Wednesday, October 3, 2012

He IS a Complete Monster?

Cause you can totally see a Complete Monster saying this.

Okay, I did an entry back there listing villainous characters whom I do and always will consider definite Complete Monsters, since TV Tropes cannot ever be counted on to define that trope correctly due to Fast Eddie, 32 Footsteps, and others attempts at undoing the Trope Decay getting taken waaaaay out of hand and causing further decay instead. I am now going to do an entry that talks about the reverse. Villainous characters who have been called Complete Monsters but are in fact NOT examples of the Trope, some of whom TV Tropes even made the right call on removing from the Trope and all other pages! Since TV Tropes doesn't seem to know, it's worth noting again what a Complete Monster truly is: a villain who is pure evil, depraved, irredeemable, unrepentant, selfish, repulsive and vile to a revolting or horrific degree, commits heinous atrocities, has no notable altruistic or redeeming qualities, lacks positive traits, has no valid, adequate excuse for his/her actions and behavior, is treated seriously by the work's narrative and characters even if the work is light or comedic, evokes fear and hatred in the audience, and is the most wicked entity(s) in the work by the standards of that work. The way to properly judge a candidate as a legit Complete Monster is to A: see how they measure up to their works' heinous standard, B: determine whether or not that's heinous enough, and C: check to be sure that there are no redeeming qualities on top of all that. And when analyzing their roles and acts, the importance should be placed more on who and what the monster IS rather than just on what they DO. With that said, a villain just being the evil villain they're supposed to be, behaving like a major jerkass, and especially Kicking Dogs and crossing the Moral Event Horizon does NOT a Complete Monster make. There's also the matter of redemption. Not only can a Complete Monster be an irredeemable villain, you literally cannot imagine a scenario in which they receive any redemption or forgiveness, or do anything redeemable to at all. It's already hard enough to imagine them ever Petting The Dog seeing as they, by definition, have no redeeming qualities! And those listed here just miss the mark. I'm not entirely sure why so many people don't get that. It could be because the Complete Monster and Moral Event Horizon tropes are too interconnected due to being split from "Rape The Dog", so people get the impression that any villain who does something really evil is a Complete Monster, even though evildoing is what all villains do. The other reason could be because Complete Monster is the new Magnificent Bastard in that fans see it as a definitive "good trope" and a badge of honor to both the works that they're fans of and the villains within them. As if a work gets awesomer, edgier, and better for having a Complete Monster. Which I do not get. At all. So then, below are some vile villains who are truly NOT Complete Monsters!

*Please note that if some examples on here are ones that were on the Complete Monster listing, it's because those examples proved to not be truly 100% Complete Monsters in the end, or their characterization shifted away from the status by virtue of Characterization Marches On.* SO...
* - Indicates that the villain may potentially be a Complete Monster or borderline example, but their heinous level was underplayed in the work.

Disney: Man, the Ringmaster, Lady Tremaine, the Queen of Hearts, Captain Hook, Maleficent*, Cruella Deville, Shere Khan, Kaa, Chernabog*, the Fire Bird, Edgar, Prince John, Madame Medusa, Amos Slade, Professor Ratigan, Ursula, Evil Manta, Gaston, Forte, Jafar, Mozenrath, Mirage, Saluk*, Zira, Oogie Boogie*, Ratcliffe, Ziruche, Hades, Clayton, Yzma, Dr. Hamsterviel, Scroop*, Goob, Mother Gothel, Prince Hans, Yokai, Dawn Bellwether, Tamatoa, Captain Pete, Bradley Uppercrust III, the MCP, CLU, the Mad Doctor (Epic Mickey), Gremlin Prescott, and the Phantom Blot

Disney Live: Hector Barbossa, Davy Jones, Dr. Reinhardt, the Nome King, Kalabar, Cruella DeVil*, Warden Walker, Val Horrigan, Shamus McTiernan, Royal Pain, Mrs. Chesterfield, Jesse, Miles, etc.

