before he vanished completely.
5: "Arrow" Version - The casting is perfect but he under-performed as his series' first Big Bad.
6: Other Versions - From Video Games.

The Fantastic Four
1: Comics Version - The original team just can't be beat!
2: "WGH" Version - A very fantastic rendition of this super family.
3: "Avengers: EMH" Version - For guest stars, they were legit great!
4: Ultimate Version - Were good until Reed became a super asshole.
5: 90's Show Version - Sometimes okay, at other times not so much.
6: Movies Version - Johnny and Ben were solid, Reed and Sue were not.
7: Old Cartoons Versions - Wait, why's Johnny replaced by a robot there?
8: Other Versions - Video Games, Spin-offs, Books, SHS, Film Reboot, etc.

Doctor Doom
1: Comics Version - Doom is at his best in many different comic stories.
2: 90's Show Version - A VERY solid villain who livened up some mediocre shows.
3: "Avengers: EMH" Version - Design and character are great, with Lex Lang doing a fine job.
4: Video Games Versions - Particularly the ones voiced by Clive Revil and Paul Dobson.
5: "Spider-Man" Cartoon Version - His voice and role on the show were very memorable.
6: "Armored Adventures" Version - One of that show's most intimidating presences.
7: "Avengers Assemble" Version - Maurice LeMarche makes this one work for me.
8: "WGH" Version - Started off with potential, but that got wasted.
9: Ultimate Version - Generic, bland, and ultimately forgettable.
10: Other Versions - Usually not too good. Especially the Movies ones!

The Avengers
1: MCU Movies Version - Probably the most widely recognized incarnation of the team.
2: "Avengers: EMH" Version - As close to perfect as animated adaptations can get.
3: Comics Versions - Used to be cool, but then they came to have a bit too much!
4: 90's Show Version - An average depiction in a largely mediocre, forgotten series.
5: "Avengers Assemble" Version - Sometimes they're spot on, other times they're idiots!
6: Ultimate Version - Mark Millar wrote for them. That's all you need to know here.
7: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Video Games, Cartoons, SHS, etc.

Captain America
1: MCU Movies Version - Chris Evans brings a compelling life to this classic national hero.
2: "Avengers: EMH" Version - Well designed, well characterized, and perfectly voiced.
3: Comics Version - A great hero who's evolved and de-volved throughout the ages.
4: Video Game Version - The incarnation in the "Ultimate Alliance" games is quite the BAMF.
5: 90's Show Version - Never did much for me, and even comes off as too cheesy.
6: "Avengers Assemble" Version - A pretty shallow MCU Cap clone.
7: Other Versions - DTV, Video Games, Books, Cartoons, SHS, etc.
8: Movie Version - Good lord, this Cap was a flat-out UNhero!
9: Ultimate Version - He's a conceited, bigoted, repulsive monster!

Iron Man
1: MCU Movies Version - Robert Downey Jr. simply IS the character.
2: Comics Version - A great character prior to his Civil War days.
3: "Avengers: EMH" Version - The show just nailed him so well.
4: 90's Show Version - His portrayal in the 90's was actually quite good.
5: Anime Version - Clearly piggybacking off the MCU version, but it works.
6:  "Avengers Assemble" Version - Not as good as others, but he's okay.
7: "Armored Adventures" Version - A teenage Tony Stark? No thanks!
8: Other Versions - DTV, Video Games, Books, Cartoons, SHSUltimateSpider-Man (17), etc.

The Hulk
1: MCU Movies Version - Hulk's smashing antics in the Avengers totally steal the show!
2: Comics Version - The original mean, green rage machine is an effective and interesting hero.
3: "Avengers: EMH" Version - Manages a great balance of humor, ferocity, and pathos all at once.
4: 90's Show Version - Was a trendsetter with his great design, characterization, and voice.
5: 70's TV Show Version - While his poopy haired look hasn't aged well, Lou Ferigno nailed it.
6: "Avengers Assemble" Version - On one team, he's alright. On another all Hulk team, he's awful!
7: Ang Lee Film Version - This thing isn't the Hulk - this is Shrek having worked out and grown hair!
8: Ultimate Version - This Hulk is a monstrous cannibal. I repeat: A CANNIBAL! YEESH!
9: Other Versions - DTV, Video Games, Books, Cartoons, SHS, Spider-Man (17)etc.

