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MTV Movie Awards: Villains

Now I follow up on my previous MTV Movie Awards entry with another one regarding one of my favorite subjects: villains! This goes over the "Best Villain" award and seeing if I think the right call was made:

- Peyton Flanders  (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle)
- Max Cady  (Cape Fear)
- The T-1000  (Terminator 2: Judgement Day)
- The Sheriff of Nottingham  (Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves)
- Nino Brown  (New Jack City)

The first year got this one right. While T-1000 is scary as hell and Alan Rickman as the Sherrif of Nottingham was the best thing in a bad film,  neither match the cold, persistent, intelligent evil that Peyton demonstrated as she continuously and methodically ruined the lives of those she blamed for the death of her husband and unborn child, always succeeding and covering her tracks brilliantly.
Her kind of villainy was compelling and disturbing, and it made her karmic downfall in the end an immensely satisfying payoff. On side note, I do not know who Nino Brown is and I did not like Robert DeNiro's Max Cady at all, seeing as it was an over-the-top imitation of Robert Mitchum's superior characterization.

- Hedra Carlson  (Single White Female)
- The Penguin  (Batman Returns)
- Pete Davis  (Unlawful Entry)
- Col. Nathan Jessup  (A Few Good Men)

Ummm...okay, I like Hedy alot and she easily beats out Pete Davis and (ugh) Danny Devito's Penguin, but I wouldn't call her best villain material if she's up against Col. Jessup.  In the end, Hedy was pitiable, tragic, even downright likable as a character. Jessup, on the other hand, was much more vicious and unapologetically villainous. His motives had a very good point to them, but that
didn't excuse his criminal actions nor his mean spirited arrogance towards others. Plus, it's Jack Nicholson, so it's bound to be a fantastic performance. The fact that Jessup desereved to win Best Villain is the truth, but THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

- Adrian Forrester  (The Crush)
- Henry Evans  (The Good Son)
- Mitch Leary  (In The Line Of Fire)
- Simon Phoenix  (Demolition Man)
- The T-Rex  (Jurassic Park)

I guess I could give this one a pass, though I probably would've voted for Mitch Leary on account of
it being John Malkovich. I don't know Simon Phoenix, Henry Evans was a terribly written villain, and the T-Rex has absolutely no business being here at all! Dennis Nedry and the Velociraptors were the bad guys of that movie: the T-Rex was just following its' instincts. Hell, it even saved the day in the end! That's no villain, that's a hero!

- Howard Payne  (Speed)
- Lestat  (Interview With A Vampire)
- Scar  (The Lion King)
- Ryan Gareity  (Blown Away)
- Meredith Johnson  (Disclosure)

I can give this a pass too because Dennis Hopper was outstanding in this role, but I probably would've voted for Scar here. I mean, c'mon: Jeremy Iron's voice performance was incredible and he had one of the best villain songs of all time. None of the competiton can compare, especially not prettyboy Tom Cruise as prettyboy vampire Lestat. Bleh!

- John Doe  (Se7en)
- The Riddler and Two-Face  (Batman Forever)
- Nicky Santoro  (Casino)
- Vic Deakins  (Broken Arrow)
- Alec Trevelyan  (GoldenEye)

This is pretty tough. Given my feelings for the movie, I didn't like John Doe: in fact, everything went irreversibly wrong the moment he decided to show his face! However, Kevin Spacey did play the part chillingly well. So I guess he deserves this award: I'll just pretend that he's getting it for being Keyzer Soze and it'll be alright. Besides, who else can top Kevin Spacey here? The Riddler and Two-Face?

- The Cable Guy  (The Cable Guy)
- Gil Renard  (The Fan)
- Aaron Stampler  (Primal Fear)
- Freddie Lee Cobb  (A Time To Kill)
- David McCall  (Fear)

Jim Carrey couldn't cut it as the Riddler last here, so I guess this was his year to take the prize. And it won't be the last time either...

- Dr Evil  (Austin Powers)
- Castor Troy  (Face/Off)
- Ivan Korshunov  (Air Force One)
- John Milton/Lucifer  (The Devil's Advocate)  
- Cal Nathan Hockley  (Titanic)

Oh, Hell yes!  Dr. Evil definitely deserved this win. Mike Myers is consistently hilarious as this villain: his voice, mannerisms, background, and comedically evil antics makes him better than all the villains he's spoofing in my book. Al Paccino and Billy Zane gave fun hammy performances as their villains, but the parts weren't as well written. I don't care about the other two, whoever they are. 


I don't care about any of these villains at all!

- Dr Evil  (The Spy Who Shagged Me)  
- Tom Ripley  (The Talented Mr Ripley)  
- Kathryn Metruiel  (Cruel Intentions)
- Darth Maul  (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)
- The Headless Hessian  (Sleepy Hollow)

Dr Evil wins AGAIN? While he probably earned it, two awards for the same villain is kind of unfair.
I would've chosen Matt Damon as the talented Mr Ripley himself or maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kathryn 'cause I love her so damn much. Darth Maul and the Hessian don't deserve the award: they don't even talk! 