Sid Phillips, Stinky Pete, Randall Boggs, Henry J. Waternoose, Chick Hicks, Chef Skinner, Auto, Charles Muntz, Mordu, Thunderclap, Jackson Storm, Ernesto de la Cruz, and Evelyn Deavor

Lord Of The Rings:
 Feanor, Smaug, Great Goblin, Gollum, Thrandul, Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Lurtz, Shagrat, Gothmog, Denethor, the Witch King, and the Mouth of Sauron

Star Wars: Darth Maul, Nute Gunroy, Count Dooku, Jango & Boba Fett, Asaji Ventress, Cad Bane, General Grievous, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, Moff Jerjerrod, Kalus, the Inquisitors, Prince Xizor,
Grand Admiral Thrawn, Kylo Ren and Armitage Hux

Kingdom Hearts: Maleficent, Pete, Terra-Xehanort, Luxu/Braig/Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Zexion, Saix, Axel, Marluxia, Larxene, Clayton, Hades, Jafar, Ursula, Oogie Boogie, Captain Hook, Shan Yu,  Hector Barbossa, Commander Sark & the MCP, Queen Grimhilde, Lady Tremaine, Jumba Jookiba, Captain Gantu, CLU 2, Chernabog, Young Xehanort, Gaston, Mother Gothel, Randall Boggs, Prince Hans, Davy Jones, Dark Riku, and the Master of Masters

Harry Potter: Peter Pettigrew, Professor Quirrel, Gilderoy Lockheart, Barty Crouch Jr, the Dursleys, the Carrows, Lucius Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, Cornelius Fudge, and Severus Snape

Pokemon: Giovanni, Lance, Pryce, Agatha*, Archie, Maxie, Cyrus*, Saturn/Mars/Jupiter, Charon*, Giratina, Gordor, Blake Hall, Dr. Edward, Dakim, Snattle, Lovrina, Greevil, Paul, Mewtwo, Gelardan, Molly Hale, the Unown, Annie & Oakley, Butler, Captain Phantom, Zero, Marcus*, Damon, Kyurem, Red Genesect, TR Scientists, Poacher Rico, Damian, Shamus, N, Zinzolin, and Dr. Colress
New Pokemon: Nobunaga Oda, AZ, Malva, Xerosic, Lysandre, Team Flare, Matt, Courtney, Zinnia, Guzma, Lusamine, Faba, Necrozma and UBs

Avatar: Admiral Zhao, Jet, Princess Azula, Long Feng, Bully Earth Soldiers, Rough Rhinos, Sozin, Hama, Combustion Man, Yan-Ra, Koh, Hiroshi Sato, Tarrlok, Amon, Eska & Desna, Varrick, Vaatu, Zaheer, Ghazan, Ming Hua, P'li, Aiwei, Hundun, the Poacher, the Earth Queen, Kuvira, and Bataar Jr.

Batman: The Penguin, Two-Face, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Scarecrow*, Firefly, Killer Croc,
Hugo Strange*, Ras Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Bane, Maxie Zeus, Harley Quinn, the Mad Hatter, Hush,
Rupert Thorne, Roland Daggett, Carmine Falcone, Alberto Falcone, Sal Maroni, Joe Chill, etc

Dragon Ball: Commander Red, Master Shen, King Piccolo, Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, King Maoi, Cui, Dodoria, Zarbon, King Cold*, Dr. Gero, the Androids, Spopovich, Yamu, PuiPui, Yakon, Dabura, Bibidi*, Majin Buu, Van Zant, Beerus, Champa, Vados, Frost, Lord Zeno, Jiren, Garlic Jr, Dr. Kochin, Dr. Wheelo, Turles, Lord Slug, Paragus, Broly*, Bojack, Janemba, Hoi, Coola, Chilled, Mira, Towa, etc.

