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The MTV Movie Awards

Here on this post, I shall do what GregX did on his blog with the Accadamey Awards, but with the MTV Movie Awards. Yeah, I know that they're much less credible but who cares?  It's fun to judge them!  (The winner is the one in bold letters

- Terminator 2: Judgement Day
- Backdraft
- Boyz N The Hood
- Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves

They got this one right. "T-2" might have a ton of story problems, but beyond that it's still a very 
well-made, well executed, and really exciting movie to watch, with fun action sequences and solid characters and performances all around. Ron Howard's "Backdraft" is really the only competition for 
it here, seeing as the other choices just suck, especially Oliver Stone's horrendous "JFK".

- A Few Good Men 
- Aladdin
- Basic Instinct
- The Bodyguard 
- Malcolm X

I might be biased here, but I think this one should've gone to "Aladdin", one of the best movies from the Disney renniasance, and possibly my favorite Disney movie of all time. "A Few Good Men" is a little bit too drawn out, especially considering that the most memorable part is Jack Nicholson's epic performance at the very end. I have nothing against "Basic Instinct" and "Malcolm X" but they're not nearly as favored or as entertaining to me. And "The Bodyguard?" Do people actually remember this movie that spawned it's best selling soundtrack? Didn't think so.

- Menace II Society
- The Fugitive
- Jurassic Park
- Philadelphia
- Schindler's List

Er, NO. I don't care if it already won the Oscar: "Schindler's List" deserves every award it could possibly get! What the hell IS "Menace II Society" to even compete with it, much less win the award over it?  Haven't seen it or the other two, and Spielburg's other movie here, "Jurassic Park", is much more a "special effects over substance" movie.

- Pulp Fiction
- The Crow 
- Forrest Gump
- Interview With A Vampire 
- Speed

Here's where I go on the record to say that "Forrest Gump" is easily a better film than "Pulp Fiction".  Sorry Tarantino fanatics, but face it: it's a stupid, stupid movie. That's the whole point of what pulp fiction is. It's a very well done movie and I enjoyed it, but it's meant to be crazy and dumb. "Forrest Gump" is an unforgetabble viewing experience that has much more heart, soul, and meaning behind it, and features what is arguably Tom Hanks' finest performance. But seeing as it did win the Oscar, I guess I can let "Pulp Fiction" have this one. As for the other choices, "The Crow" and "Interview With A Vampire" are even dumber than "Pulp Fiction" and "Speed" was good, but not good enough.

- Se7en 
- Apollo 13
- Braveheart
- Clueless 
- Dangerous Minds

No, no, NO. They fucked this one up big! I despise "Se7en". It was a grotesque "dark, depressing, and cynical for the sake of being so" movie that could've been forgiven if it didn't have such a bad ending. Plus, Brad Pitt's acting in the film is WAY off for some reason ("What's in the boooox?") 
"Apollo 13" should have gotten this one seeing as it was probably Ron Howard's best work.  

- Scream 
- Independence Day
- Jerry Maguire 
- The Rock
- Romeo + Juliet

Now this one, they got right. With "Scream", Wes Craven made the greatest slasher film series of 
all time, and one that unfortunately gave new life to the genre because audiences were too stupid to realize that it was picking such movies apart and making fun of them. Gotta love a scary movie that rips on other scary movies. I'm not familiar with two of the others, and while "Independence Day" and "Romeo + Juliet" are fun to watch, I don't consider them particularly good movies.

- Titanic
- Austin Powers 
- Face/Off 
- Good Will Hunting 
- Men In Black

I know this is the unpopular opinions among alot of online movie snobs, but I freaking love "Titanic".
I thought it was an excellently done movie and it blew me away when I saw it in full for the first time. So yes, I think it deserved to win the Oscar. However, since it did win the Oscar, the alternative for the MTV award winner would have to be "Good Will Hunting". Another well done movie with probably the only good "serious" Robin Williams performance. "Austin Powers" and "Men In Black" are fun but not best picture material, and I don't give a shit about "Face/Off."