1: MCU Movies Version - Like Robert Downy Jr., Chris Hemsworth simply IS his character!
2: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A fantastic rendition of the mighty Thor, with a great look and voice.
3: Comics Version - When he's good, he's really good, but other times he's horribly uneven.
4: Ultimate Version - For the most part, they managed to get this character right for a change.
5: "Avengers Assemble" Version - I like his design and Travis' voice, but boy is he a big dummy!
6: 90's Show Version - Aside from John Rhys Davies doing his voice, he's pretty unremarkable.
7: Video Games Version - The lord of thunder really lends himself well to some intense gameplay.
8: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Cartoons, SHS, etc.

Black Widow
1: MCU Movies Version - Scarlett Johnasson's great portrayal has made her a breakout character!
2: Anime Version - Piggybacks off of the MCU version and captures all her fun, stylish badassery.
3: Comics Version - A very interesting character with a complicated backstory and morality.
4: "Avengers Assemble" Version - I actually really like this one. Laura Bailey rocks in the role!
5: "Armored Adventures" Version - One of the most fun guest characters featured on that show.
6: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A good heroine, but I felt she got overshadowed by others,
7: Ultimate Version - I find she doesn't have a whole lot going for her. Sorry.
8: Other Versions - DTV, Video Games, Books, Cartoons, SHS, Spider-Man (17), etc.

1: Comics Version - The Merc With The Mouth's comic book origins have to be respected.
2: Video Games Version - Nolan North nails the character, and he's even starred in his own game!
3:  Movie Version - Ryan Reynolds did his damnedest to render him faithfully, and it paid off big time.
4: Animated Version - Feels redundant in this setting, and Will Friedle's voice for him is obnoxious!
5: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Cons, SHS, etc.
6: Ultimate Version - Deadpool? Taken seriously? FAIL.
7: "X-Men Origins" Version - NO. This did not happen!

Red Skull
1: Comics Version - The original and fiercest version of Captain America's depraved arch enemy.
2: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A great look, creepy voice, and pure evilness all elevate this one.
3: "Avengers Assemble" Version - Better than expected, mostly due to the design and voice.
4: MCU Movies Version - His look is spot on. His acting and characterization is...meh.
5: 90's Show Version - All I can remember about him is that he's Electro's father.
6: Movie Version - A nice attempt, but he's barely featured in the movie!
7: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Cartoons, Video Games, SHS, etc.
8: Ultimate Version - As over-the-top "edgy" monstrous you could find! BORING!

The Mandarin
1: Video Games Version - That epic character model and James Siei's voice are sheer perfection!
2: "Armored Adventure" Version - The young Gene Kon managed to be very cool and interesting.
3: MCU Movies Version - Ben Kingsley would've been cool, but screw it, I thought Killian was great!
4: Comics Version - He can be written well at times, but he's a largely uninteresting racist caricature.
5: 90's Show Version - Having his skin turned green somehow made this depiction even more racist!
6: Other Versions - Ultimate, DTV, Books, Cartoons, Video Games, etc.

1: MCU Movies Version - Tom Hiddleston embodies Loki and made him the phenomenon he is today!
2: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A true bastard whose machinations made him an imposing Big Bad.
3: Comics Version - A great villain who always manages a comeback when he seems to be done for.
4: "Avengers Assemble" Version - Hey, they didn't totally screw him up! Troy Baker's voice is perfect!
5: Ultimate Version - Failed to leave an impact. There've been better, cleverer Lokis than this guy!
6: Other Versions - DTV, Books, Cartoons, Video Games, SHS, etc.