The Legend Of Zelda: Aghanim, Ganon*, Vaati, Twinrova, Bellum, Cole, Hilda, Cia, and Koga

Super Mario: Bowser, King Smithy, Sir Grodus, Cackeletta, Shroob, Fawful, Darkstar, and Antasma

Spider-Man: Venom, Doctor Octopus, Tombstone, the Lizard, the Chameleon, the Rhino, Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Harry Osborn, Miles Warren/the Jackal, and Roderick Kingsley/The Hobgoblin

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Shadi, Seto Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba, Maximilian Pegasus, Bandit Keith, Thief King Bakura, Marik Isthar, Noah Kaiba, Anubis, Priest Akehnadin, Priest Seto, Paradox, and most spin-off villains

Digimon: Devimon, Etemon, Datamon, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Apocalymon, Neo Saiba, Daemon*, the Digimon Emperor, Yukio Oikawa, Yamaki, Zhuqiaomon & the Devas, Beelzemon, the D-Reaper*, Cherubimon, the Royal Knights, Yggdrasil, Splashmon, Lillithmon, and the Bagra Bros*

Gargoyles: Xanatos, Demona, Tony Dracon, Wolf, Coldstone, Oberon, Shari, and John Castaway

Superman: Lex Luthor, General Sam Lane, Maxwell Lord, Mr Myxzptlk, Metallo, Parasite, Toyman, Cyborg, Bizarro, Imperiex, Livewire, Lobo, General Zod, Ursa, Non, Nuclear Man, and Doomsday

Final Fantasy: Garland, Leon, Xande, Cloud of Darkness, Cagnazzo, Golbez, Emperor Gesthal, Rufus Shinra, the Turks, Don Corneo, Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Adel, NORG, Queen Brahne, Kuja, Necron, Seymour Guado, Maester Mica, Lady Yunalesca, Yu Yevon/Sin, Dr. Cid, Judge Ghis, Venat, Vayne Solidor, Orphan, Jihl Nabat, Caius Ballad, Ardyn Izunia*, and Chaos

Sonic The Hedgehog: Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Eggman (sometimes), Mama Robotnik, Dark Oak, Ixis Naugus, Merlina, Mammoth Mogul, Drago Wolf, Fiona Fox, Scourge the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Nac the Weasel, Snively, Dmitri/Enerjak, Kragok, Lien-Da, the Iron Dominion, etc.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gendo Ikari, Kaworu Nagisa/Tabris, and the Angels

Teen Titans: Slade*, Terra, Brother Blood, the Brotherhood of Evil, and Blackfire

Slayers: Shabranigdo, Rezo, Eris, Xellos, Gaav, Alumace, Valgaav, Dynast, and Zelas

Death Note: Ryuk, Mello, Near, Misa Misa, Teru Mikami, Kiyomi Takada, and Beyond Birthday

The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo, Him, Sedusa, Princess Morbucks, the Smiths, and Cop Brekowski

Yu Yu Hakusho: Akashi & Iwamoto, Rando, the Saint Beasts, Younger Toguro, Butajiri, and Sensui

Cowboy Bebop: Asimov, Abul Hakim, Wen, Fad, Tongpu, Teddy Bomber, Vincent, and Dr Londes

One Piece: Alvida, Axe-Hand Morgan, Helmeppo, Buggy the Clown, Don Krieg, Arlong*, Smoker,
Mr. 3, Wapol, Sir Crocodile*, Eneru*, Caribou, CP9/World Government, Magellan, and Blackbeard

Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi Suzumiya, Ryoko Asakura, Emiri Kidimori, Kuouh Suyo, and Fujiwara

Sailor Moon: Queen Beryl, Prince Diamond, Mistress Nine, Grand Zirconia, and Sailor Galaxia

Akame Ga Kill: Esdeath, Seryu, Kurome, Dr. Stylish, Aria, Enshin, Izou, Cosmina, and Dorothea

Bleach: Gin, Byakuya, Kenpachi, Stark, Barrigan, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Aaoniero, Yammy, Luppi, Wonderweiss, Loly & Menoly, Tsukishima, Kouga, Kageroza, Kokuto, and the Vanderreich*

Naruto: Gato*, Kabuto, Gaara, Sasuke, Itachi, Kisame, Sasori, Zetsu, Pain, Danzo, and Tobi/Obito*

