Monday, June 11, 2012

Spongebob Squarepants: The Complete Lost Season

Since it's now June and I need a summertime post, I'm going to make this entry about a classic summertime show for me, and one of my favorite cartoon shows: "Spongebob Squarepants." Yes,
we all know it had three great seasons and a movie that served as it's finale. There's another show that goes by the same name and uses the same characters that's still running and being whored out on Nickelodeon today, but that's not the same show as the one I'm talking about. However, did you know there were actually 30 lost episodes that make up a lost fourth season that were scattered around in airing? That's right, these are the last remotely GOOD Spongebob episodes that will never be packaged together, so I've decided to do so here:

1. 1 Fear Of A Krabby Patty - Plankton concocts an elaborate scheme to make Spongebob afraid of Krabby Patties, so that he might give away the formula in therapy.
    2. Shell Of A Man - Mr. Krabs sheds his shell and is embarrassed to go to his naval reunion like this, so Spongebob wears his shell to impersonate him instead.

2.  1. The Lost Matress - Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward attempt to fix Mr. Krabs' matress.
     2. Krabs vs Plankton - Plankton sues Mr. Krabs for a crime he didn't commit.

3.   1. Skill Crane - Squiward struggles to win a prize from the crane machine Mr Krabs had bought for the Krusty Crab. Be the crane!
     2. Good Neighbors - Spongebob and Patrick want Squidward in their "Good Neighbors' Club", which annoys Squidward and makes him act like a total Jerkass!

4.  1. Selling Out - Mr Krabs is tempted into selling out the Krusty Crab to new management, who manufactures Krabby Patties from gray slime.
     2. Funny Pants - Squidward tricks Spongebob into thinking he's broken his "laugh box" so that he wouldn't have his annoying laugh anymore.

5.  Dunces And Dragons - Spongebob and Patrick accidentally travel back to the Middle Ages.

6.  1. Enemies In Law - Plankton falls in love with Mr. Krabs' mother, much to Krabs' horror.
     2. Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy: The Motion Picture - Spongebob wants to make a live-action film starring the real Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy when a studio plans to use...actors!

7.  1. Partrick Smartypants  - Patrick puts on brain coral that enhances his intelligence and distances him from Spongebob.
     2. Squidbob Tentaclepants - Spongebob and Squidward get morphed together using Sandy's teleport machine.

8.  1.  Krusty Towers - Mr Krabs changes the Krusty Krab into a hotel service.
     2. Mrs. Puff, You're Fired! - Mrs Puff is fired and replaced with a strict drill sergeant teacher.

9.  1.  Whale Of A Birthday - Mr Krabs is too cheap to get big gifts for his daughter's birthday, so he orders Spongebob to look for one.
     2.  Karate Island  - Spongebob is trapped by Pat Morita, and Sandy must fight to save him.

10.  1.  All That Glitters - Spongebob replaces his old, broken spatula with a new, modern one.
       2.  Wishing You Well - Mr. Krabs orders Spongebob and Patrick to dig a wishing well.

11.  1. New Leaf - Plankton claims to have given up his life of evil, but Mr. Krabs is suspicious.
       2. Once Bitten - Gary is diagnosed with "Mad Snails' Disease" when he repeatedly bites people.

12.  1. Wigstruck - Spongebob finds a ridiculous wig and wears it, believing it to be stylish.
       2. That's No Lady  - Patrick crossdresses when he falsely believes his life is being threatened.

13.  1. Driven To Tears - Spongebob is jealous when Patrick is a better driver than he.
       2. Rule Of Dumb - Patrick becomes a cruel tyrant when the Royal Ministry makes him a king.

14.  1. The Pink Purloiner - Spongebob suspects Patrick of stealing Old Reliable.
       2. Castles In The Sand - Spongebob and Patrick have a sand castle war.

15.  1. The Best Day Ever - Spongebob plans to have his best day ever, but it doesn't go as planned when he has to help make things better for everyone else.
       2. The Gift Of Gum - Patrick gives Spongebob a stick blob of gum for "Best Friendship Day".

16.  1. Money Talks - The Flying Dutchman grants Mr. Krabs' wish of talking to his money.
       2. Spongebob vs the Patty Gadget  - A parody of John Henry.
       3. Slimy Dancing - Spongebob and Squidward become partners in a dance contest.

17.  Atlantis SquarePantis - Spongebob and co. travel to Atlantis. Guest starring David Bowie!

18.  1. Sing A Song Of Patrick - Patrick creates lyrics to a So Bad It's Horrible song!
       2. Blackjack - Spongebob's criminal cousin Blackjack comes to visit...and he was the little man!

19.  1. Blackeyed Sponge - Spongebob lies about how he got a black eye.
       2. Banned in Bikini Bottom - A Moral Guardians group bans Krabby Pattys.

20.  Whatever Happened To Spongebob Squarepants? - Spongebob gets amnesia and becomes mayor of a new town.  IDIOT BOY!

21.  1. The Two Faces Of Squidward - Squidward gets facial surgery to make himself handsome.
       2. Sponge Henge - Spongebob's holes make a sound that attract Jellyfish swarms.

22.  1. Not Normal  - Spongebob has a self esteem crisis, so he makes himself "normal".
       2. No Nose Knows -  Patrick goes mad when he smells foul stenches with his new nose.

23.  1. A Life In A Day - Living like Larry!
       2. Sun Bleached  - Living like Craig Mammalton!

24.  1. Plankton's Regular - A rare dud in which Mr Krabs doesn't allow Plankton to have a regular!
       2. Patty Caper - Mr Krabs gets his comeuppance for what he did in "Plankton's Regular!"

25.  Spongebob Vs The Big One - Spongebob and co. get seperated and have to wait for "the Big One" to hit.  Guest starring Johnny Depp!

26.  1. Squid's Visit - Spongebob redecorates his house to be exactly like Squidwards'!
       2. Roller Cowards - Spongebob and Patrick are scared to ride on an intense roller coaster.

27.  1. Back To The Past - Spongebob and Patrick accidentally create a bad future where Manray rules Bikini Bottom.
       2. The Bad Guy Club For Villains - Spongebob and Patrick watch Mermaid Man's lost episode.

28.  1. A Day Without Tears - Squidward tries to get Spongebob to go a day without crying.
       2. Perfect Chemistry - Plankton has Sandy help him with a science project, and Spongebob fears they have more chemistry together!

29.  1. The Curse Of The Hex! - An evil hagfish puts a curse on the Krusty Krab.
       2. The Main Drain - Spongebob and Patrick investigate a conspiracy.

30.  Truth Or Square  (Last Episode) - Recaps what the whole series has been about.