The Leader
1: "Avengers: EMH" Version - A perfect rendition who is very formidable despite his silliness.
2: Comics Version - While he's weird, he's actually a natural fit for the title of Hulk's greatest enemy.
3: 90's Show Version - Not the most dignified of villains but let's face it, he was very entertaining!
4: "Agents of Smash" Version - Seems trying for the same effect as the above, but it's not the same!
5: MCU Movies Version - So he starts turning into the Leader but they never follow it up? Epic fail!
6: Other Versions - Books, Cartoons, Video Games, SHS, etc.

1: Comics Version - Post-Fran Miller reboot, Daredevil was one of Marvel's most hardcore heroes.
2: Netflix Series Version - Charlie Cox has done great at portraying his rise and is just getting going!
3: Ultimate Version - Next to Spider-Man, he was probably the best adapted hero in Ultimate Marvel.
4: 90's Show Version - A memorable guest star character with a sleek design and good voice.
5: Movie Version - Ben Affleck failed to pull this off. "I'm not the bad guy!" YES YOU ARE!
6: Other Versions - Books, Cartoons, Video Games, SHS, etc.

Namor The Submariner
1: Ultimate Version - The criminal with a royalty complex was great twist on Namor!
2: "WGH" Version - The character and voice just oozed strength and presence here.
3: Comics Version - An often interesting, morally and emotionally dubious character.
4: "Avengers" Version - Translated his comics character fairly well.
5: 90's Show Version - He looks a bit silly and the voice sucked!
6: Old Cartoons Version - This Submariner's more sunk than the Titanic!
7: Other Versions - Books, Cartoons, Video Games, etc  ALCOHOL!.

Nick Fury
Black Nick Fury > White Nick Fury. 'Nuff Said.

As for my top ten iterations of the comics' franchises:

1. The Movie Trilogy + old cartoons and serials
2. "Superman: The Animated Series"
3. The Mainstream Comics
4. "All-Star Superman"
5. "Smallville" & "Krypton"
6. "Lois And Clark"
7. "Supergirl" TV Series
8. Animated DTVs
9. "Legion of Superheroes"
10. Superman Video Games

1. "Batman: The Animated Series"
2. The Dark Knight Trilogy + "Batman"
3. "The Batman" + "Beware The Batman"
4. The Mainstream Comics
5. The "Arkham" Game Series
6. The 60's Adam West TV Show
7. "The Brave And The Bold"
8. Animated DTVs
9. LEGO Batman
10. "Gotham"

1. The Mainstream Comics
2. "The Spectacular Spider-Man"
3. The Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy
4. Ultimate Spider-Man (Issues 1-105)
5. Insomniac Games' Spider-Man
6. Marvel's Spider-Man (MCU)
7. Marvel's Spider-Man ('17 Series)
8. The 90's Animated Series
9. The Amazing Spider-Man
10. The 70's and 80's Cartoons

1. The Movie Franchise
2. The 90's Animated Series
3. "Wolverine & The X-Men"
4. "X-Men Evolution"
5. X-Men Video Games
6. X-Men Anime Spin-Offs
7. The Mainstream Comics
8. Marvel Super Hero Squad
9. Other Spin-Offs
10. Ultimate X-Men


  1. "Comics are no fun anymore:"

    Ehh. Maybe in the mainstream universes of Marvel and DC, but alternate universe titles like Smallville Season 11 tend to ease up on problems you mentioned and heck, we're getting a Batman comic that continues the tales of Adam West/Batman.

    Star Trek (if you like the 2009 rebooted movie) doesn't do too bad in the fun department.

    And Archie Comics Mega Man is easily a title worth reading. Doesn't take itself too seriously, and even when it gets serious, it doesn't get cynical or gritty.

    1. Yeah, that's what I meant by "This isn't to say that all modern comics are bad." Comic book gems will always be out there in any day and age. They're just harder to find through all the mainstream crap that gets put out.

      And I'm as big a fan of "Smallville Season 11" as I am of "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 8." Meaning I'm not a fan.