Code Geass: Emperor Charles, Empress Marianne, Jeremiah, Cornelia, Viletta, Lelouch, Suzaku,
C.C, Kallen, Mao, Ougi, Deithard, Nina, Lloyd, Clovis, Rolo, Nunnally, Schneizel, and Genbu Kurugi

Full Metal Alchemist:
Zolf Kimbley (manga), Barry the Chopper (manga), Basque Grand (manga),         Envy (manga), Wrath (manga), Pride (manga), Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Scar, and Frank Archer

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Touga, Saionji, Nanami, Ruka, Souji Mikage, and film!Akio

Rurouni Kenshin: Aoshi, Hajime Saito, Makoto Shishio, Raijuta Sensei, and Enishi

Rave Master: King, Lucia Raregroove, Pumpkin Doryu, Hardner, Haja, and Beriel

Shinzo: King Daku, Kiri, Gyasa, Ryuma, Rusephine, Karas, and Devil Mushrambo

Trigun: Millions Knives (manga),, Legato Bluesummers, and all others

Angel Beats!: Ayato Naoi and the Programmer

Beyblade: Any and all villains

Berserk: Gambino and Mozgus

Candy Candy: Eliza and Neal

DNAngel: Krad and Mr Hiwatari

Fairy Tale: Minerva and Sol

Fruits Basket: Akito Sohma

Future Diary: The main cast

Madoka Magica: Kyuubey

Wolf's Rain: Lord Darcia III and Lady Jagura

Kill la Kill: Satsuki Kiryuin, the Elite Four, and Nui Harime

Black Cat: Creed, Gyanza, Don Torneo, Preta Ghoul, Kyoko Kirisaki, Durham, and Shiki

Gankutsuou: Edmund Dantes, Vileford, Danglars, Ferdnand Mondego, and Gankutsuou

Gundam: Katejina Loos, the Dark Gundam, Michelo Chariot, Master Asia, Wong Yun Fat, Ulube,
Trieze Kushidera and OZ, Rau Le Cresent, Patrick Zala, Fllay Alster, Gilbert Durandal, Lacus Clyne,
Arthur Goodman, Alejandro Corner, Nena Trinity, Wang Liu Mei, Hallejuja, the A-Laws, and Flit Asuno

Elfen Lied: Professor Kakuzawa, Dr. Kurama, Dr. Nousou, Bandou, Tomoo, Mariko, and Lucy/Kaede

Hellsing: Anderson, Enrico Maxwell, the Valentine Bros, Rip Van, Schrodinger, Walter, and Alucard

Inu-Yasha: Sesshomaru, Kagura, Koga, Thunder Bros, Princess Kaguya, Salamander Demon, etc.

Ranma 1/2: Nabiki Tendo, Pantyhose Taro, and Saffron Phoenix

School Days: Makoto Itou, Mr. Itou, and Otome's Girl Posse

S-Cryed: Kouji Mujo, Kigetsuki, and all members of HOLY

Voltron/Go-Lion: Prince Lotor, King Zarkon, and Witch Haggar

Vision Of Escaflowne: Dilandau, Folken Fanel, and Emperor Dornkirk

Tommorow's Nadja: Duke Preminger, Hermann Preminger, and Rosemary Applefield

When They Cry: Miyo Takano*, Mion/Shion, Rina, Erika, Lambadetta, Beatrice, Eva-Beatrice, etc.

Zatch Bell: Maruss, Grisor*, Genzo and Tsao-lon, Belguim EO, Demolt (MW), Leo, Zeno, and Faudo

Game Of Thrones: Petyr Baelish, Sandor Clegane, Theon Greyjoy, Balon Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Tywin Lannister, Roose Bolton, Walder Frey*, Stannis Baratheon, Viserys Targaryen, Ellaria Sand, Arya Stark, Lord Varys, Lord Karstark, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Dagmer, Janos, Locke, Melisandre, Polliver, Qyburn, Rast, Olly, Alliser Thorne, the High Sparrow, Others, etc.