- The Grinch  (How The Grinch Stole Christmas)
- Sebastian Caine  (Hollow Man)
- Carl Rudolph Stargher  (The Cell)
- Hannibal Lecter  (Hannibal)
- Commodus  (Gladiator)

Gotta agree with this one. It seems this was the year of over-the-top villains (even the always great Anthony Hopkins was playing a far less subtle of Hannibal Lecter), and Jim Carrey is easily the best at playing over-the-top villainy. His take on the Grinch was very interesting and memorable to me, if not overly obnoxious at times. 

- Alonzo Harris  (Training Day)
- Queen Akasha  (Queen Of The Damned)
- Saruman  (The Fellowship Of The Ring)
- General Thade  (Planet Of The Apes)
- Hu Li  (Rush Hour 2)

Nothing against Denzel Washington, but Chrisopher Lee as Saruman would've been my pick here.

- Samara Morgan  (The Ring)
- The Green Goblin  (Spider-Man)
- Bill The Butcher  (Gangs Of New York)
- Bullseye  (Daredevil)  
- Dr Evil & Goldmember  (Goldmember)

All top-notch villains here, but I'd have to say that they made the right call here. Samara is easily the most sinister, frightening, most memorable and original out of all the villains here. And she's also the only one that isn't a total ham in any way, so that makes her stand out more. To think, all these evil men can't quite measure up against a long haired, pale, demonic little girl!

- O-Ren Ishii  (Kill Bill)
- Leatherface  (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
- Madison Lee  (Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle)
- Hector Barbossa  (Pirates Of The Caribbean)
- The Caller  (Phone Booth)

Yeah, I think not. Barbossa should've won this one. He was very well acted and very enjoyable.

- White Goodman  (Dodgeball: A TRUE Underdog Story)
- Count Olaf  (A Series Of Unfortunate Events)
- Vincent  (Collateral)
- Regina George  (Mean Girls)
- Dr Octopus  (Spider-Man 2)

I loved Ben Stiller as White Goodman, but I don't think he earned this. Jim Carrey as Count Olaf and Rachel McAdams as Regina George are funny as well but they're also not worthy. The title ought to have gone to Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, one of the best supervillains to ever be put on the big screen.

- Darth Vader  (Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith)
- Jigsaw  (Saw II)
- Lord Voldemort  (Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire)
- Johnathan Crane  (Batman Begins)
- The White Witch  (The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe)

Darth Vader's a villain icon, so I can see why he got the win here. The problem? The award was for Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader! Sorry but no...just no. I'd say Tilda Swinton as the White Witch should have won this year. Jigsaw's scary but not much else,  Ralph Fiennes was just starting out as Voldemort so he's not worthy yet, and Crane wasn't even THE villain of that movie: Ras Al Ghul was!

- Frank Costello  (The Departed)
- Jigsaw  (Saw III)
- Davy Jones  (Pirates: Dead Man's Chest)
- Xerxes  (300)
- Miranda Priestly  (The Devil Wears Prada)

Gotta agree with this one, seeing as its' Jack Nicholson finally winning the award to make up for the Jessup thing back in '93. 

- Sweeney Todd  (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street)
- Anton Chicurgh  (No Country For Old Men)
- Eddie Brock/Venom  (Spider-Man 3)
- Grendel's Mother  (Beowulf)
- Frank Lucas  (American Gangster)

They got this right. Sweeney Todd was a compelling and dark villain protagonist, and Johnny Depp played him to perfection. The other villains seem to all suffer from poor handling. 

- The Joker  (The Dark Knight)
- Prince Nuada  (Hellboy II: The Golden Army)
- Agent 23  (Get Smart)
- Jason Voorhes  (Friday The 13th)
- Richard Fenton  (Prom Night)

There was no fucking contest here. The Joker OWNED this award, as he should. I mean, who else would deserve it? Prince Nuada and Agent 23 are laughable villains, I have and always will loathe Jason Voorhes,  and Rick Fenton is probably just as bad. None of these guys even come CLOSE. 

- Draco Malfoy  (Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince)
- The Red Queen  (Alice In Wonderland)
- Leslie Chow  (The Hangover)
- Miles Quaritch  (Avatar)
- Hans Landa  (Inglourious Basterds)

Like the "Twilight" movies winning the Best Movie award, this vote seemed to be due to legions of fangirls.  I'm sorry, but as good as Tom Felton and the Malfoy character were in that movie, he's still not best villain material. This REALLY ought to have gone to Hans Landa. I may find his movie and its' director overrated, but he was a terrific villainous character. The Red Queen was a joke, Leslie Chow was an unremarkable baddie with a girly name, and I don't consider Miles Quaritch to be a real villain:
just a mean man!

- Draco Malfoy  (Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 1)
- Lots-O-'Huggin' Bear  (Toy Story 3)
- Rebecca Evans  (The Roommate)
- Ivan Vanko  (Iron Man 2)
- Benjiaman Bloodnovsky  (The Green Hornet) 

......UUUUUGHHH! WHERE ARE THOSE BLASTED FANGIRLS, AND WHO THE HELL LET THEM VOTE FOR MALFOY AGAIN? Malfoy was barely a villain at all in this one: he was barely even IN the movie, period! How in blazes does he win Best Villain award? EVERY OTHER choice was better!  Even the uninteresting, over-the-top Hedy rip-off Rebecca Evans was at least the real villain of her movie! Personally, I would've voted for my favorite evil teddy bear, Lotso. He was a damn fascinating and monstrously evil villain: one of Disney/Pixar's best ever.

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