- There's Something About Mary
- Armageddon
- Saving Private Ryan
- Shakespeare In Love
- The Truman Show

Meh. I would've given this one to "Shakespeare In Love", but that's just me.

- The Matrix 
- American Beauty 
- American Pie
- Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
- The Sixth Sense

"The Matrix" is WAY overrated. It should've been "The Sixth Sense", seeing as it's the second best movie M. Night Shyamalan ever did ("Unbreakable" is better!) and the movie that put Haley Joel Osment on the map. 

- Gladiator 
- Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
- Erin Brockovich
- Hannibal 
- X-Men

"Gladiator" is, again, a WAY overrated movie and one that really isn't even that good at all! This one should've gone to "X-Men" for starting a damn good movie franchise and containing the perfect casting of Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian Mckellan, and Hugh Jackman in their respective roles.

- The Fellowship Of The Ring 
- Black Hawk Down
- The Fast And The Furious
- Legally Blonde
- Shrek

Hell Yes! Any "The Lord Of The Rings" film deserves its' victory. 

- The Two Towers
- Barbershop
- 8 Mile
- The Ring
- Spider-Man

See above. While I freaking love "Spider-Man" and liked that other "Ring" movie, they can't compare. 

- The Return Of The King
- Finding Nemo
- 50 First Dates 
- Pirates Of The Caribbean
- X2: X-Men United

God, this was a damn good year and these were all damn good movies. However, we've gone with "The Lord of The Rings" for the past two years and we certainly can't deny it's spectacular conclusion its' award, can we? Sadly, after this one, the MTV Movie Awards would take a huge decline.

- Napoleon Dynamite 
- The Incredibles
- Kill Bill Vol. 2 
- Ray
- Spider-Man 2

Ugh, no. "Napoleon Dynamite" is another movie that I enjoy but is really, really stupid. Either "The Incredibles" or "Spider-Man 2" should have won this one, seeing as they're easily two of the best superhero movies ever made.

- Wedding Crashers
- Batman Begins
- The 40 Year Old Virgin 
- King Kong 
- Sin City

NO. "Wedding Crashers" sucks. This was rightfully "Batman Begins"' win. What do these award commitees have against superhero movies, anyway?

- Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Mans's Chest 
- 300
- Blades Of Glory
- Borat
- Little Miss Sunshine

Eh, "Dead Man's Chest" is okay but if the much better original "Pirates" movie wasn't an award winner, neither should this be. I would've given my vote to "Borat" simply because it's just such 

a bizarrely ambitous and hilariously "wrong" movie.

- Transformers 
- I Am Legend
- Juno
- National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
- Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End
- Superbad

"Juno" was a strong contender but overall, I'm going to agree with this one. The first Michael Bay "Transformers" film was a very fun and engaging movie, really the only good movie in the franchise. The rest of the choices...are just bad.

- Twilight
- The Dark Knight
- High School Musical 3 
- Iron Man
- Slumdog Millionaire

UGH, this one is just shameful. I would've given my vote to any of the competition here because all of them are better than the shit that is "Twilight". The best film here was clearly "The Dark Knight". 
That it lost out to fucking "Twilight" due to millions of votes cast by braindead, narrow minded fangirls shows a loss of credibility for the MTV awards.

- The Twilight Saga: New Moon
- Alice In Wonderland
- Avatar
- The Hangover
- Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Now this one's a toughie. A "Twilight" movie winning a second year in a row is bullshit, but this time the competition really isn't that strong either, especially not that abominable "Avatar". I suppose
I would've cast my vote for "Half-Blood Prince" because for some perplexing reason it's the first time "Harry Potter" was a nomination here.

- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
- Black Swan
- Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1
- Inception
- The Social Network

Aaand we're right back to shameful BS with this last year, folks. Again, every other fucking move nominated was better than "Eclipse", and yet it still won because of all the screaming rabid fangirls 
in the audience who hastily voted for it. I defenitely would've chosen "The Social Network" here; 
it may be a dramatization but it's a brilliant one.

And now I shall wait for "Breaking Dawn Part 1" to inevitably sweep victories in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.  (FANGIRL SQUEE)

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