The Hunger Games: Senecca Crane, Plurach Havensbee, and the Career Tributes

The Inheritence Cycle: Galbatorix, Durza, Murtagh, Sloan, and all others villains

Oz Series: The Wicked Witch of the West, the Wizard of Oz, and the Gnome King

Twilight: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, James, Victoria, Royce King II, and the Volturi

Stephen King: Margaret White, Chris Hargensen, Jack Torrence, Annie Wilkes, Frank Dodd,
Greg Stilton, Morgan Sloat, Craig Toomey, Arnie, Christine, Cujo, Isaac & Malaki, Hadley,,

Shakespeare: Claudius, Shylock, Don John, Oliver, Regan & Goneril, Edmund, Jack Cade, etc.

Buffyverse: The Master, Darla, Ethan Rayne, the Mayor, Faith, Glory, Warren, and the First Evil

Once Upon A Time: The Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold, Captain Hook, Cora*, King George, Prince James, Jiminy's Parents, Neal Cassidy, Greg & Tamara, Felix, Zelena, Walsh, Ingrid the Snow Queen, Prince Hans, Duke of Weselton, Ursula, Cruella Deville*, Maleficent, Isaac, King Arthur, Nimue, Hades, Red Queen Anastasia, the Caterpillar, the Sultan, and the Jabberwocky

Power Rangers: Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, King Mondo, Astromena, Trakeena, Ransik, Lothor, Emperor Grumm, Sculpin, Mirloc, Alphabet Soup, Doubletone, Switchbeast, and Nighlocks

Ace Attorney: Redd White, Dee Vasquez, Damon Gant, Joe Darke, Morgan Fey, Shelly de Killer, Furio Tigre, Godot, Callisto Yew/Shih-Na, Florent D'belle, Dane Gustavia, and Roger Retinz

Banjo Kazooie: Gruntilda and Bosses

Jak and Daxter: Gol, Maia, and Erol

Street Fighter: M.Bison (sometimes) and all others

Tales Of Legendia: The Ferines, the Terrors, and Schwartz

Dark Chronicle: Gaspard, Emperor Griffin, and Dark Genie

Mega Man: Dr. Wily*, Lord Wily, Sigma*, Plant Man EXE., King Cepheus, and Dr. Vega

Xenosaga: Citrine, Mrs. Cherenkov, Albedo, Margulis, Pellegri, Dr. Sellers, and Wilhelm

Metal Gear: Big Boss, Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Solidus Snake, Hot Coldman, and Skullface

Batman Arkham: Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Calendar Man, the Riddler, Hush, Bane, Quincy Sharp, Ras Al Ghul, Two-Face, Black Mask, Poison Ivy, Mad Hatter, Professor Pyg, and Deacon Blackfire

Fire Emblem: Nergal, Limstella, Jerme, Kenneth, Pascal, Jaffar, King Desmond, and King Zephiel

The World End With You: Joshua, Mr. H, Kitanji, Kariya & Uzuki, Higashizawa, and Minamimoto

Marvel: Loki, Doctor Doom, Namor, Galactus, Justin Hammer, the Leader, the Kingpin, Thanos*, etc.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Emil Blonsky, Ivan Vanko, Justin Hammer, Loki, Armin Zola, Malekith the Accursed, Alexander Pierce, Crossbones, Baron Von Strucker, Grant Ward, Cal Zebo, Xianling, Ultron, Hive, Gideon Malik, Wilson Fisk, Darren Cross, Helmut Zemo, Kaecilius, Taserface, etc.

AT4W/TGWTG: Dr. Insaneo, Lord Vyce, the Entity, That Guy, Terl, General Zod, and the Executor*

Adventure Time: Ash, Memow, Goliad, Lemongrab, Ricardio, Fight King, and Princess Bubblegum

Animaniacs/Pinky And The Brain: Snowball, Mr Plotz, Buddy, King Salazar, and all other villains

Captain Planet: Loot N Plunder, Hoggish Greedley, Duke Nukem, Sly Sludge, and Dr. Blight

Thundercats: Mumm-Ra*, Slithe, Claudus, Kayner, Addicus, Mordax, Rataro, and Vulture Man

GI Joe: Cobra Commander, the Baroness, Destro, Serpentor, and the Headman

Transformers: G1 Megatron, Starscream, and various other Decepticons

He-Man (80's): Skeletor, Hordak, Faker, Evil-Lyn, and Hoarde Prime

Care Bears: Any and all villains (except maybe the Book Spirit)

Camp Lazlo: Edward (This is the worst example I've ever heard!)

Danny Phantom: Vlad Plasmius, Pariah Dark, Freakshow, Sheriff Walker, and Penelope Spectra

American Dragon: Councilor Chang, Bananas B, Eli Pandaras, Sigmund Brock, and Yang Jake

Ben 10:
Phil, Dr. Animo, Kevin 11*, Driscoll, the High-Breed, Darkstar, Charmcaster/Hope, Albedo, Argit, Captain Nemesis, Old George, Khyber, Dr. Psychobos, Princess Attea, and Proctor Servantis

Generator Rex: White Knight, Black Knight, Caezar, etc.

Ed, Edd, And Eddy: The other kids and the Kanker Sisters

Gravity Falls: Gideon Gleeful, Robbie Valentino, Blind Ivan, Preston Northwest, and Darlene

Dragons Of Berk TV Series: Mildew, Alvin the Treacherous, and Dagur the Deranged

Codename Kids Next Door: Father, the Delightful Children, Nurse Claiborne, and Mr. Boss

Jackie Chan Adventures: Shendu, Drago, Dao-Lon Wong, Terekuda, and Evil Jackie

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius: King Goobot, Cousin Eddie, and Evil Jimmy

Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: Emperor Zurg, NOS-482, and Evil Buzz

Kim Possible: Warhowke and Warmonga, Lord Monkey Fist, and Evil Ron

Phineas And Ferb: Doofenshmirtz-2, Doof's Parents, and Evil Carl

Reboot: Megabyte*(pre-Gigabyte), Hexadecimal, and Daemon

Rugrats: Angelica Pickles, Josh, Coco and Jean Claude

Samurai Jack: Aku, Demongo, and Gordo the Cruel

Star VS The Forces Of Evil: Ludo Avarius, Toffee of Septarsis, Miss Heinous/Meteora, Glossaryk, Mina Loveberry, the Pie King, Solaria Butterfly, Moon Butterfly and the Magic High Commission

Steven Universe: Jasper, Peridot, Bismuth, Aquamarine, Onion, Kevin, Marty, Ronaldo Fryman, Uncle Andy DeMayo, Emerald, Pink Diamond, Blue Diamond, Yellow Diamond, and White Diamond

My Little Pony: Caterina, Grogar, the Witches, Nightmare Moon, Discord, Diamond Tiara, Trixie, Gilda, Garble, Iron Will, Queen Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, the Dazzlings, Abbacus Cinch, Juniper Montage, Wallflower Blush, the Storm King, the Shadow, Cozy Glow, etc.

Winx Club: The Trix, Lord Darkar, Valtor, Diaspro, Trittanus, Selina, Acheron, and many others

Scooby Doo: Simone, Ben & Sarah Ravencroft, Mr E, Mayor Fred Jones Sr, and Brad & Judy

Spongebob Squarepants: Mr Krabs, Plankton, Squidward, Mrs Puff, the Cyclops, and Dennis

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Baxter, Hun, Karai, Mozar, Kraang, Xever, and Captain Ryan

W.I.T.C.H: Prince Phobos, Lord Cedric, Miranda, the Tracker, Shagon the Hate, and Nerissa

Shrek: Lord Farquaad, the Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, Jack & Jill, and Humpty Dumpty

Kung Fu Panda: Tai Lung, Lord Shen, Kai, Scorpion, Temutai, Taotai, Hundun, Ke-Pa, and Bad Po

Storm Hawks: Master Cyclonis, Dark Ace, Repton, Ravess, Snipe, Mr. Moss, and Sir Carver

Dragon Booster: Word Payne, Moordryd Payne, and Armageddon

Xiaolin Shodown: Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Roy Bean

Wander Over Yonder: Lord Dominator or any other villain

Non-Disney Animation: Cat R Waul, Carface, the Grand Duke of Owls, Toad Jr., Berkeley Beetle, Drake*, Rasputin, Preed, Soto, Ramses, Tzekal Khan, Sir Ruber, Kralahome, Eris, etc.

Literature: Senna Wales, Mrs Havisham, Orlick, Uriah Heep, Morgan Le Fey, Valmont and Metruiel, Captain Hook, Count Olaf, Briar Cudgeon, Miss Minchin, Miss Norris, Mr Wichkham, Willoughby, etc.

Any Character From Comedic/Sadist Shows: "The Simpsons", "Futurama", "Family Guy", "American Dad", "South Park", "Total Drama", "Robot Chicken", "Grim And Evil", Sitcoms, etc.


  1. I can see Sa'luk and Scroop being bloodthirsty mercenary types, who extort and murder innocent people to get what they want which is obviously treasure, they probably follow typical "bloodthirsty mercenary" tropes like leaving no witnesses and even when it's not necessary they still kill people, but when Cassim and Silver enter the picture, they have to follow a code that they hate and they get what he views as a small cut and they want shot of their comparatively benevolent boss and to kill Aladdin and Jim in the worse way possible. That could make them full-fledged Complete Monsters, but to do that you'd have to go way outside the plot for unnecessary backstory or even worse use expositional dialogue and Offstage Villainy, so Scroop and Sa'luk work better as villains without that backstory, but their actions imply it anyway.

    I can also imagine the live-action Cruella Deville being a borderline serial-killer when it comes to killing animals for their furs, the Siberian tiger might not be the first zoo animal she's had killed and the puppies may not be the first pets she's had stolen. Obviously, for better or for worse, Disney has to maintain a reasonably family friendly image, but again, there's plenty of implications to suggest that Cruella has been killing pets and protected animals for a long time.

    1. I feel that too. They come very close to the mark of full fledged CM, but they lacked a little something extra that really pushed the envelope in terms of their settings and the standards of the story, even if they are still the worst their work has to offer. I feel like the characters on their own as presented are CM-worthy but the narrative fails to support that.

      It's almost like Glenn Close's Cruella and the Cruella on OUAT are two halves of one really twisted, scary, evil Cruella - Close's Cruella has zero mitigating features and is the worst of the worst within her narrative, but her actions (though worse than her cartoon counterpart since this one runs full scale illegal poaching operations from behind the scenes of her business) don't quite cut it and she got hit hard with Villain Decay in the sequel. While OUAT Cruella is a psychopathic serial killer who's so vile and devilish that she breaks the "evil isn't born, it's made" rule, but she has VERY small mitigating factors and was treated lightly by the narrative at several points.

    2. Looking back on Drake, been a long time since I saw The Pebble and the Penguin, I think to make him a full-fledged CM, you'd have to flat out show that he's a marital abuser, like maybe cut out his pointless flunkies and have some creepy concubines that were previous mates of Drake, that he psychologically abused. Probably would have been more Don Bluth-esqe than what we got.

  2. I see the PR section includes Rita Repulsa, King Mondo and Lothor, has anyone ever seriously tried to get any of them labelled as monsters?

    1. I can't recall. I don't think Rita was ever given the label, though given the new movie that is so ironic.

    2. Lothor's just as comedic as original Rita, and going by what little I've seen of Zeo, King Mondo's much the same. As for Emperor Grummn, I take it he doesn't count due to not doing enough onscreen?

    3. He doesn't do enough on-screen and he's not as bad a boss as other Power Rangers Big Bads, even looking after Mora as a surrogate father, and his fate in the end is to be jailed rather than destroyed.